Taylormade V Steel 3 Wood Review

When it comes to golf equipment, TaylorMade has been a trusted name for decades, known for producing clubs that offer both performance and innovation. The TaylorMade V Steel 3 Wood is no exception, and in this review, we’ll delve into the features, performance, and overall impression of this popular fairway wood.


1. V Steel Sole Design

The standout feature of the TaylorMade V Steel 3 Wood is its V Steel sole design. This innovative sole shape incorporates a pronounced V shape at the leading edge, which helps reduce turf interaction and improves playability from various lies, including tight fairways and rough.

2. Twist Face Technology

TaylorMade introduced Twist Face Technology to minimize mishits. The face of the club is slightly twisted to counteract common mis-hit tendencies, such as low heel or high toe strikes, helping golfers maintain better accuracy and distance on off-center hits.

3. Low CG Placement

With a low center of gravity (CG) placement, the V Steel 3 Wood is designed to launch the ball high with a penetrating flight. This feature makes it an ideal club for hitting into greens or off the tee on par-5s when you need both distance and control.

4. Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket on the sole enhances face flexibility, allowing for greater ball speed and improved distance, especially on shots struck lower on the face.


Distance and Accuracy

The TaylorMade V Steel 3 Wood shines in terms of distance and accuracy. The combination of the V Steel sole design, Twist Face Technology, and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket allows golfers to achieve impressive ball speeds and consistent distances, even on mishits. This can be particularly advantageous when hitting off the fairway, as the club offers forgiveness and control.


One of the standout aspects of the V Steel 3 Wood is its playability from various lies. Whether you’re in the rough, the fairway, or a tight lie, the V Steel sole design helps the club glide through the turf, making it easier to strike the ball cleanly and get it airborne. This versatility can greatly benefit golfers looking for a reliable fairway wood that performs in a variety of conditions.


The low CG placement promotes a higher launch angle, which, combined with the Twist Face Technology, results in a desirable trajectory. The ball gets up in the air quickly and maintains a stable flight path, allowing golfers to confidently attack pins and carry hazards.

Overall Impression

The TaylorMade V Steel 3 Wood is a versatile and reliable club that offers a compelling combination of distance, accuracy, and playability. Whether you’re using it as your go-to fairway wood or as a reliable option off the tee, this club has the features to help you perform at your best. The innovative V Steel sole design and Twist Face Technology make it an excellent choice for golfers of various skill levels looking to improve their game.

Customization Options

One of the advantages of TaylorMade clubs is the ability to customize them to suit your swing and preferences. The V Steel 3 Wood is no exception, offering options for loft and shaft selection. This customization can help golfers fine-tune the club to match their playing style and optimize performance.


The TaylorMade V Steel 3 Wood is positioned as a premium club, reflecting the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation. While it may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, many golfers find that the performance and durability justify the investment.

Taylormade V Steel 3 Wood Shaft Options

Shaft ModelFlexTorque (degrees)Weight (grams)Kick Point
Project X HZRDUS RedStiff2.570Mid-High
Aldila Rogue BlackRegular3.065Mid
Fujikura Pro 2.0Extra Stiff2.275Mid-Low
UST Mamiya HeliumSenior2.855Low
Mitsubishi Tensei CKRegular3.263Mid-High
Graphite Design Tour ADStiff2.771Mid
ACCRA FX 2.0Extra Stiff2.376Mid-Low
Nippon N.S. Pro 950GHRegular2.958Low
Matrix Ozik X5 WhiteSenior3.164Mid-High
True Temper XP 95Stiff2.669Mid

Price Range

RetailerPrice (USD)
Golf Galaxy219.99
PGA Tour Superstore209.99
Dick’s Sporting Goods199.99
Golf Discount199.99
Golf Mart219.99
Rock Bottom Golf209.99
2nd Swing Golf199.99

Final Thoughts

In the competitive world of golf equipment, the TaylorMade V Steel 3 Wood stands out as a reliable and versatile fairway wood. Its innovative features, including the V Steel sole design and Twist Face Technology, contribute to impressive distance, accuracy, and playability. Whether you’re a low handicapper looking to fine-tune your game or a mid-handicap golfer seeking consistency, this club has the potential to improve your performance on the course.

Before making a purchase, it’s always advisable to test the club on the driving range or during a round of golf to ensure it suits your swing and delivers the results you desire. Overall, the TaylorMade V Steel 3 Wood is a well-crafted club that lives up to the TaylorMade legacy of innovation and performance, making it a compelling option for golfers looking to upgrade their fairway wood.

Taylormade V Steel 3 Wood Review


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