How to Make 36 Volt Golf Cart Faster

There are several ways to make a 36 volt golf cart faster:

  • Upgrade the motor: A more powerful motor can generate more torque and speed, which will make the golf cart faster. However, installing a more powerful motor may require additional modifications, such as upgrading the controller and battery, to ensure that the golf cart operates safely and efficiently.
  • Replace the controller: The controller is responsible for controlling the speed of the motor. Upgrading the controller to a higher amperage rating can increase the amount of power that the motor can draw, which can result in faster acceleration and a higher top speed. However, the controller should be compatible with the motor and battery to avoid damaging the system.
  • Install larger tires: By installing larger tires, the circumference of the wheels will increase, which will cover more distance with each revolution of the wheel. This will increase the speed of the golf cart. However, larger tires may also require modifications to the suspension and fenders to prevent rubbing or scraping.
  • Upgrade the battery: A higher capacity battery will allow the golf cart to operate at higher speeds for longer periods of time. However, it’s important to ensure that the battery is compatible with the motor and controller, and that the charging system can handle the increased capacity.
  • Remove any unnecessary weight: Excess weight can reduce the speed and acceleration of the golf cart. Removing any unnecessary items, such as golf bags or equipment, can help to increase the speed and range of the golf cart.
  • Adjust the gear ratio: Changing the gear ratio can increase the speed of the golf cart. By installing a higher gear ratio, the golf cart can reach higher speeds, but it may result in slower acceleration.
  • Install a speed chip: A speed chip is a small electronic device that can be installed in the controller to increase the speed of the golf cart. This modification is relatively easy to install and can provide a noticeable increase in speed.
  • Improve the aerodynamics: Improving the aerodynamics of the golf cart can also increase its speed. You can install a windshield or fairing to reduce wind resistance and improve the airflow around the golf cart.
  • Improve the cooling system: High speeds can generate a lot of heat, which can damage the motor and battery. By improving the cooling system, you can prevent overheating and improve the performance of the golf cart.
  • Upgrade the suspension: Upgrading the suspension can improve the handling and stability of the golf cart at higher speeds. You can install a heavier duty suspension, which will be able to handle the increased stress of high-speed driving.
  • Install a high-performance exhaust: A high-performance exhaust can increase the airflow and reduce backpressure, which can result in improved engine efficiency and a faster golf cart.
  • Install a high-performance air filter: A high-performance air filter can improve the airflow to the engine, which can increase its power output and improve acceleration and speed.
  • Install a performance chip: A performance chip is a small electronic device that can be installed in the controller to optimize the timing and fuel delivery, which can result in improved performance and faster speeds.
  • Upgrade the brakes: When driving at higher speeds, it’s important to have reliable brakes that can slow down the golf cart quickly and safely. Upgrading the brakes can improve their effectiveness and reduce the stopping distance.
  • Improve the traction: Installing high-traction tires or adding weight to the rear of the golf cart can improve the traction and prevent the wheels from slipping, which can result in faster acceleration and higher speeds.

Table 1: Performance Parts

Part NameDescription
High Speed GearsIncreases top speed by up to 5 mph
Performance MotorIncreases torque and acceleration
High-Speed ControllerIncreases speed and acceleration
Lithium-Ion BatteryReduces weight and increases range
Regenerative BrakesIncreases stopping power and energy efficiency
Upgraded SuspensionImproves stability and handling at high speeds
Lightweight WheelsReduces unsprung weight and improves acceleration
Performance TiresImproves traction and reduces rolling resistance
Performance ExhaustIncreases engine efficiency and power output
Aerodynamic UpgradesReduces drag and improves top speed

Table 2: High-Speed Gear Ratios

Gear RatioTop Speed IncreaseTorque Loss
10:1+4 mph-25%
8:1+5 mph-33%
6:1+6 mph-50%
4:1+8 mph-67%
2:1+10 mph-83%
1:1No changeNo change

Table 3: Performance Motor Options

Motor TypeMax Power OutputMax TorquePrice Range
DC Motor15-20 hp50-75 ft-lbs$500-$1,500
AC Motor20-30 hp75-100 ft-lbs$1,500-$3,000
Brushless DC30-40 hp100-150 ft-lbs$3,000-$5,000
High-Performance AC40+ hp150+ ft-lbs$5,000-$8,000
Custom BuildVariesVaries$10,000+

Table 4: High-Speed Controller Options

Controller TypeMax CurrentMax VoltagePrice Range
Series500 A72 V$400-$800
Sepex500 A72 V$600-$1,000
Programmable1,000 A96 V$1,000-$2,000
High-Performance2,000 A144 V$3,000-$5,000
Custom BuildVariesVaries$10,000+

Table 5: Lithium-Ion Battery Options

Battery TypeVoltageCapacityWeightPrice Range
36V Lead-Acid36 V100-150 Ah250 lbs$600-$1,200
36V Lithium36 V60-100 Ah100 lbs$1,500-$2,500
48V Lithium48 V100-200 Ah150 lbs$2,500-$4,500


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