Super Stroke Putter Grip Size Chart

When it comes to golf, choosing the right putter grip size can significantly impact your putting performance. Super Stroke, a well-known brand in the golf industry, offers a range of putter grip sizes to cater to different preferences and needs. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to understand the Super Stroke putter grip size chart and how each size may affect your game.

Super Stroke Putter Grip Sizes

Super Stroke offers a variety of putter grip sizes, each designed to provide golfers with unique benefits. Here are some of the most common Super Stroke putter grip sizes and their characteristics:

  1. Super Stroke Slim 3.0

    • Diameter: 1.30 inches
    • Benefits: The Slim 3.0 grip is one of Super Stroke’s most popular options. It features a relatively slim profile and is known for reducing wrist action during the putting stroke, promoting a more stable and consistent putting stroke. It’s a favorite among golfers who prefer a slightly thinner grip.
  2. Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0

    • Diameter: 1.20 inches
    • Benefits: The Mid Slim 2.0 offers a slightly slimmer profile compared to the Slim 3.0. It still provides the stability and control associated with Super Stroke grips but is a great choice for golfers who want a thinner grip without sacrificing too much size.
  3. Super Stroke Fatso 5.0

    • Diameter: 1.67 inches
    • Benefits: As the name suggests, the Fatso 5.0 is one of the thickest grips in the Super Stroke lineup. This grip is ideal for golfers who prefer an oversized, more substantial feel in their hands. It can help reduce hand and wrist movement, promoting a smoother putting stroke.
  4. Super Stroke Ultra Slim 1.0

    • Diameter: 1.00 inch
    • Benefits: The Ultra Slim 1.0 is designed for golfers who prefer an extremely thin grip. It is the thinnest option available from Super Stroke and allows for maximum feel and control. Golfers with smaller hands or those who prefer minimal grip interference may opt for this size.

Choosing the Right Super Stroke Putter Grip Size

Selecting the right Super Stroke putter grip size is a personal preference and can depend on factors such as hand size, putting stroke style, and comfort. Here are some tips for choosing the right size:

  1. Hand Size: Golfers with larger hands may find the Slim 3.0 or Mid Slim 2.0 more comfortable, while those with smaller hands might prefer the Ultra Slim 1.0. The Fatso 5.0 is suitable for those who want maximum grip size.
  2. Putting Stroke: Consider your putting stroke style. If you tend to have excessive wrist movement, a thicker grip like the Fatso 5.0 can help stabilize your stroke. Conversely, if you prefer more wrist action, a slimmer grip like the Slim 3.0 may be a better fit.
  3. Comfort and Feel: Ultimately, the grip size that feels most comfortable in your hands is the one you should choose. Many golfers benefit from trying different sizes to determine which one suits them best.

How to Install a Super Stroke Putter Grip

Now that you’ve chosen the right Super Stroke putter grip size for your game, it’s important to know how to properly install it on your putter. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Gather Your Tools:

    • You’ll need a few tools to install the grip, including double-sided grip tape, grip solvent (or rubbing alcohol), a utility knife or grip cutter, a hook blade, and a vice or putter grip station.
  2. Prepare the Putter Shaft:

    • Remove the old grip from your putter using the utility knife or grip cutter. Make sure to clean the shaft thoroughly and remove any remnants of the old grip tape.
  3. Apply Grip Tape:

    • Cut a piece of double-sided grip tape to the length of your putter grip. Make sure it’s long enough to cover the entire length of the shaft where the grip will be installed. Remove the backing from the tape to expose the sticky side.
  4. Apply Solvent (or Rubbing Alcohol):

    • Pour a small amount of grip solvent (or rubbing alcohol if you don’t have solvent) into the grip hole of the new Super Stroke putter grip. Swirl it around to coat the interior of the grip.
  5. Slide On the Grip:

    • Slide the grip onto the shaft while the solvent is still wet. Make sure it goes on smoothly and evenly. You may need to use a twisting motion to help it slide on.
  6. Position the Grip:

    • Align the grip with the desired orientation (e.g., aligning any markings to your preferred position). Make sure the grip is straight.
  7. Secure in a Vice or Grip Station:

    • If you have a vice or putter grip station, secure the putter in it so that the grip is held firmly in place. This ensures that the grip stays in the correct position while it dries.
  8. Let It Dry:

    • Allow the grip to dry and set for the recommended time as per the grip solvent manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, this takes a few hours.
  9. Trim the Excess Grip Tape:

    • After the grip has fully dried, use a hook blade or a sharp knife to trim off any excess grip tape at the top of the grip.
  10. Final Adjustments:

    • Check the alignment of your grip one last time to ensure it’s in your preferred position. Make any final adjustments as needed.
  11. Play Test:

    • Before heading out to the course, spend some time on the practice green to get accustomed to your new Super Stroke putter grip. Pay attention to how it feels during your putting strokes and make any necessary tweaks to your setup.

