Callaway Epic Speed Vs Mavrik

Callaway is a popular brand of golf clubs known for producing high-quality equipment for players of all skill levels. Two of their popular driver models are the Callaway Epic Speed and the Mavrik. Let’s take a closer look at these two drivers and compare them.

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Design and Technology:

The Callaway Epic Speed driver features a new Cyclone Aero shape that helps reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. It also has a Jailbreak Speed Frame that connects the sole and crown, creating a more rigid body and promoting faster ball speed. The driver also has an adjustable weight system that allows players to customize the center of gravity location.

The Mavrik driver also features a unique design and technology, including Callaway’s new Flash Face SS20 architecture, which is engineered for high ball speeds. The driver also has a T2C triaxial carbon crown, which is lighter and stronger than previous versions, allowing for a higher MOI (moment of inertia) and better forgiveness. Like the Epic Speed, the Mavrik also has an adjustable weight system.


Both the Callaway Epic Speed and Mavrik drivers are designed to provide players with increased ball speed and distance. However, the Epic Speed has a more forgiving design that is better suited for players who tend to slice or hook the ball. The Mavrik, on the other hand, is better suited for players who tend to hit the ball straighter.


The Callaway Epic Speed and Mavrik drivers are both high-end clubs and are priced accordingly. The Epic Speed driver has a suggested retail price of $529, while the Mavrik is priced at $499.

Callaway Epic Speed Vs. Mavrik – Comparison


AspectCallaway Epic SpeedCallaway MavrikWinnerReason
Clubhead SpeedFasterSlowerEpic SpeedProvides more Clubhead Speed for increased distance
ForgivenessSlightly more forgivingSlightly less forgivingEpic SpeedProvides slightly better forgiveness for off-center hits
Ball SpeedSlightly fasterSlightly slowerEpic SpeedProvides slightly higher ball speed for increased distance
Sound and FeelSlightly louder and firmer feelSlightly softer and mutedMavrikProvides slightly softer feel and sound for more pleasant experience
PriceMore expensiveSlightly less expensiveMavrikProvides slightly better value for money
Loft Options8.5, 9, 10.5 degrees9, 10.5, 12 degreesEpic SpeedProvides more options for customizing loft to fit your swing
TechnologyJailbreak A.I. VelocityFlash Face SS20TieBoth feature innovative technology for increased performance
Best ForSkilled players seeking speedPlayers seeking forgivenessTieBoth have specific target audience and excel in their niche
AvailabilityNewer model, may be harder to findWidely availableMavrikProvides wider availability for players
AdjustabilityAdjustable weights and loftAdjustable weights and loftTieBoth offer adjustability for customization
Center of GravityLower and more forwardDeeper and more traditionalEpic SpeedProvides better launch conditions for increased distance
Face MaterialTitaniumTitanium and Face CupMavrikProvides additional technology for increased ball speed
Shaft OptionsMultiple premium optionsMultiple premium optionsTieBoth offer multiple high-quality shaft options
Clubhead DesignAerodynamic shape and carbon crownMore traditional shape and materialsEpic SpeedProvides more modern and innovative design for increased performance
Distance PotentialLonger distances on well-struck shotsSimilar distance potential on center strikesEpic SpeedProvides greater potential for longer distances on well-struck shots
Overall PerformanceHigh level of performanceConsistent and reliableTieBoth offer high levels of performance and excel in different areas
Tour UsageUsed by some PGA Tour playersUsed by many PGA Tour playersMavrikMore widely used on the PGA Tour
Release Year20212020Epic SpeedProvides more recent technology and innovation
AppearanceGlossy black crown with yellow accentsSilver and black color scheme with green accentsTieBoth have visually appealing design and color scheme
Sound CharacteristicsHigher pitched and more metallic soundLower pitched and more muted soundMavrikProvides more pleasant and less intrusive sound and feel
Target AudienceSkilled golfers who prioritize speed and distancePlayers who prioritize forgiveness and consistencyTieBoth have specific target audience and excel in their niche
Recommended Handicap RangeLow to mid handicappersMid to high handicappersTieBoth offer suitable options for a wide range of golfers
Ball FlightLower and flatterHigher and more arcingMavrikProvides higher ball flight for better stopping power on greens
Shaft MaterialPremium graphite shaftsPremium graphite shaftsTieBoth offer high-quality graphite shaft options
Weight318 grams320 gramsMavrikSlightly lighter weight may be preferred by some players
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet AlignGolf Pride Tour Velvet AlignTieBoth offer high-quality grip options



Both the Callaway Epic Speed and Mavrik drivers are excellent choices for players looking for a high-quality, high-performance driver. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the player’s individual needs and preferences. The Epic Speed driver is more forgiving, making it a good choice for players who tend to slice or hook the ball. The Mavrik driver is better suited for players who hit the ball straighter. Regardless of which driver you choose, both are sure to provide you with increased ball speed and distance off the tee.


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