KBS Tour C Taper 105 Stiff Shafts

Golf enthusiasts are always on the lookout for equipment that can improve their game, and the KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts are no exception. These shafts have been steadily gaining popularity among golfers due to their unique design and exceptional performance on the course. In this article, we will delve into the features, benefits, and characteristics of the KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts and how they can transform your golf game.

  1. KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff Shafts: The Basics: KBS, one of the leading golf shaft manufacturers, developed the Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts to cater to the needs of skilled golfers seeking better control and distance. These shafts are made from high-quality steel and come with a constant taper design, which enhances energy transfer. Weighing in at 105 grams, these stiff shafts provide a stable and reliable option for players who want to improve their game.
  2. Design and Technology: The KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts are designed with a unique “C” taper profile, which allows for a smoother energy transfer throughout the swing. This leads to increased clubhead speed, resulting in more distance and control. Additionally, the shaft’s stepless design reduces vibrations, providing a more solid feel upon impact.
  3. Performance Characteristics: The KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts are known for their performance-enhancing characteristics, such as:

a. Lower Ball Spin: The shafts are designed to produce a lower ball spin rate, resulting in straighter and longer shots.

b. Mid-Launch Angle: These shafts offer a mid-launch angle, which allows golfers to achieve optimal trajectory and carry distance.

c. Improved Control and Accuracy: The stiff flex of the C-Taper 105 provides better control and accuracy, making it suitable for golfers with faster swing speeds.

  1. Who Should Use KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff Shafts? These shafts are best suited for skilled golfers with moderate to fast swing speeds who are looking to gain better control and distance. Golfers who tend to generate a higher ball spin rate and are looking for a more penetrating ball flight will find the C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts to be an ideal choice.
  2. Comparing KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff Shafts with Other Shafts: The KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts are often compared to the KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts. While both shafts provide excellent performance, the C-Taper 105 is slightly lighter and produces a lower ball spin rate, making it a better option for golfers seeking enhanced control and distance.
  3. Customization and Fitting Options: In order to optimize the performance of the KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts, golfers should consider professional fitting and customization options. Club fitters can analyze a golfer’s swing and provide personalized recommendations for shaft length, flex, and lie angle to ensure the best possible results on the course. Moreover, the KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts are available in various finishes such as chrome, black, and limited edition colors, allowing golfers to personalize their clubs to match their style.
  4. Tour Player Adoption The KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts have been embraced by several professional golfers on various tours, which further attests to their superior performance. Golfers of all levels can benefit from the added distance and control that these shafts provide, making them a popular choice among both amateurs and professionals alike.
  5. Price and Availability The KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts are priced competitively compared to other premium golf shafts in the market. They are readily available through authorized KBS dealers, golf retailers, and online platforms, making them accessible to golfers worldwide. It is worth noting that investing in high-quality shafts like the KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff can significantly enhance a golfer’s game and provide long-term value.
  6. Maintenance and Care: To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts, golfers should take care to maintain their clubs properly. This includes cleaning the shafts regularly with a damp cloth, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity, and storing the clubs in a cool and dry place when not in use. Proper maintenance will extend the life of the shafts and help golfers maintain consistent performance on the course.


Shaft Specifications

ModelWeight (g)Length (in)Tip Diameter (in)Butt Diameter (in)
KBS C-Taper 10510537.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 11011037.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 11511537.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 12012037.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 12512537.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 13013037.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 13513537.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 14014037.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 14514537.0-41.00.3550.600
KBS C-Taper 15015037.0-41.00.3550.600

Golf Club Compatibility

Club TypeLength (in)FlexSwing WeightShaft Model
Driver45.0StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
3 Wood43.0StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
5 Wood42.0StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
3 Iron39.0StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
4 Iron38.5StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
5 Iron38.0StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
6 Iron37.5StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
7 Iron37.0StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
8 Iron36.5StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105
9 Iron36.0StiffD2KBS C-Taper 105

KBS C-Taper 105 Performance Characteristics

AttributeRating (1-10)Description
Stability8High Stability
Feel7Smooth, Firm Feel

Top 5 Golf Brands Compatible with KBS C-Taper 105 Stiff Shafts

BrandDriver ModelIron ModelFairway Wood ModelHybrid Model
CallawayRogue ST Triple DiamondApex ProEpic SpeedApex
TaylorMadeStealth PlusP790StealthSIM2
PingG425 Maxi210G425G425

Top 5 Golfers Using KBS C-Taper 105 Stiff Shafts

RankGolfer NameCountryWorld RankingPGA Tour Wins
1Justin RoseEngland1410
2Louis OosthuizenSouth Africa127
3Brandt SnedekerUSA359
4Kevin NaUSA385
5Rafa Cabrera BelloSpain453


The KBS Tour C-Taper 105 Stiff shafts offer a unique combination of design, technology, and performance characteristics that can significantly improve a golfer’s game. By providing better control, lower ball spin, and a mid-launch angle, these shafts are the perfect choice for skilled golfers looking to gain an edge on the course.


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