What Golf Shoes Do The Pros Wear

Professional golfers are known for their attention to detail when it comes to their equipment, and golf shoes are no exception. The shoes they wear need to provide comfort, support, stability, and traction on the course. While there are many different golf shoe brands and models available on the market, certain brands have become popular among professional golfers.

One of the most popular brands of golf shoes among pros is FootJoy . The company has been producing golf shoes since 1857, and its shoes are known for their comfort and durability. Many professional golfers, including Adam Scott, Justin Thomas, and Henrik Stenson, wear FootJoy shoes on the course.

Another popular brand among professional golfers is Nike. The company’s golf shoes are known for their style and performance, and they are worn by many top players, including Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, and Tiger Woods.

Adidas is another brand that has a strong presence in the golf shoe market. The company’s shoes are known for their comfort and performance, and they are worn by many professional golfers, including Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Justin Rose.

Other golf shoe brands that are popular among professional golfers include Ecco, Puma, and Under Armour. Each of these brands has its own unique features and benefits, and golfers often choose their shoes based on personal preference and the specific needs of their game.

In addition to the brands mentioned above, there are other golf shoe brands that are popular among professional golfers. For example, Skechers has recently entered the golf shoe market and has gained a following among some players, including Matt Kuchar and Colin Montgomerie.

G/Fore is another brand that has become popular among professional golfers for its stylish and comfortable shoes. The company was founded by fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, and its shoes are known for their unique designs and high-quality materials.

In terms of specific models, the FootJoy Pro/SL is a popular shoe worn by many professional golfers. The shoe features a spikeless sole for maximum traction and a comfortable, waterproof upper. Another popular shoe among pros is the Nike Roshe G Tour, which has a modern design and a comfortable fit.

While golf shoes worn by professional golfers can be expensive, there are also more affordable options available on the market. Brands such as New Balance, Sketchers, and Callaway offer quality golf shoes at a lower price point, and some professional golfers choose to wear these shoes as well.

Overall, the golf shoes worn by professional golfers are designed to provide the necessary support and traction on the course, while also being comfortable and durable enough to withstand the rigors of tournament play.


Golf Shoes Worn by PGA Tour Pros

Player NameBrandModelColorSize
Dustin JohnsonAdidasTour 360 Boost 2.0White11
Rory McIlroyNikeAir Zoom Victory TourBlack/White10.5
Jon RahmFootJoyTour XWhite/Blue10.5
Brooks KoepkaNikeAir Zoom Infinity TourBlack/White12
Justin ThomasFootJoyPro/SLWhite/Grey9.5
Jordan SpiethUnder ArmourSpieth 4 GTXWhite/Blue11
Bryson DeChambeauPumaIgnite PWRADAPT CagedWhite10.5
Tiger WoodsNikeTW 20White/Grey10.5
Patrick ReedNikeAir Zoom Victory TourWhite/Black10
Phil MickelsonFootJoyPro/SLWhite/Black11

Golf Shoes Worn by LPGA Tour Pros

Player NameBrandModelColorSize
Nelly KordaFootJoyPro/SLWhite/Black8.5
Jin Young KoFootJoyPremiere SeriesWhite/Red7.5
Inbee ParkNikeAir Zoom Victory TourWhite/Black8
Sei Young KimAdidasTour 360 XTWhite9
Danielle KangFootJoyPro/SLWhite/Grey9
Brooke HendersonSkechersGO GOLF Elite V.3White/Pink8
Lexi ThompsonPumaIgnite NXT SolelaceWhite9
Lydia KoAdidasCodechaosWhite/Pink7


Golf Shoes Worn by Pros – Adidas

Player NameModelColorPrice RangeYear Released
Dustin JohnsonTour360 XTWhite/Gold$200-$2502019
Jon RahmCodechaos BoaBlack/Grey$180-$2002020
Sergio GarciaZG21White/Blue$180-$2002021
Xander SchauffeleTour360 XTBlack/White$200-$2502019
Justin RoseAdipower 4orged SWhite/Blue$160-$1802018
Brooks KoepkaAdipure SPWhite/Grey$200-$2502019
Danielle KangCodechaos BoaGrey/Pink$180-$2002020
Moriya JutanugarnZG21 BOAWhite/Blue$180-$2002021
Collin MorikawaZG21White/Black$180-$2002021
Jason DayCodechaos BoaWhite/Black$180-$2002020

