How to Remove Golf Grip Tape

Removing golf grip tape is an essential skill for golfers who want to replace their worn-out or damaged grips. A proper grip is crucial for your swing, and it’s important to maintain it for the best performance on the golf course. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of removing golf grip tape, so you can easily replace your old grips with new ones.

Materials and tools you’ll need:

  1. Hook blade or box cutter
  2. Heat gun or hairdryer
  3. Grip solvent or mineral spirits
  4. Cloth or rag
  5. Workbench or vise (optional)

Step-by-step guide on removing golf grip tape:

  1. Secure the club: If you have a workbench or vise, secure the club in it to make the process easier. If not, hold the club firmly in one hand while working on the grip with the other.
  2. Remove the old grip: Use a hook blade or box cutter to make a longitudinal cut along the length of the grip, taking care not to damage the shaft. Peel off the grip slowly to reveal the underlying grip tape.
  3. Apply heat: Using a heat gun or hairdryer, apply heat to the grip tape for a few minutes. This will soften the adhesive and make the tape easier to remove. Be cautious not to overheat the shaft, as it could damage the club.
  4. Peel off the grip tape: Start at one end of the tape and carefully peel it off the shaft. If the tape is particularly stubborn or breaks, use the hook blade or box cutter to lift an edge and continue peeling. Take care not to scratch the shaft while removing the tape.
  5. Remove adhesive residue: Once the tape is removed, there may be some adhesive residue left on the shaft. Dampen a cloth or rag with grip solvent or mineral spirits and gently rub the residue until it is removed. Be sure to use the solvent sparingly, as too much can damage the shaft’s finish.
  6. Clean and dry the shaft: After removing the adhesive residue, clean the shaft with a dry cloth to remove any remaining solvent. Allow the shaft to dry completely before installing the new grip.

Tools and Materials for Removing Golf Grip Tape

Tool/MaterialPurposePrice RangeWhere to BuySafety Precautions
Hook BladeCutting grip tape$3-$10Hardware storesUse with caution
Heat GunLoosening grip tape$20-$60Hardware storesWear heat-resistant gloves
SolventDissolving adhesive$5-$20Golf shops, onlineUse in a well-ventilated area
Rubber Vise ClampSecuring golf club$10-$25Golf shops, onlineSecurely tighten vise
Cloth or RagCleaning residue$1-$5General retailersWash after use

Steps to Remove Golf Grip Tape

StepDescriptionTools/Materials NeededTime NeededDifficulty Level
1. Secure ClubPlace club in vise clampRubber Vise Clamp2 minutesEasy
2. Heat GripApply heat to loosen tapeHeat Gun5 minutesModerate
3. Cut Grip TapeSlice tape lengthwiseHook Blade2 minutesModerate
4. Peel Grip TapeRemove tape from shaftHands5 minutesModerate
5. Apply SolventDissolve adhesive residueSolvent3 minutesEasy

Types of Golf Grip Tape

Grip Tape TypeDescriptionPrice RangeWhere to BuyPros & Cons
Double-sidedAdhesive on both sides$5-$15Golf shops, onlineEasy application, strong bond
Single-sidedAdhesive on one side$4-$12Golf shops, onlineEasier removal, less adhesive strength
Water-activatedAdhesive activated by water$6-$18Golf shops, onlineEco-friendly, less mess
Pre-cut stripsPre-cut to shaft length$10-$25Golf shops, onlineConvenient, less waste

 Common Mistakes to Avoid

MistakeConsequencesHow to AvoidTools/Materials NeededDifficulty Level
Rushing removalDamaging grip or shaftTake time, be patientPatienceEasy
Overheating gripMelting grip, burnsMonitor heat levelHeat GunModerate
Cutting too deepDamaging shaftUse caution, steady handHook BladeModerate
Skipping solventAdhesive residue remainsApply solvent thoroughlySolventEasy

Tips for Successful Golf Grip Tape Removal

TipExplanationBenefitsTools/Materials NeededDifficulty Level
Use quality toolsDurable, effective toolsEasier removal, efficiencyQuality toolsEasy
Practice on old clubsGain experienceConfidence, skill improvementOld golf clubsModerate
Work in a well-lit areaSee details clearlyPrecision, safetyGood lightingEasy
Clean up residueThorough adhesive removalBetter grip installationCloth or rag, solventEasy
Seek professional helpExpert assistanceProper removal, protect investmentGolf pro/shopVaries by skill level


With the golf grip tape removed, you’re now ready to install a new grip on your club. By following these simple steps, you can prolong the life of your golf clubs and ensure that you’re always playing with a comfortable and effective grip. Remember to regularly check your grips for wear and tear and replace them as needed to maintain optimal performance on the golf course.


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