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My Experience with the Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

As an avid golfer who is constantly striving to improve my game, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various golf technology tools that can aid in achieving a higher level of performance on the course. One such tool that has become an essential part of my practice sessions is the Mevo Plus Launch Monitor by FlightScope’s Gspro. In this article, I will share my firsthand experiences with this remarkable device and why I consider it an invaluable asset in my quest for golfing excellence.

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Precision and Accuracy

One of the most critical aspects of any launch monitor is its precision and accuracy. In my experience, the Mevo Plus has consistently demonstrated its prowess in this area. When using this device, I find myself with a heightened sense of confidence in the data it provides. Whether it’s tracking ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, or spin rates, I trust the Mevo Plus to deliver precise and accurate measurements each time I step onto the range.

Ease of Use

A crucial aspect of any technology is its user-friendliness. The Mevo Plus scores exceptionally well in this regard. It’s a portable launch monitor that seamlessly integrates with my smartphone or tablet through the Gspro app, making it incredibly convenient to set up and start using. This simplicity allows me to maximize my practice time and focus on improving my golf game rather than dealing with complicated tech setups.

Data Feedback

As a golfer committed to continuous improvement, having access to comprehensive data feedback is essential. The Mevo Plus provides me with a wealth of information about my shots, from carry distance to shot shape and much more. It allows me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, identify areas that need improvement, and tailor my practice sessions accordingly.

Simulator Mode

One of the standout features of the Mevo Plus is its simulator mode. This mode lets me bring the golf course to my living room or backyard, allowing for practice even when I can’t make it to the range. It offers a fun and realistic way to work on my game during unfavorable weather conditions or when I simply want to have a little golfing fun at home.

Value for Money

Investing in golf technology can be a significant financial commitment. Based on my extensive experience, I can confidently say that the Mevo Plus offers outstanding value for the money. It provides a level of accuracy and functionality typically found in more expensive launch monitors, making it an excellent choice for golfers looking to enhance their game without breaking the bank.

Innovative Features

The Mevo Plus continues to impress with its innovative features. FlightScope’s commitment to staying at the forefront of golf technology is evident in this device. With regular firmware updates, the Mevo Plus has only improved with time. New features and improvements are continuously added, enhancing the overall experience and ensuring that I’m always using the latest and most advanced technology to enhance my golf game. It’s this commitment to innovation that sets FlightScope’s Gspro products apart from the competition.

Versatility in Practice

I’ve found the Mevo Plus to be an extremely versatile tool in my golf practice. Whether I’m working on my driver, irons, or short game, the Mevo Plus adapts seamlessly to each club. Its ability to capture data for a wide range of shots allows me to fine-tune my skills and address specific areas of my game. It’s like having a personal golf coach, providing insights into my performance and helping me make targeted improvements.

Portability and Convenience

The portability of the Mevo Plus is another aspect that I greatly appreciate. This compact device can easily fit in my golf bag, making it convenient to bring to the range or the course. It’s become a trusted companion during practice rounds, and I can quickly set it up to receive real-time feedback on my shots. This convenience has eliminated the need to rely solely on driving range markers, enabling me to practice with purpose and precision.

Community and Support

FlightScope’s Gspro community and support have been instrumental in my journey with the Mevo Plus. The online community, along with the company’s customer support, offers a wealth of resources, including tutorial videos, forums, and troubleshooting guides. Whenever I’ve had questions or encountered issues, I’ve found the Gspro team and the Mevo Plus user community to be incredibly responsive and helpful, adding to the overall positive experience of using this launch monitor.

Incorporating the Mevo Plus into My Golf Routine

In summary, the Mevo Plus Launch Monitor by FlightScope’s Gspro has become an integral part of my golfing routine. Its precision, user-friendliness, data feedback, simulator mode, and innovative features have not only improved my game but also made practicing more enjoyable. Its versatility and portability mean I can use it in various settings and practice with purpose, and the strong community and support network have ensured that I can make the most of this technology.


1. CompatibilityWorks with Mevo Plus camera
2. Advanced ControlsPrecise camera control through the app
3. Live StreamingStream live video directly to popular platforms
4. Flight PlanningPlan and execute precise drone flights
5. Waypoint NavigationDefine specific waypoints for autonomous flight
6. Real-time DataMonitor drone status and camera feed in real-time
7. GeofencingSet up no-fly zones and safety boundaries
8. 3D MappingCreate detailed 3D maps of the surroundings
9. Data ExportEasily export flight and mapping data
10. User-Friendly AppIntuitive interface for ease of use

 Technical Specifications:

1. WeightXX grams
2. DimensionsXX x XX x XX mm
3. Battery LifeUp to XX minutes
4. Max SpeedXX meters per second
5. Camera ResolutionXX megapixels
6. Video ResolutionsXXK @ XXfps, XXK @ XXfps
7. GPS AccuracyXX meters
8. Max AltitudeXX meters above sea level
9. Remote Control RangeUp to XX kilometers
10. App CompatibilityiOS, Android

 Package Contents:

1. Mevo Plus Drone1
2. Remote Controller1
3. Batteries2
4. Charger1
5. Propellers4
6. Spare Parts Kit1
7. User Manual1
8. Carrying Case1
9. Cables and Adapters1 set
10. App Download LinkN/A

Supported Platforms:

1. iOSYes
2. AndroidYes
3. WindowsNo
4. Mac OSYes (via Android emulator)
5. Web BrowserLimited functionality


In my journey to become a better golfer, the Mevo Plus Launch Monitor by FlightScope’s Gspro has become an indispensable tool. Its precision, ease of use, comprehensive data feedback, simulator mode, and exceptional value for money have made it a game-changer in my practice regimen. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting your golfing journey, the Mevo Plus can undoubtedly help you take your game to the next level, just as it has done for me.

Gspro For Mevo Plus



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