What Does WD Mean in Golf?

Golf is a popular sport that requires skill, strategy, and precision. Like any sport, golf has its own set of terminology, including the term “WD.” In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what WD means in the context of golf.

What is WD in Golf?

In golf, WD stands for “withdrawal.” When a golfer withdraws from a tournament before completing all of the scheduled rounds, they are said to have WD’d.

Impact of a WD on a Golf Tournament

When a golfer withdraws from a tournament, it can have a significant impact on the rest of the field. Depending on when the withdrawal occurs, it can lead to a reshuffling of the tee times or even a reconfiguration of the leaderboard. In some cases, a golfer’s withdrawal may also affect their standing in the tournament or their overall ranking.

What Happens When a Golfer WDs from a Tournament?

When a golfer withdraws from a tournament, the exact consequences vary depending on the timing of the withdrawal and the specific tournament rules. In some cases, a golfer may be able to withdraw before the tournament begins without penalty, while in other cases, there may be financial or other consequences.

If a golfer withdraws during the tournament, the impact on the tournament can be significant. Depending on the timing of the withdrawal, the player’s spot in the tee time rotation may need to be filled, or the entire tee sheet may need to be reshuffled. If the withdrawal occurs after a certain point in the tournament, such as after the cut, the player’s score may remain on the leaderboard but they will not be able to complete the remaining rounds.

Reasons for Withdrawing from a Golf Tournament

There are many reasons why a golfer may choose to withdraw from a tournament. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Injury: Golf is a physically demanding sport that can put a lot of strain on a player’s body. If a player experiences an injury or feels pain during the tournament, they may choose to withdraw in order to avoid further injury.
  • Illness: Just like any other athlete, golfers can get sick. If a player feels unwell during a tournament, they may choose to withdraw in order to take care of their health.
  • Personal reasons: Sometimes, personal or family issues can arise that make it impossible for a golfer to continue playing in a tournament. This could include a family emergency or other unexpected event.
  • Strategic reasons: In some cases, a golfer may choose to withdraw from a tournament as a strategic move. For example, if a player is struggling and unlikely to make the cut, they may choose to withdraw in order to conserve their energy for future tournaments.

Explanation of WD in Golf

WDWithdrawalA player decides not to finish the tournament.A player withdraws due to injury.
WDWrong DirectionWhen a player’s shot goes in the wrong direction.The ball goes out of bounds.
WDWind DirectionThe direction the wind is blowing on the course.The wind is blowing from the east.
WDWaterproof DesignWaterproof technology for golf gear.Waterproof golf bag.
WDWedge DesignA type of club used for short approach shots.A player uses a pitching wedge.

Common Reasons for WD in Golf

InjuryPlayer is unable to continue playing.A player suffers from a back injury.
IllnessPlayer is too sick to continue playing.A player gets a fever and can’t play.
Personal ReasonsPlayer has a personal emergency or obligation.A player needs to attend a family event.
Poor PerformancePlayer is playing poorly and wants to quit.A player feels embarrassed about their performance.
Equipment IssuesPlayer’s equipment is malfunctioning or lost.A player’s club breaks mid-game.

Consequences of WD in Golf

PenaltyA penalty stroke is added to the player’s score.A player withdraws after playing 9 holes, score +4
DisqualificationA player is disqualified from the tournament.A player withdraws without a valid reason.
No Prize MoneyA player does not receive any prize money.A player withdraws before the cut, no prize money.
Loss of Ranking PointsA player loses ranking points.A player withdraws from a major tournament.
Reputation DamageA player’s reputation may be negatively impacted.A player withdraws frequently without a reason.

WD Rules in Golf Tournaments

Medical WDA player may withdraw due to medical reasons.A player suffers from heat stroke.
No-Show WDA player does not show up for the tournament.A player misses their tee time.
Not Official WDA player withdraws before the start of the tournament.A player withdraws due to personal reasons.
Mid-Round WDA player withdraws during the round.A player withdraws due to injury.
Post-Round WDA player withdraws after the round is completed.A player withdraws due to illness.

Notable WDs in Golf

Tiger Woods2014 Honda ClassicBack Injury
Phil Mickelson2010 Wells Fargo ChampionshipFamily Obligation
John Daly2015 U.S. Senior OpenKnee Injury


WD is an important term to understand in the world of golf. It signals that a player has chosen to withdraw from a tournament, and can have significant implications for the rest of the event. By understanding what WD means and why a golfer may choose to withdraw from a tournament, fans of the sport can gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities and challenges of playing golf at a high level.


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