By following these installation steps carefully, you can ensure that your Super Stroke putter grip is securely and correctly installed on your putter, helping you perform at your best on the greens

Standard Series

Grip ModelCore Size (Inches)Diameter (Inches)Weight (Ounces)Material
Traxion Tour0.5801.3085Polyurethane
Traxion Pistol0.5801.2575Polyurethane
Legacy 2.00.5801.2050Polyurethane
Ultra Slim0.5801.0045Polyurethane
Flatso 1.00.5801.1055Polyurethane
Mid Slim 2.00.5801.2565Polyurethane
Legacy 3.00.5801.3070Polyurethane
Traxion Wrap0.5801.3095Polyurethane
Flatso 2.00.5801.2060Polyurethane
Pistol GT 2.00.5801.2060Polyurethane

CounterCore Series

Grip ModelCore Size (Inches)Diameter (Inches)Weight (Ounces)Material
Traxion Tour0.5801.30100Polyurethane
Traxion Pistol0.5801.2590Polyurethane
Legacy 2.00.5801.2075Polyurethane
Ultra Slim0.5801.0070Polyurethane
Flatso 1.00.5801.1080Polyurethane
Mid Slim 2.00.5801.2585Polyurethane
Legacy 3.00.5801.3095Polyurethane
Traxion Wrap0.5801.30110Polyurethane
Flatso 2.00.5801.2090Polyurethane
Pistol GT 2.00.5801.2090Polyurethane

Legacy Series

Grip ModelCore Size (Inches)Diameter (Inches)Weight (Ounces)Material
Traxion Tour0.5801.3080Polyurethane
Traxion Pistol0.5801.2570Polyurethane
Legacy 2.00.5801.2055Polyurethane
Ultra Slim0.5801.0050Polyurethane
Flatso 1.00.5801.1060Polyurethane
Mid Slim 2.00.5801.2565Polyurethane
Legacy 3.00.5801.3070Polyurethane
Traxion Wrap0.5801.3090Polyurethane
Flatso 2.00.5801.2055Polyurethane
Pistol GT 2.00.5801.2055Polyurethane

Ultra Slim Series

Grip ModelCore Size (Inches)Diameter (Inches)Weight (Ounces)Material
Traxion Tour0.5801.3070Polyurethane
Traxion Pistol0.5801.2560Polyurethane
Legacy 2.00.5801.2045Polyurethane
Ultra Slim0.5801.0040Polyurethane
Flatso 1.00.5801.1050Polyurethane
Mid Slim 2.00.5801.2555Polyurethane
Legacy 3.00.5801.3060Polyurethane
Traxion Wrap0.5801.3080Polyurethane
Flatso 2.00.5801.2050Polyurethane
Pistol GT 2.00.5801.2050Polyurethane

Flatso Series

Grip ModelCore Size (Inches)Diameter (Inches)Weight (Ounces)Material
Traxion Tour0.5801.3090Polyurethane
Traxion Pistol0.5801.2580Polyurethane
Legacy 2.00.5801.2065Polyurethane
Ultra Slim0.5801.0060Polyurethane
Flatso 1.00.5801.1070Polyurethane
Mid Slim 2.00.5801.2575Polyurethane
Legacy 3.00.5801.3080Polyurethane
Traxion Wrap0.5801.30100Polyurethane
Flatso 2.00.5801.2065Polyurethane
Pistol GT 2.00.5801.2065Polyurethane

In conclusion, understanding the Super Stroke putter grip size chart and its various options can help you make an informed decision to improve your putting performance. Experimenting with different sizes and seeking the advice of a golf professional can further assist you in finding the perfect grip size for your game.

Super Stroke Putter Grip Size Chart


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