Best Golf Ball For 80 mph Swing Speed

The right golf ball can make all the difference in your game, especially when it comes to optimizing your swing speed. For golfers with an 80 mph swing speed, you’re likely looking for a ball that maximizes distance while providing a soft feel and a high degree of control. In this article, we’ll explore the top golf balls on the market designed specifically for golfers with an 80 mph swing speed, as well as discuss some key factors to consider when choosing the perfect ball for your game.

  1. Bridgestone e6

The Bridgestone e6 is an ideal choice for golfers with moderate swing speeds . This three-piece golf ball is designed to provide reduced air resistance, which helps increase distance off the tee. The ball’s low compression core allows for a soft feel and added forgiveness, making it a great option for those with a slower swing speed. The e6’s Surlyn cover ensures durability, while its Delta Dimple design reduces drag and promotes a more stable flight.

  1. Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft golf balls are known for their incredibly soft feel and low compression, which is ideal for golfers with an 80 mph swing speed. These two-piece balls feature a HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern, which reduces drag and enhances lift, helping you achieve greater distance. The ultra-low compression core also helps with reducing spin, leading to a straighter ball flight.

  1. Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft golf balls are engineered to deliver a perfect blend of distance and control for golfers with moderate swing speeds. The ball’s large and soft core allows for a low spin rate, which can help maximize distance. Additionally, the thin and responsive ionomer cover provides excellent short game control and a soft feel around the greens.

  1. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are designed with a soft core and a low compression, making them ideal for players with an 80 mph swing speed. The ball’s 338-speed dimple pattern reduces drag and increases lift, allowing for improved distance and a more stable ball flight. The ionomer cover provides a soft feel and added control around the greens, while the energetic gradient growth core maximizes energy transfer for added distance.

  1. TaylorMade Project (a)

TaylorMade’s Project (a) golf balls cater specifically to golfers with moderate swing speeds seeking enhanced greenside control. The three-layer construction features a low-compression core that helps maximize distance and maintain a soft feel. The urethane cover and 322-dimple pattern promote optimal spin, allowing for more control and precision on approach shots and around the greens.

  1. Wilson Staff Duo Soft+

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ golf balls are an excellent choice for golfers with an 80 mph swing speed, offering a combination of distance and a soft feel. The low-compression, two-piece design provides an incredibly soft feel, making it easy to compress the ball for maximum energy transfer. The 302-dimple pattern reduces drag, allowing for a stable and long ball flight. Additionally, the ionomer cover offers durability and excellent greenside control.

  1. Mizuno RB 566V

Mizuno’s RB 566V golf ball is a great option for players with moderate swing speeds, as it provides a perfect balance of distance and control. The low-compression core helps increase the ball’s velocity, allowing for greater distance and reduced spin off the tee. The 566 micro-dimple pattern enhances lift and reduces drag, promoting a more stable and penetrating ball flight. The ionomer cover delivers a soft feel and excellent greenside spin, allowing for better control on approach shots.

  1. Volvik Crystal

The Volvik Crystal golf ball is a unique option for golfers with an 80 mph swing speed, as it combines distance, control, and an eye-catching appearance. The three-piece construction features a low-compression, power core that enables a high launch angle and maximum distance. The Zirconium Z-I outer cover provides a soft feel and excellent durability, while the 392-dimple pattern helps reduce drag for a more stable flight. The Crystal’s vivid color options also make it easy to track your ball in various conditions.

  1. Pinnacle Soft

The Pinnacle Soft golf ball is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds who prioritize a soft feel and long distance. The low-compression core enhances the ball’s energy transfer, leading to increased distance off the tee. Pinnacle’s icosahedral dimple pattern promotes a stable and consistent ball flight, while the soft ionomer cover provides a gentle feel and control around the greens.

  1. Snell MTB-X

The Snell MTB-X golf ball is an excellent option for players with an 80 mph swing speed seeking a tour-quality ball at a more affordable price. The three-piece construction includes a low-compression core, which helps maximize distance and maintain a soft feel. The urethane cover delivers a high level of spin and control, particularly around the greens. The 360-dimple pattern ensures a consistent ball flight and added stability in various conditions.


Distance and Spin

Golf BallCompressionCoverDistanceSpin
Titleist Pro V190Urethane ElastomerLongHigh
Bridgestone Tour B XS75UrethaneLongLow
Callaway Chrome Soft75UrethaneLongMid
TaylorMade TP583UrethaneLongMid
Srixon Z-Star XV105UrethaneLongHigh
Vice Pro Plus85UrethaneLongHigh
Wilson Staff Model75UrethaneLongLow
Mizuno RB Tour X104UrethaneLongHigh
Volvik S4105UrethaneLongHigh
Snell MTB Black90UrethaneLongMid

Feel and Control

Golf BallCompressionCoverFeelControl
Titleist Pro V190Urethane ElastomerSoftHigh
Bridgestone Tour B XS75UrethaneSoftHigh
Callaway Chrome Soft75UrethaneSoftMid
TaylorMade TP583UrethaneSoftMid
Srixon Z-Star XV105UrethaneSoftHigh
Vice Pro Plus85UrethaneSoftHigh
Wilson Staff Model75UrethaneSoftLow
Mizuno RB Tour X104UrethaneSoftHigh
Volvik S4105UrethaneSoftHigh
Snell MTB Black90UrethaneSoftMid

Launch and Trajectory

Golf BallCompressionCoverLaunchTrajectory
Titleist Pro V190Urethane ElastomerMidMid
Bridgestone Tour B XS75UrethaneMidLow
Callaway Chrome Soft75UrethaneMidMid
TaylorMade TP583UrethaneMidMid
Srixon Z-Star XV105UrethaneMidMid
Vice Pro Plus85UrethaneMidMid
Wilson Staff Model75UrethaneMidLow
Mizuno RB Tour X104UrethaneMidMid
Volvik S4105UrethaneMidMid
Snell MTB Black90UrethaneMidMid

Overall Rating

Golf BallCompressionCoverDistanceFeelLaunchPriceOverall
Titleist Pro V190Urethane Elastomer55444.5
Bridgestone Tour B XS75Urethane4.54.544.54.4
Callaway Chrome Soft75Urethane4.54.5444.3
TaylorMade TP583Urethane4.54.5444.3
Srixon Z-Star XV105Urethane54.544.54.4
Vice Pro Plus85Urethane4.54.5454.5
Wilson Staff Model75Urethane4.54.544.54.4
Mizuno RB Tour X104Urethane4.54.544.54.4
Volvik S4105Urethane4.54.5444.3
Snell MTB Black90Urethane4.54.5454.5

Price and Value

Golf BallCompressionCoverPrice (Per Dozen)Value
Titleist Pro V190Urethane Elastomer$48.00High
Bridgestone Tour B XS75Urethane$44.99High
Callaway Chrome Soft75Urethane$39.99High
TaylorMade TP583Urethane$44.99High
Srixon Z-Star XV105Urethane$39.99High
Vice Pro Plus85Urethane$34.99Very High
Wilson Staff Model75Urethane$29.99Very High
Mizuno RB Tour X104Urethane$44.99High
Volvik S4105Urethane$45.99High
Snell MTB Black90Urethane$32.99Very High


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