Who is Liable When a Golf Ball Breaks a Window

Golf is a beloved pastime enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. While golf courses are typically designed to minimize the risk of property damage, accidents can still happen. One common concern is the liability associated with a golf ball breaking a window , either on a nearby home or a vehicle. Determining liability in such cases can be complex and may involve various factors.

Determining Liability

  1. The golfer

In many instances, the golfer who hits the ball that causes the damage can be held liable. This is particularly true if the golfer acted negligently or recklessly, such as by aiming towards the damaged property or failing to exercise reasonable care. However, if the golfer took all necessary precautions and the damage occurred as a result of an unfortunate accident, they might not be held responsible.

  1. The golf course

The golf course might be held liable if the design or layout of the course contributed to the likelihood of property damage. For example, if the golf course failed to install proper safety measures, such as netting or barriers to protect nearby properties, they could be found responsible for the damage. Additionally, if the golf course is aware of recurring issues with stray golf balls and has failed to address the problem, they may also be held liable.

  1. Home or vehicle owner

In some cases, the property owner may bear some responsibility for the damage. For example, if the owner knowingly purchased a property adjacent to a golf course and was aware of the risks, they may be deemed to have assumed the risk. In such situations, the owner might have difficulty holding the golfer or golf course liable.

  1. Comparative negligence

In certain jurisdictions, the concept of comparative negligence may come into play. This means that the responsibility for the damage could be divided among the parties involved based on their degree of negligence. If the golfer, golf course, and property owner each contributed to the incident, the damages may be apportioned accordingly.

  1. Local laws and regulations

Laws and regulations regarding liability for golf ball-related property damage can vary by location. It is essential to consult local laws to understand the specific rules governing such incidents in the area where the damage occurred.

Factors determining liability


IntentionWhether the golfer intended to hit the ball towards the window or not.Golfer aims for the ball to go to the 18th hole but hits the window
NegligenceWhether the golfer acted with reasonable care and caution while hitting the golf ball.Golfer fails to shout “Fore!”
ForeseeabilityWhether the golfer could have reasonably foreseen that the golf ball could break a window.Golf course located near a residential area where windows are visible
Contributory negligenceWhether the owner of the window contributed to the damage by failing to take reasonable precautions.Owner of the window left it open
Proximate causeWhether the golfer’s actions were the direct cause of
the window breaking.
Golf ball hits a tree and bounces to the window

Parties who may be liable


GolferThe person who hit the golf ball.Amateur golfer hits ball towards the window
Golf courseThe owner/operator of the golf course.Golf course fails to post warning signs near the window
Window ownerThe owner of the damaged window.Residential homeowner’s window is hit by the golf ball
Insurance companyThe insurance company that covers the golfer or golf course.Insurance company may have to pay for the damage
Homeowner’s insurance companyThe insurance company that covers the window owner.Insurance company may pay for the damage

Table 3: Possible outcomes

Golfer is liableThe golfer is responsible for paying for the damage.Golfer is required to pay for the cost of repairs
Golf course is liableThe golf course is responsible for paying for the damage.Golf course is required to pay for the cost of repairs
Window owner is liableThe window owner is responsible for paying for the damage.Homeowner is required to pay for the cost of repairs
Insurance company paysThe insurance company covering the golfer or golf course pays for the damage.Insurance company pays for the cost of repairs
No liabilityNone of the parties are found to be responsible for theWindow broke due to a freak storm and no one is held liable


Determining liability when a golf ball breaks a window is a complex process that depends on various factors. The golfer, golf course, and property owner may each bear some responsibility, depending on the circumstances. It is important to consider the specifics of the incident, the actions of each party, and local laws and regulations to establish liability accurately. In some cases, it may be necessary to consult with legal professionals to resolve disputes and determine the appropriate course of action.


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