How to Wrap a Golf Club

Wrapping a golf club can serve multiple purposes such as providing a better grip, preventing slipping and enhancing comfort. Here are the steps to wrap a golf club:

Materials required:

  • Golf club
  • Grip tape
  • Solvent (optional)
  • Grip solvent or tape activator (optional)
  • New grip


  1. Remove the old grip: Start by removing the old grip from the golf club. This can be done by cutting the grip lengthwise with a sharp knife and peeling it off.
  2. Clean the shaft: Use a solvent to clean the shaft of the club, especially if there is any old adhesive left behind from the previous grip. Allow it to dry completely before proceeding.
  3. Apply grip tape: Start by applying a layer of grip tape on the shaft of the club. The grip tape should be about half an inch longer than the actual length of the grip. Carefully wrap the tape around the shaft in a spiral motion, making sure that there are no creases or wrinkles.
  4. Apply solvent or tape activator (optional): If you are using a grip solvent or tape activator, apply a small amount to the grip tape. This will help to make the tape sticky and allow the new grip to slide on smoothly.
  5. Place the new grip: Hold the new grip with one hand and use the other hand to pull the tape off the shaft. Slide the grip over the shaft and onto the tape, making sure that it is positioned correctly.
  6. Align the grip: Align the grip with the clubface, making sure that it is straight. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, push the grip firmly onto the shaft.
  7. Secure the grip: If necessary, add a finishing tape or adhesive to secure the grip in place. Trim any excess tape from the top of the grip.
  8. Let the grip dry: Allow the grip to dry completely before using the club. This usually takes a few hours.

Additional Tips:

Sure! Here are some additional tips for wrapping a golf club:

  1. Choose the right grip size: Before wrapping your golf club, make sure you choose the right grip size. Grips come in different sizes, and it is important to choose the one that fits your hand comfortably. A grip that is too small or too large can affect your swing and accuracy.
  2. Use the right grip tape: There are different types of grip tapes available, and it is important to choose the one that is suitable for your needs. Some grip tapes are thicker and provide more cushioning, while others are thinner and provide more feedback. Choose a grip tape that works best for you.
  3. Use a vise (optional): If you have access to a vise, you can use it to secure the golf club while you wrap it. This will make the process easier and more precise.
  4. Don’t rush: Take your time when wrapping your golf club. Make sure that the grip tape is applied smoothly and evenly. Any wrinkles or bumps in the tape can affect the feel of the grip.
  5. Practice good hand hygiene: Before wrapping your golf club, make sure your hands are clean and dry. This will prevent any dirt or oil from getting on the grip tape and affecting its adhesion.
  6. Test the grip: Once you have wrapped your golf club, take it to the driving range and test the grip. Make sure it feels comfortable and provides the right amount of traction. If it doesn’t feel right, you may need to adjust the grip tape or try a different grip size.

Materials Required

Golf clubThe club that you want to wrap
Grip tapeAdhesive tape used to create a grip
SolventA liquid used to clean the shaft before wrapping
Grip solventA liquid used to activate the adhesive on the grip tape
New gripThe replacement grip that you will be putting on

Steps for Wrapping a Golf Club

Step 1Remove the old grip
Step 2Clean the shaft with solvent
Step 3Apply grip tape to the shaft, making sure there are no creases or wrinkles
Step 4Apply grip solvent to the grip tape (optional)
Step 5Slide the new grip onto the shaft, making sure it is aligned properly
Step 6Push the grip onto the shaft firmly
Step 7Add finishing tape or adhesive (optional)
Step 8Trim any excess tape from the top of the grip
Step 9Let the grip dry completely before using the club

Tips for Wrapping a Golf Club

Choose the right grip sizeMake sure the grip size is appropriate for your hand size
Use the right grip tapeChoose a grip tape that is appropriate for your preferences and needs
Use a vise (optional)Use a vise to secure the club during the wrapping process
Don’t rushTake your time and make sure the tape is applied smoothly and evenly
Practice good hand hygieneClean your hands before wrapping the club to avoid getting dirt or oil on the tape
Test the gripTest the grip at the driving range to make sure it feels comfortable and provides good traction

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Wrinkles or bumps in the tapeMake sure the tape is applied smoothly and evenly to avoid any bumps or wrinkles
Incorrect grip sizeMake sure you choose the correct grip size for your hand to avoid any discomfort or decreased accuracy
Insufficient adhesiveMake sure the grip tape has enough adhesive to securely hold the grip in place
Improper alignmentMake sure the grip is aligned properly with the clubface to avoid any negative impact on your swing
Not letting the grip dry completelyLet the grip dry completely before using the club to ensure it is securely in place

Benefits of Wrapping a Golf Club

Improved gripWrapping a golf club provides a better grip, which can lead to increased accuracy and distance
Better controlA good grip can help you better control the club and make more consistent shots
Enhanced comfortWrapping the club with tape and a new grip can make the club more comfortable to hold and use
Prevents slippingWrapping the club can help prevent slipping, especially in wet or humid conditions
Cost-effectiveWrapping a golf club is a cost-effective way to improve your equipment without having to buy


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