Tensei Blue Vs Orange

Choosing the right golf shaft can greatly impact your game, as it plays a crucial role in the delivery of the clubhead to the ball. Among the many options available in the market, Mitsubishi Chemical’s Tensei series has gained popularity for its advanced materials and exceptional performance. In this article, we will delve into the two popular options from this series – Tensei Blue and Orange – and compare their key features, performance, and suitability for different types of golfers.

Materials and Construction:

Both the Tensei Blue and Orange shafts are engineered using advanced materials and construction techniques to enhance performance. Both shafts incorporate high-modulus, premium 40-Ton carbon fiber and a low-resin content prepreg for increased stability and feel. However, they do have some differences in their construction:

Tensei Blue:

  • Features a balanced profile with a multi-material design
  • Incorporates Kevlar in the butt section for enhanced stability and control
  • Mid-launch, mid-spin characteristics

Tensei Orange:

  • Utilizes a counterbalanced design with a tungsten-infused prepreg in the tip section
  • Designed for higher-launching, mid-to-low spinning trajectories
  • Stiffer tip section for increased control and lower torque


Tensei Blue:

  • Suited for players seeking a consistent, mid-launch trajectory
  • Offers a smoother, more stable feel throughout the swing
  • Ideal for golfers with moderate to fast swing speeds

Tensei Orange:

  • Designed for golfers who prefer a higher launch with controlled spin rates
  • Counterbalanced design helps to increase clubhead speed and distance
  • Performs well for golfers with fast swing speeds or those looking to optimize their launch conditions


Tensei Blue:

  • Golfers with moderate to fast swing speeds who prefer a balanced shaft
  • Players seeking a consistent, mid-launch and mid-spin trajectory
  • Golfers who value stability, control, and smooth feel in their shaft

Tensei Orange:

  • Golfers with fast swing speeds or those looking to optimize their launch conditions
  • Players seeking a higher launch with controlled spin rates
  • Golfers who desire a counterbalanced shaft for improved clubhead speed and distance

Weight Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)TorqueKick Point
Tensei BlueStiff753.2Mid
Tensei OrangeStiff743.1Mid
Tensei BlueRegular703.3Mid
Tensei OrangeRegular693.2Mid
Tensei BlueSenior653.4Mid
Tensei OrangeSenior643.3Mid
Tensei BlueX-Stiff803.1Mid
Tensei OrangeX-Stiff793.0Mid
Tensei Blue2X-Stiff852.9Mid
Tensei Orange2X-Stiff842.8Mid

Launch and Spin Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexLaunchSpinFeel
Tensei BlueStiffMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei OrangeStiffMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei BlueRegularMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei OrangeRegularMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei BlueSeniorMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei OrangeSeniorMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei BlueX-StiffMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei OrangeX-StiffMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei Blue2X-StiffMid-HighMidFirm
Tensei Orange2X-StiffMid-HighMidFirm

 Materials Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexMaterials
Tensei BlueStiffGraphite
Tensei OrangeStiffGraphite
Tensei BlueRegularGraphite
Tensei OrangeRegularGraphite
Tensei BlueSeniorGraphite
Tensei OrangeSeniorGraphite
Tensei BlueX-StiffGraphite
Tensei OrangeX-StiffGraphite
Tensei Blue2X-StiffGraphite
Tensei Orange2X-StiffGraphite

Price Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexPrice (USD)
Tensei BlueStiff350
Tensei OrangeStiff350
Tensei BlueRegular350
Tensei OrangeRegular350
Tensei BlueSenior350
Tensei OrangeSenior350
Tensei BlueX-Stiff350



The Tensei Blue and Orange shafts are both exceptional choices in the golf shaft market, offering unique performance characteristics that cater to different types of golfers. The Tensei Blue provides a balanced profile with mid-launch, mid-spin characteristics, while the Tensei Orange offers a higher launch, mid-to-low spin trajectory with a counterbalanced design. Ultimately, the best shaft for you will depend on your swing speed, preferences, and desired ball flight characteristics. It’s important to consult with a professional club fitter or try both shafts yourself to determine the ideal choice for your game.


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