C Grind Wedge

A C grind wedge is a type of golf club designed for short approach shots and delicate shots around the green. The clubhead features a sole with a “C” shape, which provides more versatility and allows golfers to open up the clubface for more loft and spin.

Design and Features

The C grind wedge has a unique design that differentiates it from other wedges. The clubhead has a curved leading edge that helps the club glide through the turf and prevents it from digging into the ground. The sole of the club is narrower in the center, making it easier to hit low-trajectory shots. The heel and toe sections of the sole are wider, allowing golfers to open up the clubface for higher loft and spin.

When to Use a C Grind Wedge

A C grind wedge is a versatile club that can be used in a variety of situations around the green. It is particularly useful in situations where the golfer needs to hit a high, soft shot with a lot of spin. This could be a flop shot over a bunker, a pitch shot onto a raised green, or a chip shot with a tight pin position.

C Grind Wedge vs. Other Wedges

C grind wedges are one of several types of wedges available to golfers. Other types include the traditional blade wedge, the cavity back wedge, and the high-bounce wedge. The primary difference between these wedges is the design of the sole and the amount of bounce they provide. While the C grind wedge provides a lot of versatility, it may not be the best choice for golfers who prefer a lot of bounce in their wedges.

Choosing the Right Loft

When choosing a C grind wedge, it’s important to consider the loft of the club . Most golfers carry at least two wedges, with lofts typically ranging from 52 to 60 degrees. The loft of the C grind wedge should be selected based on the golfer’s needs and the types of shots they are most likely to encounter on the course.

For example, a golfer who frequently faces tight lies around the green may benefit from a lower-lofted C grind wedge, such as a 56-degree. This will provide more versatility and allow the golfer to hit lower-trajectory shots with more spin. On the other hand, a golfer who frequently faces bunkers or high-lipped greens may benefit from a higher-lofted C grind wedge, such as a 60-degree. This will allow the golfer to hit higher, softer shots with more spin.

Using the C Grind Wedge

When using a C grind wedge, it’s important to understand how the club interacts with the turf. The curved leading edge and narrow center of the sole make it easier to slide the club under the ball, while the wider heel and toe sections allow for more open-faced shots.

To use the C grind wedge effectively, golfers should experiment with different ball positions and swing techniques. For example, hitting the ball closer to the heel of the club may produce a lower-trajectory shot with less spin, while hitting the ball closer to the toe may produce a higher-trajectory shot with more spin.

Caring for the C Grind Wedge

To keep the C grind wedge in good condition, it’s important to clean it regularly and avoid hitting shots from hard or rocky surfaces. Scratches or dings on the sole of the club can affect its performance and lead to inconsistent shots.

When cleaning the C grind wedge, golfers should use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt and grass from the grooves and sole. A damp cloth can also be used to wipe down the clubhead and shaft. It’s important to avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the club.

C grind wedge comparison

TitleistVokey SM756°14°C grind
CallawayMack Daddy 458°10°C grind
PingGlide 2.0 Stealth52°12°C grind
ClevelandRTX-354°11°C grind
MizunoT760°C grind
TitleistVokey SM860°10°C grind
CallawayJAWS MD556°12°C grind
PingGlide Forged58°10°C grind
ClevelandCBX 260°12°C grind
MizunoS1854°C grind

C grind wedge specifications

ModelLoftBounceGrindLengthLie Angle
Vokey SM758°12°C grind35.25″64°
Mack Daddy 456°10°C grind35.25″64°
Glide 2.0 Stealth60°C grind35.5″64°
RTX-352°C grind35.375″64°
T754°C grind35.25″63°
Vokey SM856°14°C grind35.25″64°
JAWS MD558°12°C grind35.25″64°
Glide Forged54°12°C grind35.25″64°
CBX 260°12°C grind35.25″64°
S1852°C grind35.25″63°

C grind wedge player reviews

BrandModelLoftBounceGrindPlayer Review
TitleistVokey SM758°12°C grind“The C grind allows for versatile shots around the green. Easy to open up for high flop shots.”
CallawayMack Daddy 456°10°C grind“Great feel and control with the C grind. Works well in all types of sand and rough.”
PingGlide 2.0 Stealth60°C grind“The C grind helps with tricky lies around the green. Love the clean look and feel.”
ClevelandRTX-352°C grind“The C grind really shines in tight lies. Great spin and control on approach shots.”

C grind wedge pricing

TitleistVokey SM758°12°C grind$149.99
CallawayMack Daddy 456°10°C grind$129.99
PingGlide 2.0 Stealth60°C grind$149.00
ClevelandRTX-352°C grind$129.99
MizunoT754°C grind$149.99
TitleistVokey SM856°14°C grind$159.99
CallawayJAWS MD558°12°C grind$159.99
PingGlide Forged54°12°C grind$199.00
ClevelandCBX 260°12°C grind$139.99
MizunoS1852°C grind$149.99

C grind wedge material

TitleistVokey SM758°12°C grind8620 carbon steel
CallawayMack Daddy 456°10°C grind8620 mild carbon steel
PingGlide 2.0 Stealth60°C grind431 stainless steel
ClevelandRTX-352°C grind8620 carbon steel
MizunoT754°C grind1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel
TitleistVokey SM856°14°C grind8620 carbon steel
CallawayJAWS MD558°12°C grind8620 mild carbon steel


The C grind wedge is a versatile and useful club for golfers looking to improve their short game. Its unique design allows for more loft and spin, making it a great option for high, soft shots around the green. While it may not be the best choice for all golfers, those who value versatility and precision should consider adding a C grind wedge to their bag.


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