TaylorMade M1 Vs PSi Irons

As two of TaylorMade’s most popular iron models, the M1 and PSi irons cater to a range of golfer preferences and skill levels. However, with both irons offering distinct features and benefits, it’s essential to carefully examine their specifications before selecting the ideal set for your game. In this article, we will dive into the features, performance, and differences between the TaylorMade M1 and PSi irons, to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Design and Aesthetics

M1 Irons: The TaylorMade M1 irons are designed with a sleek, modern look that boasts of a thin top line, minimal offset, and a compact blade length. The two-tone chrome and black PVD finish adds a touch of elegance, while the strategically placed tungsten weight provides optimal forgiveness and stability.

PSi Irons: The PSi irons feature a classic, timeless design with a slightly thicker top line and more offset compared to the M1 irons. The chrome finish gives these irons a clean, polished appearance, and the use of advanced materials like stainless steel and tungsten ensures optimal performance and feel.

  1. Technology and Innovation

M1 Irons: The M1 irons utilize TaylorMade’s signature Speed Pocket technology, which allows for increased ball speed and distance, even on off-center strikes. The Face Slot technology provides added forgiveness, and the use of high-density tungsten weights creates a low center of gravity for higher launch and improved playability.

PSi Irons: The PSi irons boast a multi-material construction, which includes a forged 1025 carbon steel body and face, along with tungsten weighting for optimal performance. TaylorMade’s patented Dynamic Feel System (DFS) is incorporated into the design, providing a combination of sound, vibration, and feel feedback. The Speed Pocket and Face Slot technologies also feature in the PSi irons, offering forgiveness and distance gains.

  1. Performance and Playability

M1 Irons: The M1 irons cater to a wide range of golfers, from mid to high handicappers. These irons offer a high launch, distance, and forgiveness, making them suitable for players seeking to improve their iron play. The tungsten weights and Speed Pocket technology contribute to a solid feel, while the Face Slot technology helps maintain ball speed on mis-hits.

PSi Irons: The PSi irons are targeted towards mid to low handicap golfers, who prioritize precision and control. The forged construction and Dynamic Feel System deliver exceptional feel and feedback, while the Speed Pocket and Face Slot technologies enhance forgiveness. The PSi irons offer a blend of distance, workability, and shot-making capabilities, making them suitable for more accomplished players.

  1. Price

M1 Irons: The M1 irons are typically priced lower than the PSi irons, making them an attractive option for golfers on a budget or those seeking value for money.

PSi Irons: The PSi irons come at a premium price due to their advanced construction and materials. However, for golfers seeking a high-performance iron set with a focus on feel and precision, the PSi irons may be worth the investment.


Irons vs. PSi Irons

SpecificationsTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
Club Head Size90cc90ccTieBoth have the same head size
Loft Angle19° – 43.5°20° – 46°PSi IronsMore loft options available
Lie Angle60° – 64°61° – 65°PSi IronsMore Lie Angle options available
Shaft OptionsSteel and graphiteSteelTaylorMade M1 IronsGraphite option available
Hand OrientationRight and leftRight onlyTaylorMade M1 IronsBoth hand orientations available


Forgiveness FeaturesTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
Center of GravityLow and backLow and backTieBoth have similar CoG location
Face Slot TechnologyYesNoTaylorMade M1 IronsFace Slot technology offers more forgiveness
Multi-Material DesignYesNoTaylorMade M1 IronsMulti-material design offers more forgiveness
Off-Center HitsLess forgivingMore forgivingPSi IronsPSi Irons have larger sweet spot for off-center hits
Shots FeedbackUnforgivingForgivingPSi IronsPSi Irons provide better feedback on shots

Distance Control

Distance Control FeaturesTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
Face TechnologyInverted ConeSpeed PocketTaylorMade M1 IronsInverted Cone technology offers better distance control
Launch AngleHigher launchLower launchTaylorMade M1 IronsHigher launch offers better distance control
Spin RateLower spinHigher spinTaylorMade M1 IronsLower spin offers better distance control
Shot HeightLower trajectoryHigher trajectoryTaylorMade M1 IronsLower trajectory offers better distance control
AccuracyImproved accuracyImproved accuracyTieBoth provide improved accuracy

Shot Shaping

Shot Shaping FeaturesTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
Head DesignCompact head designLarger head designPSi IronsLarger head design offers more stability and consistency
Blade LengthShorter blade lengthLonger blade lengthTaylorMade M1 IronsShorter blade length allows for more precise shot shaping
WorkabilityHigh workabilityLow workabilityTaylorMade M1 IronsHigher workability allows for greater control over ball flight
ControlExcellent controlLimited controlTaylorMade M1 IronsMore control over shot shaping and trajectory
Shot Shape OptionsWide range of shot shapesLimited range of shot shapesTaylorMade M1 IronsMore shot shape options available

Price and Availability

Price and AvailabilityTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
Release Year20162015PSi IronsReleased earlier
AvailabilityDiscontinuedDiscontinuedTieBoth are discontinued
Original Retail Price$1,199 (steel)$1,099 (steel)PSi IronsSlightly cheaper
Current Market Price$500-$700$300-$500PSi IronsGenerally cheaper in the market
Used Price Range$300-$500$200-$400PSi IronsGenerally cheaper in the used market

Feel and Sound

Feel and Sound FeaturesTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
SoundSolid, mutedSolid, but louderTaylorMade M1 IronsMuted sound preferred by most golfers
FeelSoft and responsiveSoft and responsiveTieBoth irons have good feel

Terms of Customization

Customization FeaturesTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
Loft AdjustabilityYesYesTieBoth irons offer adjustable loft
Lie AdjustabilityYesYesTieBoth irons offer adjustable lie
Shaft OptionsWide range of optionsLimited optionsTaylorMade M1 IronsMore shaft options available
Grip OptionsWide range of optionsLimited optionsTaylorMade M1 IronsMore grip options available
Club Length OptionsLimited optionsLimited optionsTieBoth irons have limited club length options

Overall Performance

Performance FeaturesTaylorMade M1 IronsPSi IronsWinnerReason
Distance ControlExcellentGoodTaylorMade M1 IronsBetter distance control overall
ForgivenessGoodVery GoodPSi IronsMore forgiving on off-center hits
Shot ShapingExcellentGoodTaylorMade M1 IronsBetter shot shaping options
AccuracyGoodGoodTieBoth irons provide good accuracy
Value for MoneyAverageGoodPSi IronsBetter value for money


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