Why do Golfers Wear Two Shirts When they Play Golf

Golfers often wear two shirts while playing golf for a couple of reasons. One reason is to regulate body temperature. Golfers play in various weather conditions, and wearing multiple layers allows them to stay warm when it’s cool out, and remove layers when it gets warmer. This is particularly useful during early morning rounds or when playing in changing weather conditions throughout the day.

Another reason is to help absorb sweat. Playing golf requires a lot of physical activity, including walking, swinging, and carrying clubs. The extra layer can help absorb sweat, keeping the golfer comfortable and preventing sweat stains on the outer layer.

Additionally, golfers may wear two shirts to protect their skin from the sun. Spending hours outside in the sun can be damaging to the skin, and wearing two shirts provides an additional layer of protection. Some golfers may also wear long-sleeved shirts as an extra layer of protection against insect bites.

In terms of style, golfers often wear a collared shirt as part of the dress code at many golf courses. Wearing a second shirt underneath allows golfers to layer their clothing while still adhering to the dress code. It also provides an opportunity to show off their personal style by wearing a shirt with a contrasting color or pattern underneath.

Lastly, wearing two shirts can also provide support and compression to the upper body. Some golfers prefer to wear compression shirts or undershirts to help improve blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue during their round of golf.

Overall, there are a variety of reasons why golfers wear two shirts while playing golf, including temperature regulation, sweat absorption, sun protection, adherence to dress codes, personal style, and physical support.

Types of Golf Shirts

Polo ShirtCottonRegularMediumHigh
Polo ShirtPolyesterRegularHighHigh
Sweater VestWoolRegularMediumHigh
Rain JacketPolyesterLooseLowMedium
Base LayerPolyesterTightHighHigh

Reasons for Wearing Layers in Golf

ReasonLayer 1Layer 2Layer 3Layer 4
Sun protectionBase LayerPolo Shirt
Cold weatherBase LayerPolo ShirtSweaterJacket
Wind protectionPolo ShirtWindbreaker
Rain protectionBase LayerPolo ShirtRain Jacket


Lastly, some golfers simply prefer the look and feel of wearing two shirts while playing. The extra layer can add a level of comfort or style to their attire, allowing them to feel more confident and focused on their game.


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