What is a Sweep Competition in Golf

So you have just started playing golf and may have joined a golf club recently. You came to know about a sweep competition that is going to be held this weekend. You are scratching your head about what is a sweep competition in golf and should you even participate in one of the sweep competitions.

Golf Sweep Competitions

These are merely informal golf competitions. The purpose is everybody who is willing to participate in the competition pools to some money. The accumulated money forms the total prize money.

As per the rules decided the prize money can be divided among the top 3 or top 5 players in the competition.

There is also another part of the sweep competition where anyone can participate but in case you are not willing to pool in any money then you will not be part of the winning prize pool.

Should You Participate in the Competition

It totally depends on what level of game you are at.

If you are just looking for some exposure, and get to know people at the golf course despite your current skill level then you should participate.

If you are just starting out playing golf then it’s very likely you are not going to be among the leaderboards. If you are willing to improve your game first then sweep is not a competition for you.

If you are aware of the players participating and their skill level then take the decision where you see yourself in the leaderboard. A smart player would see if they have a chance.

If you are looking to challenge yourself. You are a player who plays better under pressure. If your focus improves under competition pressure then you should play in a sweep competition.

If money is not important for you, you are playing games just for fun. Then sweep golf competitions are a good choice.

If you think that the players are not as good as you are or they are at the same level as you. It would be a better decision to play competition and enjoy the game.

If the players are way too good and they are actually trying to involve as much money as possible you should realize that they are definitely going to be on the leaderboard. Be careful in such a case, ask the club to provide you with the list of players and their previous standings and scores. It would give you a very fair idea of what kind of deal you have at your hand.


Sweep Competition Formats

FormatDescriptionTeam SizeScoring MethodHandicap Used
Stroke PlayCumulative score over a set number of holes1Total StrokesYes
StablefordPoints awarded based on performance relative to par1PointsYes
Match Play Head-to-head play, hole-by-hole1 or 2Holes WonYes
Best BallTeam’s best score on each hole2 or 4Total StrokesYes
ScrambleTeam members select best shot, continue play from that spot2 or 4Total StrokesYes

Sweep Competition Prizes

Prize RankPrize NamePrize TypePrize AmountEligibility Criteria
1Overall WinnerCash$500Best Net Score
2Runner-upCash$300Second Best Net Score
3Third PlaceCash$200Third Best Net Score
4Longest DriveCash$100Longest Drive on Hole
5Closest to PinCash$100Closest Tee Shot to Pin

Sweep Competition Fees and Expenses

ItemDescriptionFee AmountFrequencyMandatory
Entry FeeSweep competition entry fee$50One-timeYes
Green FeeAccess to the golf course$30One-timeYes
Cart RentalGolf cart rental$20One-timeNo
Practice Range FeeAccess to practice range$10One-timeNo
Post-Competition DinnerSocial event after play$25One-timeNo

Sweep Competition Rules and Etiquette

Late ArrivalArriving late for the scheduled tee timeDisqualificationYes
Slow PlayExceeding the maximum allowed time to complete a holeWarning, then Penalty StrokesYes
Out of BoundsHitting a ball beyond the course boundaryPenalty StrokesYes
Unplayable LieBall in a situation deemed unplayablePenalty StrokesYes
Improving LieIllegally improving the position of the ballPenalty StrokesYes




So now you must have got the idea about What is a Sweep Competition in Golf. Is it for you or not? Analyze the players participating in the competition carefully. Also, see how regularly the golf course is holding the competition. Who are the common winners? Who always participates but always is not on the winner’s side.

What is the average number of participants in the competition? How is the golf course accomodating all the candidates. What perks are offered if you still win or even lose the competition?

If you have clarity of all the above conditions and scenarios then you are very likely going to be in a very good position to take wise decision about the sweep competition.

what is a sweep competition in golf


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