Titleist SM7 Vs SM8 Wedges

Titleist, one of the most renowned names in the golf industry , has consistently produced high-quality equipment that has earned the trust of players worldwide. Their Vokey Design wedges, in particular, have been a popular choice for golfers seeking precision and control on the greens. Today, we will compare two of their latest and most celebrated models, the SM7 and SM8 wedges, to help you decide which one suits your game best.

SM7 Wedges:

Introduced in 2018, the Titleist Vokey Design SM7 wedges quickly gained popularity due to their impressive performance and versatile design. Some of the key features of the SM7 wedges include:

  1. Progressive Center of Gravity (CG): The SM7 wedges are designed with a progressive CG that moves vertically based on the loft of the club. This provides golfers with optimal feel and improved distance control.
  2. Spin Milled Grooves: The SM7 wedges feature precise and sharp grooves that generate exceptional spin, allowing for better control and shot-making capabilities around the greens.
  3. Grind Options: The SM7 wedges come in six grind options, catering to a wide range of swing types and course conditions. This allows players to choose the wedge that best fits their game and playing style.

SM8 Wedges:

The Titleist Vokey Design SM8 wedges were introduced in 2020, improving upon the already successful SM7 design. The SM8 wedges boast several enhancements, including:

  1. Forward Center of Gravity: The SM8 wedges feature a forward-shifted CG, which helps create a more stable and forgiving clubface. This improvement results in better ball striking and increased accuracy.
  2. Refined Spin Milled Grooves: The SM8 wedges maintain the high-performance grooves of the SM7 but with a slightly tweaked design to improve spin control in various conditions.
  3. Grind Options: Like the SM7, the SM8 wedges are available in six grind options, providing golfers with the ability to customize their wedges based on their personal preferences and playing conditions.


While both the SM7 and SM8 wedges offer high-quality performance and a variety of grind options, the SM8 wedges boast a few key improvements:

  1. Forgiveness: The forward-shifted CG in the SM8 wedges offers enhanced stability and forgiveness, making them a more suitable option for golfers who struggle with consistency in their wedge shots.
  2. Spin Control: The SM8 wedges provide slightly better spin control due to the refined spin milled grooves. This can give players more confidence around the greens and lead to better results.

Loft and Bounce Options

ModelLoft OptionsBounce OptionsFinish OptionsGrind Options

Spin and Launch

ModelGroove TypeSpin RateLaunch AngleCG Location
SM8TX6HighMid/HighSlightly Forward

Feel and Feedback

ModelHosel LengthHosel MaterialInsert MaterialOverall Feel
SM7Standard8620 Carbon SteelNoneSolid, Crisp
SM8Shortened8620 Carbon SteelSoft PolymerSofter, More Feedback

Appearance and Design

ModelFinish OptionsToe ShapeTopline ThicknessSole Grind
SM7Raw Steel, Tour Chrome, Jet BlackSquaredThinMultiple Options
SM8Raw Steel, Tour Chrome, Jet BlackSlightly RoundedThinMultiple Options

Customization Options

ModelCustom StampingsCustom PaintfillCustom Grind OptionsPersonalization

Stock Shaft Options

ModelShaft BrandFlex OptionsWeight OptionsTorque
SM7True Temper Dynamic Gold S200, Wedge FlexStiff120g, 130g1.6° – 1.8°
SM8True Temper Dynamic Gold S200, Wedge FlexStiff120g, 130g1.6° – 1.8°

Price and Availability

ModelPriceRelease DateAvailability
SM7$149.99February 2018Limited – Discontinued
SM8$159.99March 2020Widely Available

Performance Testing Results

ModelSpin RateLaunch AngleCarry DistanceTotal Distance
SM79,340 RPM31.5°97.3 yards108.9 yards
SM89,690 RPM31.6°97.5 yards108.9 yards

Tour Player Usage

ModelTour Players UsingMajor Wins
SM7Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Webb Simpson0
SM8Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, Rory McIlroy2 (Rory McIlroy – 2020 WGC-HSBC Champions and 2021 Wells Fargo Championship)

Comparison Chart

Loft and Bounce OptionsSameSame
Spin and LaunchTX4 Grooves, Centered CGTX6 Grooves, Slightly Forward CG
Feel and FeedbackSolid, CrispSofter, More Feedback
Appearance and DesignMultiple Finish and Grind OptionsSame, with Softened Toe Shape
Customization OptionsLimitedExpanded, with Personalization

Wedge Flex vs. Stiff Flex Comparison

ModelWedge FlexStiff Flex
SM7Softer, more responsive feelFirmer, more stable feel
SM8Softer, more responsive feelFirmer, more stable feel

Sole Grind Options

ModelSole Grind OptionsBest Suited for
SM7F, S, M, K, LPlayers with a consistent swing path and steep angle of attack
SM8L, M, S, D, FPlayers with a shallower angle of attack and need versatility in their short game

Face Technology

ModelFace TechnologyBenefits
SM7Parallel Face TextureImproved spin and consistency on partial shots
SM8Progressive Center of GravityConsistent spin and trajectory control across all loft and bounce options

Finish Options

ModelFinish OptionsDescription
SM7Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black, RawTour-inspired chrome and black finishes, as well as a raw finish that will rust over time for increased spin
SM8Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black, RawSame as SM7 with a slightly softer toe shape and updated graphics

 Overall Performance

ModelOverall PerformanceDescription
SM7Excellent spin and control, solid feel, and versatile grind optionsA proven performer on tour and among amateur golfers alike
SM8Improved feel and feedback, consistent spin and trajectory control, and expanded customization optionsBuilds on the success of the SM7 with a softer feel, better feedback, and more customization options


Ultimately, the choice between the Titleist SM7 and SM8 wedges comes down to personal preference and individual needs. Both wedges are high-quality options that cater to various swing types and playing conditions. For golfers who already have the SM7 wedges, the improvements in the SM8 might not be significant enough to justify an upgrade. However, for those looking for added forgiveness and refined spin control, the SM8 wedges are certainly worth considering.


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