Shane Lowry WITB

Shane Lowry, the talented Irish golfer, has made a name for himself on both the European Tour and the PGA Tour. His exceptional skills on the golf course are complemented by a carefully curated set of golf clubs and equipment. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s in Shane Lowry’s bag (WITB) to gain insights into his club selection and preferences.

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1. Driver:

Shane Lowry typically carries a driver that is suited to his playing style and helps maximize his distance off the tee. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, he was known to use the Srixon ZX5 driver. The choice of driver plays a crucial role in shaping a golfer’s performance, as it sets the tone for the rest of the game.

2. Fairway Woods:

Lowry often carries a selection of fairway woods in his bag, typically including a 3-wood and, on occasion, a 5-wood. These clubs are crucial for long shots from the fairway and off the tee when precision is required. His choice of fairway woods may vary, but as of 2021, he was known to favor the Srixon ZX fairway woods.

3. Irons:

Shane Lowry’s iron selection is a critical aspect of his WITB. He is known to have used a set of Srixon Z 585 irons. These irons are designed to offer a blend of forgiveness and control, which is crucial for approach shots and accuracy when navigating the course.

4. Wedges:

Wedges are a golfer’s precision tools, and Shane Lowry is no exception. He typically carries a variety of wedges to cover different yardages and situations around the green. His choice of wedges may include brands like Cleveland or Vokey, known for their excellent spin control and versatility.

5. Putter:

The putter is arguably the most crucial club in a golfer’s bag, as it has a direct impact on a player’s ability to sink putts and score well. Shane Lowry’s putter choice is essential to his game. He has been known to use the Odyssey White Hot Pro putter, a popular choice among many professional golfers due to its feel and consistency on the greens.

6. Golf Balls:

The type of golf ball a professional golfer uses can significantly affect their game. As of 2021, Shane Lowry was associated with using Srixon golf balls. Srixon balls are designed to offer a good balance of distance, control, and feel, which aligns with his playing style.

7. Other Accessories:

Apart from clubs and balls, Shane Lowry’s bag likely contains a variety of accessories, including gloves, tees, ball markers, and rangefinders. These items may seem minor, but they play a crucial role in a golfer’s comfort and performance on the course.

8. Customization:

It’s important to note that professional golfers often have their clubs custom-fitted to their specifications. Shane Lowry’s clubs are likely tailored to his swing, body measurements, and preferences, ensuring that he gets the most out of each club in his bag.

Shane Lowry’s Approach to Equipment:

Understanding a professional golfer’s choice of equipment provides valuable insights into their approach to the game. Here are some key aspects of Shane Lowry’s approach to his WITB:

1. Consistency: Shane Lowry’s bag typically consists of a consistent set of clubs from the same manufacturer. This can help him maintain a consistent feel and performance throughout his round, reducing the potential for surprises or inconsistencies in his shots.

2. Balance of Power and Precision: Lowry’s choice of clubs reflects a balance between power and precision. He uses a driver that can provide distance off the tee, but he also carries a variety of irons and wedges to ensure precision on approach shots and around the greens. This balance is crucial for success in professional golf.

3. Adaptability: While he has a preferred set of clubs, professional golfers like Shane Lowry are known for being adaptable. They may make adjustments to their bag based on course conditions, weather, or their own performance. This adaptability allows them to tackle different challenges effectively.

4. Trust in Familiarity: Like many professional golfers, Lowry trusts equipment he is familiar with. He may stick with a particular model of club or ball for an extended period, building trust in its performance under various circumstances.

5. Customization: Custom fitting is a critical aspect of Shane Lowry’s equipment selection. Professional golfers work closely with club manufacturers and fitters to ensure that every club in their bag is tailored to their unique swing characteristics and preferences. This level of customization maximizes their chances of success on the course.

6. Evolution of Equipment: Golf equipment is continually evolving with new technologies and materials. Professional golfers like Lowry are often at the forefront of testing and adopting new innovations that can give them an edge on the course. Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements is essential for competitive success.

Shane Lowry’s Driver and Woods

ModelZ 785Z F85Z F85Z H85
Loft9.5 degrees15 degrees18 degrees19 degrees
ShaftProject X HZRDUS Black 65Project X HZRDUS Black 75Project X HZRDUS Black 75Project X HZRDUS Black 85
GripGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grey

Shane Lowry’s Irons

ModelZ U85Z U85Z 785Z 785
Loft20 degrees23 degrees27 degrees30 degrees
ShaftNippon Modus Tour 120Nippon Modus Tour 120Nippon Modus Tour 120Nippon Modus Tour 120
GripGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grey

Shane Lowry’s Irons (Cont.)

ModelZ 785Z 785Z 785Z 785
Loft34 degrees38 degrees42 degrees46 degrees
ShaftNippon Modus Tour 120Nippon Modus Tour 120Nippon Modus Tour 120Nippon Modus Tour 120
GripGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 GreyGolf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grey

xShane Lowry’s Wedges

ModelRTX 4RTX 4RTX 4
Loft52 degrees56 degrees60 degrees
Bounce10 degrees10 degrees6 degrees
ShaftTrue Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet CordGolf Pride Tour Velvet CordGolf Pride Tour Velvet Cord

Shane Lowry’s Putter and Ball

ModelStroke Lab V-LineZ-Star XV
Length34 inches
GripSuperStroke Pistol GT Tour
Alignment Aid2-Ball Alignment
Ball TypeSrixon Z-Star XV


In conclusion, Shane Lowry’s WITB is not just a collection of clubs and accessories; it’s a reflection of his approach to the game of golf. Through careful club selection, customization, and adaptability, he aims to optimize his performance and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of professional golf. As he continues to compete on the highest levels of the sport, his WITB may evolve, but his dedication to excellence remains a constant. Golf enthusiasts and aspiring players can learn valuable lessons from studying the equipment choices of professionals like Shane Lowry, understanding that the right gear is a crucial part of success on the golf course.

Shane Lowry WITB


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