Golf Shoes Worn by Pros – FootJoy

Player NameModelColorPrice RangeYear Released
Justin ThomasTour XWhite/Grey$200-$2502020
Adam ScottTour X BOABlack$250-$3002020
Webb SimpsonPro/SLWhite/Blue$160-$2002017
Billy HorschelPro/SL CarbonGrey/Black$200-$2202020
Scottie SchefflerFlex XPWhite/Black$130-$1502021
Ian PoulterPro/SLWhite/Grey$160-$2002017
Lexi ThompsonPro/SLWhite/Pink$160-$2002017
Paul CaseyPro/SL CarbonBlack/Grey$200-$2202020
Lee WestwoodTour X BOAWhite/Grey$250-$3002020
Steve StrickerPro/SLWhite/Black$160-$2002017

Golf Shoes Worn by Pros – Nike

Player NameModelColorPrice RangeYear Released
Rory McIlroyAir Zoom Victory Tour 2White/Blue$180-$2002021
Tiger WoodsTW ’20White/Grey$200-$2502020
Brooks KoepkaAir Zoom Infinity TourBlack/Green$160-$1802020
Michelle WieAir Zoom Infinity Tour
Tony FinauAir Zoom Infinity TourBlack/White$160-$1802020
Patrick ReedAir Zoom Victory Tour 2Black/Gold$180-$2002021
Francesco MolinariAir Zoom Victory Tour 2White/Blue$180-$2002021
Bryson DeChambeauAir Zoom Victory Tour 2White/Grey$180-$2002021
Sungjae ImReact Infinity ProWhite/Blue$120-$1502020
Jason DayAir Zoom Victory Tour 2White/Black$180-$2002021

Golf Shoes Worn by Pros – Puma

Player NameModelColorPrice RangeYear Released
Rickie FowlerIgnite ProadaptWhite/Orange$180-$2202020
Bryson DeChambeauIgnite Pwradapt CagedGrey/Green$150-$1802020
Gary WoodlandIgnite Pwradapt CagedBlack$150-$1802020
Lexi ThompsonIgnite ProadaptWhite/Gold$180-$2202020
Graham DeLaetIgnite Pwrsport ProGrey/Red$100-$1302019
Jonas BlixtIgnite Pwrsport ProWhite/Blue$100-$1302019
Grant ForrestIgnite Pwrsport ProWhite/Black$100-$1302019
Jesper ParnevikIgnite Pwradapt CagedWhite$150-$1802020
Johnny VegasIgnite Pwrsport ProBlack$100-$1302019
Tisha Alyn AbreaIgnite BlazeWhite/Gold$120-$1502018

 Golf Shoes Worn by Pros – Under Armour

Player NameModelColorPrice RangeYear Released
Jordan SpiethSpieth 4 GTXGrey/White$200-$2502019
Gary WoodlandSpieth 5White/Black$200-$2502020
Harold Varner IIISpieth 5Black/Red$200-$2502020
Sung KangHovr DriveBlack/Grey$150-$1802020
Xander SchauffeleHovr DriveWhite/Black$150-$1802020
Cheyenne WoodsHovr DriveWhite/Black$150-$1802020

Golf Shoes Worn by Pros – Skechers

Player NameModelColorPrice RangeYear Released
Matt KucharGo Golf Pro 4White/Navy$130-$1602020
Billy AndradeGo Golf Elite V.4White/Navy$110-$1402020
Brooke HendersonGo Golf Pro 2Grey/Pink$100-$1302019
Russell KnoxGo Golf Elite 3White/Navy$80-$1102018
Colin MontgomerieGo Golf Elite 2White/Grey$80-$1102018
Russ CochranGo Golf Elite 2Black$80-$1102018
Andrew LandryGo Golf Elite V.4White$110-$1402020
Belén MozoGo Golf Pro 2White$100-$1302019
Brooke HendersonGo Golf Eagle RivalNavy/Pink$80-$1102020
Matt KucharGo Golf Drive 4 LXWhite/Brown$80-$1102019

Golf Shoes Worn by Pros – Ecco

Player NameModelColorPrice RangeYear Released
Henrik StensonBiom G3 BoaWhite/Black$220-$2502020
Fred CouplesBiom Hybrid 3 GTXWhite$200-$2502018
Minjee LeeBiom G3 BoaWhite/Black$220-$2502020
Bernhard LangerBiom G3 BoaWhite/Black$220-$2502020
Caroline MassonBiom G3 BoaWhite/Black$220-$2502020
Lydia KoBiom G3 BoaWhite/Black$220-$2502020
Erik van RooyenBiom G3 BoaWhite/Black$220-$2502020
Thomas BjørnBiom Hybrid 3 GTXWhite/Black$200-$2502018
Viktor HovlandBiom G3 BoaWhite/Black$220-$2502020
Suzann PettersenBiom Hybrid 3 GTXWhite/Black$200-$2502018


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