Titleist TS2 Vs TSi2

As one of the leading brands in the golf equipment industry, Titleist is known for producing high-quality and technologically advanced clubs that cater to golfers of all skill levels. Two of their popular drivers are the TS2 and TSi2. In this article, we will compare the TS2 and TSi2 drivers in terms of design, technology, performance, and price to help you make an informed decision on which one is best suited for your game.

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  1. Design

TS2: The TS2 driver features a traditional pear-shaped profile with a black gloss crown, providing a classic appearance that many golfers appreciate. The clubhead is made of titanium, offering high strength and light weight. The TS2 has a fixed weight at the back of the sole, which increases the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for enhanced stability on off-center hits.

TSi2: The TSi2 retains the classic pear-shaped profile of the TS2, but with a more streamlined and aerodynamic design. It uses a new ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face, which is lighter and stronger than traditional titanium. This allows for a thinner clubface and more weight redistribution to the perimeter, further increasing MOI for improved forgiveness.

  1. Technology

TS2: The TS2 driver utilizes Titleist’s Speed Chassis technology, which includes a thinner titanium crown, refined face thickness, and optimized weight distribution for increased ball speed and distance. The club also features an Active Recoil Channel (ARC) behind the clubface, designed to flex at impact and reduce spin for a more penetrating ball flight.

TSi2: The TSi2 benefits from Titleist’s new breakthrough technology, the ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium face, which delivers faster ball speeds and improved performance on off-center hits. The club also incorporates an updated ARC 4.0, which further enhances ball speed and distance while maintaining optimal launch and spin characteristics. The TSi2 includes a new SureFit hosel, allowing golfers to easily adjust loft and lie settings for a personalized fit.

  1. Performance

TS2: The TS2 driver is known for its consistency and forgiveness, with a high MOI providing stability on off-center hits. It delivers moderate launch and spin, making it suitable for a wide range of golfers. The club is designed to generate faster ball speeds, resulting in longer drives and improved overall performance.

TSi2: The TSi2 driver offers a similar level of forgiveness as the TS2, but with noticeable improvements in ball speed and distance, thanks to the ATI 425 face. The updated ARC 4.0 further enhances these attributes, making it an excellent choice for golfers seeking both forgiveness and distance. The TSi2’s adjustable hosel provides customization options, allowing golfers to fine-tune their desired launch and spin conditions.


Performance Comparison

SpinMid-to-highLow-to-midTSi2Lower spin can lead to more distance and accuracy
LaunchMidMid-to-highTSi2Higher launch can lead to more carry and distance
MOIModerateHighTSi2Higher MOI can lead to more forgiveness on mishits
DistanceModerateLongTSi2Lower spin and higher launch can lead to more distance
ForgivenessGoodVery GoodTSi2Higher MOI and other design improvements can lead to more forgiveness
AdjustabilityLimitedExtensiveTSi2More adjustability can allow for better customization and fine-tuning
SoundLoudBalancedTSi2More balanced sound can lead to a better feel and confidence

Shaft Comparison

FlexRegular, Stiff, X-StiffSame as TS2TSi2Same as TS2 with additional weight options
Weight50-80gSame as TS2TSi2Same as TS2 with additional flex options
MaterialGraphiteSame as TS2TieSame material for both models
Kick PointMid-to-highLow-to-midTSi2Lower kick point can lead to a higher launch
TorqueMidSame as TS2TieSame torque for both models

Appearance Comparison

Head ShapeTraditionalSlightly CompactTSi2Slightly more compact shape can lead to better aerodynamics and a sleeker look
Crown DesignGloss BlackMatte BlackTiePersonal preference
Alignment AidStraight LinesT-Shaped Alignment AidTSi2T-shaped aid can be more effective in lining up shots
Sole DesignSmooth, RoundedTextured, AngularTS2Personal preference

Customization Comparison

SureFit Hosel16 Settings16 SettingsTieSame number of settings for both models
Weight SettingsNoneThree OptionsTSi2More weight options can lead to better customization
Shaft Options4 Stock Shafts5 Stock ShaftsTSi2More options can lead to better fitting and customization

Price Comparison

MSRP$549$649TSi2Higher MSRP may indicate more advanced technology and features
Discounted Price$449$549TSi2

Launch and Spin Comparison

Launch and SpinMid-to-high launch, mid-to-high spinMid-to-high launch, low-to-mid spinTSi2Lower spin can lead to more distance and accuracy

Sound and Feel Comparison

Sound and FeelLoud and firmBalanced and solidTSi2More balanced sound and solid feel can lead to more confidence and consistency

Adjustability Comparison

AdjustabilityLimited adjustability with SureFit hoselExtensive adjustability with SureFit hosel and weight optionsTSi2More adjustability can lead to better fitting and customization

Forgiveness Comparison

ForgivenessGood forgiveness with moderate MOIVery good forgiveness with high MOI and other design improvementsTSi2Higher MOI and other design improvements can lead to more forgiveness on mishits

Distance Comparison

DistanceModerate distance with moderate launch and spinLong distance with mid-to-high launch and low-to-mid spinTSi2Lower spin and higher launch can lead to more distance


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