Tiltiest SM8 Vs. SM9

The Titleist SM8 and SM9 are highly popular golf wedge models that have been designed to deliver outstanding performance and versatility for players of all skill levels. While both models share many similar features, there are a few key differences that set them apart.

Turf Interaction

One of the primary differences between the SM8 and SM9 is the way they are designed to interact with the turf. The SM8 has a slightly more rounded leading edge than the SM9, which helps it to glide smoothly over the turf and make clean contact with the ball. This design feature also allows for more consistent spin and trajectory control on a wider variety of shots, especially those played from tight lies or hard-packed sand. The SM9, on the other hand, features a more aggressive leading edge that allows for greater versatility in shotmaking. This design feature is particularly helpful when playing from softer turf or deeper sand, as it enables the player to dig more easily and create more spin and stopping power on the ball.


Another key difference between the SM8 and SM9 is the way they are weighted. The SM8 has a traditional blade-style design that places more weight behind the center of the clubface, which helps to produce a more consistent ball flight and better feel at impact. The SM9, on the other hand, features a more progressive design that places more weight towards the heel and toe of the club, which helps to enhance forgiveness on off-center hits and promote a more stable, controlled ball flight.

Overall Performance

When it comes to overall performance, both the SM8 and SM9 are excellent wedge options for golfers looking to improve their short game performance. While the SM8 is better suited for players who prioritize consistency and versatility on a wider range of shots, the SM9 is a great choice for those who want more aggressive spin and shotmaking capabilities. Ultimately, the best choice between the two models will depend on a player’s individual preferences and playing style.

Groove Technology

Both the SM8 and SM9 feature Titleist’s proprietary Spin Milled grooves, which are designed to maximize spin and control on wedge shots. However, the SM9 takes this technology a step further with its new TX4 grooves, which are deeper and narrower than the SM8 grooves. These new grooves provide even more spin and control on shots played from rough or other challenging lies.

Finish Options

Another factor to consider when comparing the SM8 and SM9 is the available finish options. The SM8 is available in a range of different finishes, including Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black. The SM9, on the other hand, is available in two finishes: Tour Chrome and Raw. The Raw finish is particularly unique, as it will rust over time to provide a distinct look and feel.

Customization Options

Finally, it’s worth noting that both the SM8 and SM9 can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual golfers. Titleist offers a wide range of different shafts, grips, and loft/bounce combinations for both models, allowing golfers to find the perfect wedge for their game.

Tour Validation

Both the SM8 and SM9 have been extensively tested and validated by professional golfers on various tours, including the PGA Tour. Many players, such as Titleist brand ambassador Justin Thomas, have used these wedges to win tournaments and achieve top rankings in the world.

Brand Reputation

Titleist has a strong reputation for producing high-quality golf equipment, including wedges, and both the SM8 and SM9 are seen as top performers in their category. Additionally, Titleist offers excellent customer service and support, which can be reassuring for golfers considering these models.

Loft and Bounce Options

Wedge ModelLoft OptionsBounce OptionsAvailable GrindsCustomization Options
SM846-62 degrees4-14 degreesF, S, M, K, LShaft, Grip, Stampings
SM946-62 degrees4-14 degreesF, S, M, K, LShaft, Grip, Stampings

Groove Technology

Wedge ModelGroove TypeGroove DesignSpin and ControlIdeal Turf Conditions
SM8Spin MilledTX6 grooves, parallel millingHigh spin, controlFirm to medium turf
SM9Spin MilledTX4 grooves, progressive millingHigh spin, controlAll turf conditions

Weighting and Design

Wedge ModelWeighting DesignCenter of GravityForgivenessShape and Appearance
SM8Blade-StyleCenteredModerateTraditional, classic
SM9ProgressiveHeel and toeHighModern, sleek

Finish Options

Wedge ModelFinish OptionsDurabilityAppearanceCustomization Options
SM8Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet BlackHighClassic, glossyStampings, paint fill
SM9Tour Chrome, RawLow (Raw finish rusts over time)Unique, naturalStampings, paint fill

Performance and Player Type

Wedge ModelIdeal Player TypeIdeal Playing ConditionsShotmaking VersatilityConsistency and Forgiveness
SM8Players who value consistency and versatilityA variety of turf conditionsGood, but less versatileHigh, moderate forgiveness on off-center hits
SM9Players who value shotmaking versatility and aggressive spinSofter turf, deep sandHigh, more versatileModerate, high forgiveness on off-center hits

Tour Validation

Wedge ModelPGA Tour WinsLPGA Tour WinsEuropean Tour WinsTotal Tour Wins


Wedge ModelRetail Price (USD)Average Price (USD)Price Variations
SM8$159.99 – $169.99$145 – $155Customization, Retailer, Sale Offers
SM9$169.99 – $179.99$160 – $170Customization, Retailer, Sale Offers


Wedge ModelRetailersOnline AvailabilityPopular Loft/Bounce Options
SM8Most major golf retailersWidely available54/14, 56/10, 58/08, 60/10, 62/08
SM9Most major golf retailersWidely available54/10, 56/08, 58/08, 60/08, 62/08

Brand Reputation

Wedge ModelBrand ReputationCustomer Service and SupportWarranty
SM8ExcellentExcellent1-Year Limited
SM9ExcellentExcellent1-Year Limited

Tour Players

Wedge ModelTour Players Using ModelNotable Players
SM8Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Adam ScottTiger Woods (in SM7)
SM9Justin Thomas, Adam Scott, Webb SimpsonNone at this time

Spin and Control

Wedge ModelGroove TechnologySpin and Control on Full ShotsSpin and Control on Short Shots
SM8Spin Milled TX6HighHigh
SM9Spin Milled TX4Very HighVery High

Shaft Options

Wedge ModelAvailable ShaftsFlexesWeight (grams)
SM8True Temper Dynamic Gold, Project X, KBSStiff, X-Stiff120-130
SM9True Temper Dynamic Gold, Project X, KBS, Nippon Modus 3Stiff, X-Stiff120-130

Appearance and Design

Wedge ModelFinishShapeSole Design
SM8Classic, blade-styleTraditional, straight leading edgeTour-inspired, versatile
SM9Modern, sleekProgressive, angled leading edgeVersatile, with heel, toe and trailing edge relief

Stock Grind Options

Wedge ModelGrind TypeGrind DescriptionTypical Turf ConditionsTypical Swing Type
SM8F, S, M, K, LVersatile grind options, with varying levels of bounceA variety of turf conditionsFull swings, finesse shots
SM9F, S, M, K, LVersatile grind options, with varying levels of bounceAll turf conditionsFull swings, finesse shots

 Customization Options

Wedge ModelCustomization OptionsCustomization Availability
SM8Stamping, paint fill, hand-grinding, custom shaft/gripModerate
SM9Stamping, paint fill, hand-grinding, custom shaft/gripModerate

Tiltiest SM8 Vs. SM9


In conclusion, both the Titleist SM8 and SM9 are high-quality golf wedge models that offer excellent performance and versatility. By understanding the differences between these two models, golfers can make an informed decision when selecting the best wedge for their game.


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