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Trail fee golf is a popular concept in golfing that refers to a type of golf course that allows golfers to use a cart or trolley on the course. Unlike traditional golf courses where golfers have to carry their bags or use caddies, trail fee golf courses allow golfers to use motorized or non-motorized carts that can carry their clubs and other accessories around the course. In this article, we will explore the concept of trail fee golf in detail.

What is Trail Fee Golf?

Trail fee golf is a type of golf course that allows golfers to use a cart or trolley on the course. The term “trail fee” refers to the fee that golfers pay to use a cart or trolley on the course. The fee varies from course to course and can be either a flat fee or a fee per round. The carts or trolleys can be rented from the course or brought by the golfer.

Advantages of Trail Fee Golf

There are several advantages of trail fee golf. First and foremost, it allows golfers to save energy and focus on their shots rather than carrying their bags or worrying about getting tired. This can lead to better performance and a more enjoyable experience on the course. Trail fee golf also allows golfers to play faster since they can move around the course more quickly with the help of a cart or trolley.

In addition, trail fee golf can be more accessible for older golfers or those with physical limitations that may make carrying a bag difficult. It can also be more convenient for golfers who want to bring their own equipment or have specific needs for their golf bag.

Disadvantages of Trail Fee Golf

While there are many advantages to trail fee golf, there are also some disadvantages. One major disadvantage is that it can be more expensive than traditional golf since golfers have to pay a separate fee for using a cart or trolley. This can be especially true for golfers who play frequently and may end up paying a significant amount in trail fees over time.

Another disadvantage of trail fee golf is that it can be less environmentally friendly since the use of motorized carts can contribute to pollution and damage to the course. Additionally, some golfers argue that using a cart can take away from the traditional experience of walking the course and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Trail Fee Golf Courses and Regulations

Trail fee golf courses are becoming more common, especially in areas with hilly terrain or difficult courses. Many courses offer both traditional and trail fee golf options to cater to a variety of golfers. There are also regulations and rules for the use of carts on the course, such as speed limits and designated areas for carts.

Types of Trail Fee Golf

There are different types of trail fee golf available at golf courses. One type is a motorized cart, which is powered by gas or electricity and can carry up to two golfers and their bags. Another type is a pushcart or trolley, which is manually operated and can be pushed around the course by the golfer. Some courses also offer golfers the option to rent a caddie cart, which is a motorized cart that can carry both golfers and their bags, as well as a caddie to assist them.

Cost of Trail Fee Golf

The cost of trail fee golf can vary depending on the course and the type of cart or trolley used. Some courses charge a flat fee per round, while others charge by the hour or offer discounted rates for frequent use. It’s important to check with the course beforehand to determine the cost of trail fee golf and any additional rules or regulations regarding cart use.

Environmental Impact

As previously mentioned, the use of motorized carts in trail fee golf can have an environmental impact. Golf courses are typically designed to be environmentally friendly and can have natural hazards and wildlife that can be disturbed by motorized carts. To mitigate this impact, some courses have implemented policies such as cart path only on certain holes or designated areas for cart use. Additionally, some courses have switched to using electric carts or investing in solar-powered charging stations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Trail Fee Golf and Accessibility

Trail fee golf can be a more accessible option for golfers with physical limitations. It can be difficult for some golfers to carry their bags or walk the course, and trail fee golf can allow them to enjoy the game without the added strain. Additionally, some courses offer accessible carts or trolleys that can accommodate mobility devices such as wheelchairs.

Trail Fees for Public Golf Courses in the US

Golf CourseCityStateTrail Fee (9 Holes)Trail Fee (18 Holes)
Arrowhead Golf ClubWheatonIL$8$16
Black Mountain Golf ClubHendersonNV$10$20
Forest Park Golf CourseSt. LouisMO$12$24
Hedingham Golf ClubRaleighNC$7$14
Maple Hill Golf CourseMarathonNY$9$18
River’s Edge Golf CourseBendOR$11$22
Sea Scape Golf LinksKitty HawkNC$8$16
Stone Creek Golf ClubOregon CityOR$9$18
Twin Oaks Golf CourseSan MarcosCA$10$20
Whispering Creek Golf ClubSioux CityIA$6$12

Trail Fees for Private Golf Courses in the US

Golf CourseCityStateTrail Fee (9 Holes)Trail Fee (18 Holes)
Augusta National Golf ClubAugustaGA$0$0
Baltusrol Golf ClubSpringfieldNJ$20$40
Cypress Point ClubPebble BeachCA$25$50
Merion Golf ClubArdmorePA$15$30
Pine Valley Golf ClubPine ValleyNJ$0$0
Riviera Country ClubPacific PalisadesCA$20$40
Shinnecock Hills Golf ClubSouthamptonNY$10$20
The Country ClubBrooklineMA$15$30
Winged Foot Golf ClubMamaroneckNY$20$40
Oakmont Country ClubOakmontPA$0$0

Trail Fees for Golf Courses in Europe

Golf CourseCityCountryTrail Fee (9 Holes)Trail Fee (18 Holes)
Le Golf NationalParisFrance€12€24
St Andrews LinksSt AndrewsScotland£10£20
Valderrama Golf ClubSotograndeSpain€15€30
Monte Rei Golf & Country ClubVila Nova de CacelaPortugal€20€40
K ClubStraffanIreland€10€20
Royal Birkdale Golf ClubSouthportEngland£15£30
Real Club ValderramaSotograndeSpain€20€40
Royal County Down Golf ClubNewcastleNorthern Ireland£15£30
Bro Hof Slott Golf ClubStockholmSwedenSEK 200SEK 400

Trail Fees for Golf Courses in Asia

Golf CourseCityCountryTrail Fee (9 Holes)Trail Fee (18 Holes)
Mission Hills Golf ClubShenzhenChinaCNY 150CNY 300
Taiheiyo ClubGotembaJapan¥2,500¥5,000
Sentosa Golf ClubSingaporeSingaporeSGD 25SGD 50
Black Mountain Golf ClubHua HinThailandTHB 600THB 1,200
Banyan Golf ClubHua HinThailandTHB 750THB 1,500
New Kuta GolfBaliIndonesiaIDR 600,000IDR 1,200,000
Carya Golf ClubBelekTurkey€25€50
Emirates Golf ClubDubaiUAEAED 70AED 140
Nirwana Bali Golf ClubBaliIndonesiaIDR 900,000IDR 1,800,000
Nine Bridges Golf ClubJeju IslandSouth KoreaKRW 90,000KRW 180,000

 Trail Fees for Golf Courses in Australia

Golf CourseCityStateTrail Fee (9 Holes)Trail Fee (18 Holes)
Royal Melbourne Golf ClubMelbourneVIC$15$30
Kingston Heath Golf ClubMelbourneVIC$10$20
The Australian Golf ClubSydneyNSW$20$40
Royal Sydney Golf ClubSydneyNSW$20$40
Barnbougle DunesBridportTAS$12$24
The Lakes Golf ClubSydneyNSW$15$30
Cape Wickham LinksKing IslandTAS$20$40
Victoria Golf ClubMelbourneVIC$10$20
Kooyonga Golf ClubAdelaideSA$12$24
New South Wales Golf ClubSydneyNSW$20$40


Trail fee golf is a popular option for golfers who want to enjoy the game without the physical strain of carrying a bag. While there are advantages and disadvantages to trail fee golf, it is becoming more common and accessible for golfers of all ages and abilities. As the sport of golf continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how trail fee golf fits into the overall golfing experience.


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