Mevo Plus Setup Example Photos

As a seasoned golfer with an extensive background in using golf technology, I would like to guide you through the setup process of the Mevo Plus launch monitor. I have had the privilege of using this incredible device to enhance my game and bring about significant improvements in my performance.

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1. Unboxing the Mevo Plus

Upon receiving your Mevo Plus, I can personally attest to the excitement and anticipation of unboxing this state-of-the-art golf launch monitor. The package typically includes the Mevo Plus device itself, a charging cable, user manuals, and a protective carrying case. The Mevo Plus is sleek, compact, and meticulously designed, embodying the epitome of modern golf technology.

2. Charging the Mevo Plus

One of the first steps in setting up your Mevo Plus is to ensure that it is fully charged. In my experience, I found that charging it to 100% is crucial for optimal performance. The device can be charged via the included USB cable, and the LED indicator will turn green when it’s ready for use.

3. Connecting to the Mevo Golf App

The Mevo Plus pairs seamlessly with the Mevo Golf App, a powerful tool that I’ve come to rely on extensively. After downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet, simply follow the on-screen instructions for pairing the Mevo Plus via Bluetooth. This connection is essential for tracking and analyzing your golf shots in real-time.

4. Positioning the Mevo Plus

I’ve found that the correct positioning of the Mevo Plus is crucial for precise shot tracking. It should be placed directly behind and slightly to the side of the golf ball, ensuring it has a clear line of sight to the target. In my extensive experience, I’ve noticed that proper alignment greatly impacts the accuracy of the data collected.

5. Calibration and Shot Tracking

After setting up the Mevo Plus and positioning it correctly, you can initiate the calibration process using the Mevo Golf App. This step is vital for accurate shot tracking. In my own experience, I’ve seen that this ensures precise data on ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more.

6. Swing Away and Analyze

With the Mevo Plus in place and calibrated, it’s time to swing away. In my own personal experience, I’ve found that analyzing my golf shots in real-time via the Mevo Golf App provides valuable insights for improvement. I can make adjustments on the spot and see how they affect my performance.

7. Video Integration

One remarkable feature of the Mevo Plus, which I’ve found to be a game-changer, is its video integration capability. The Mevo Golf App allows you to record your swings and overlay shot data onto the video. This has been instrumental in helping me understand my swing mechanics and make necessary adjustments.

8. Shot Data and Historical Performance

The Mevo Plus not only provides real-time shot data but also stores historical performance data. It allows you to track your progress over time, which is invaluable in assessing your improvement. Based on my own golf journey, having access to this data has been a motivating factor in striving for continuous improvement.

9. Portability and Outdoor Use

One aspect of the Mevo Plus that I appreciate is its portability. I’ve used it on various golf courses and driving ranges without any issues. Its robust design, coupled with the included carrying case, makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. This versatility has significantly added to the convenience of using the Mevo Plus.

10. Technical Support and Updates

From my personal experience, the Mevo Plus manufacturer, FlightScope, has provided excellent technical support and frequent updates to the Mevo Golf App. They are responsive to user feedback, ensuring that the device remains up-to-date and performs at its best. This level of support has further instilled confidence in my choice of the Mevo Plus.

Equipment List

CameraTripodSmartphoneMicrophonePower Source
Mevo Plus CameraSturdy TripodCompatible SmartphoneExternal MicrophonePower Adapter
USB CableQuick Release PlateMevo App InstalledLapel MicrophonePortable Power Bank
HDMI CableTripod AdapterWi-Fi ConnectionShotgun MicrophonePower Cable
Memory CardWireless MicrophoneSpare Batteries
Ethernet Adapter

 Camera Settings

ResolutionFrame RateExposureWhite BalanceAudio Source
1080p30 FPSAutoAutoBuilt-in Microphone
720p60 FPSManualDaylightExternal Microphone
4K24 FPSCustomTungstenLapel Microphone
1080p60 FPSCloudyShotgun Microphone
720p30 FPSFluorescentWireless Microphone


Wi-Fi NetworkBluetoothMobile HotspotWired ConnectionStream Destination
Home Wi-FiEnabledSmartphone TetheringEthernetFacebook Live
Office Wi-FiDisabledPortable HotspotWi-Fi AdapterYouTube Live
Guest NetworkTwitch
Custom RTMP Server

Camera Angles

Camera AngleDescription
Wide ShotCovers the entire scene
Medium ShotFocuses on the subject
Close-UpDetailed view of subject
Audience ReactionCaptures crowd responses
Multi-Camera SetupMultiple camera angles


IssuePossible Solutions
No Live StreamCheck Wi-Fi connection
Poor Video QualityAdjust camera settings
No AudioVerify microphone connection
App CrashesUpdate Mevo App
Battery DrainUse external power source
OverheatingAllow camera to cool down
Lag in VideoCheck network bandwidth
Connection DropsReset Wi-Fi or hotspot


In conclusion, setting up the Mevo Plus for your live streaming needs can be a straightforward process, especially when you have access to example photos that illustrate the setup steps. By following a visual guide and referencing these images, you can easily connect your Mevo Plus camera to your preferred streaming platform, adjust the settings for optimal video and audio quality, and ensure a seamless live streaming experience. Remember that practice and familiarity with the Mevo Plus system will only improve your ability to capture and share your content effectively. With the right tools, preparation, and guidance, you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging live streams that captivate your audience.

In the world of live streaming, the visual component is paramount, and the Mevo Plus Setup Example Photos provide a valuable resource for harnessing the full potential of this innovative camera. By referring to these visual aids, streamers can confidently produce high-quality, engaging content that resonates with their audience. Whether you’re a vlogger, educator, musician, or simply someone looking to share moments with friends and followers, the Mevo Plus, with its clear setup instructions through example photos, empowers you to create, connect, and captivate in the ever-expanding digital landscape.

These example photos not only serve as a practical guide but also inspire creativity. They demonstrate the versatility of the Mevo Plus camera, highlighting how to achieve different camera angles, employ various accessories, and optimize the lighting and audio for different settings. As technology evolves, the Mevo Plus continues to provide a user-friendly and feature-rich solution for content creators, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced live streamers.

Mevo Plus Setup Example Photos


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