Mizuno JPX 923

The Mizuno JPX 923 is a new golf club series that has generated a lot of buzz among golfers. These clubs are the latest addition to Mizuno’s JPX line of irons and are designed to offer golfers exceptional performance, feel, and playability. Here are some key features and benefits of the Mizuno JPX 923 golf clubs.

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  1. Forgiveness – The Mizuno JPX 923 irons feature a new multi-thickness face design that maximizes ball speed across the entire hitting surface. This helps golfers achieve greater forgiveness on off-center hits, which can lead to more consistent and accurate shots.
  2. Playability – The JPX 923 irons also feature a CNC-milled pocket cavity design that optimizes weight distribution and promotes a higher launch angle. This helps golfers achieve a more penetrating ball flight and better control over their shots.
  3. Feel – Mizuno has always been known for its exceptional feel, and the JPX 923 irons are no exception. These clubs feature Mizuno’s signature Grain Flow Forged HD technology, which gives them a soft and responsive feel that is unmatched by other irons on the market.
  4. Customization – Mizuno offers a range of customization options for the JPX 923 irons, including different shafts, grips, and loft/lie angles. This allows golfers to tailor their clubs to their specific swing and playing style, which can help them achieve better results on the course.
  5. Design – The JPX 923 irons have a sleek and modern design that appeals to golfers of all skill levels. The clubs feature a compact head size with a thin topline, which gives them a classic look and inspires confidence at address.
  6. Stability – The JPX 923 irons have a stability frame design that reinforces the clubhead and provides more stability on off-center hits. This helps golfers achieve greater consistency and accuracy, even when they don’t hit the ball perfectly.
  7. Versatility – The JPX 923 irons are designed to be versatile, meaning they can be used for a variety of shots and playing conditions. The clubs have a mid-sized sole that allows for easy turf interaction and can be used for both full shots and finesse shots around the green.
  8. Distance – The JPX 923 irons are designed to maximize distance without sacrificing accuracy. The clubs have a high COR face design that promotes faster ball speeds and longer shots, while still maintaining a consistent ball flight and trajectory.
  9. Set Configuration – The Mizuno JPX 923 irons are available in a variety of set configurations, from 4-PW to 5-GW. This allows golfers to customize their set based on their preferences and playing style, and ensures that they have the right clubs for every shot on the course.
  10. Sound – The Mizuno JPX 923 irons have a sound impact system that ensures a solid and satisfying sound at impact. This not only provides feedback on the quality of the shot, but also adds to the overall enjoyment of playing with the clubs.
  11. Materials – The JPX 923 irons are made with premium materials, including a high-strength Chromoly 4140M steel face and a 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel body. These materials provide durability, strength, and precision, while also delivering a soft and responsive feel.
  12. Spin Control – The JPX 923 irons have a tapered sole design that enhances spin control and shot-making ability. The clubs also have a groove-in-groove design that creates more spin on shorter shots, allowing golfers to stop the ball more easily on the green.
  13. Consistency – The Mizuno JPX 923 irons are designed to deliver consistent results, shot after shot. The clubs have a variable face thickness that ensures a consistent ball speed across the entire face, while also minimizing distance loss on off-center hits.
  14. Tour-Proven – The JPX 923 irons have been tested and used by professional golfers on tours around the world. This includes players like Luke Donald and Chris Wood, who have both achieved significant success with the clubs.

 Irons Specifications

Club #LoftLieLengthHand

Irons Features

Grain Flow Forged HD EVO Pearl Brushed FinishOffers a premium look and feel, and reduces glare on sunny days
Harmonic Impact TechnologyEnhances feel and sound at impact
Power Frame DesignImproves stability and launch conditions
Stability FrameEnhances forgiveness on off-center hits
CNC Milled Pocket BackOptimizes launch and spin control

Woods Specifications

Club #LoftLieLengthHand

Woods Features

MARAGING Steel FaceOffers faster ball speeds for increased distance
Wave TechnologyEnhances COR for more forgiveness and distance
Shockwave SoleImproves turf interaction and stability
Harmonic Impact TechnologyEnhances feel and sound at impact
Quick Switch HoselAllows for easy loft and lie adjustments

Shaft Options

Shaft OptionFlexWeight (g)TorqueLaunch
Nippon Modus 105Regular1061.8Mid-High
Nippon Modus 105Stiff1071.8Mid-High
KBS TGI GraphiteRegular604.0Mid-High
KBS TGI GraphiteStiff703.9Mid-High

Hybrid Specifications

Club #LoftLieLengthHand

Hybrid Features

Wave TechnologyEnhances COR for more forgiveness and distance
Shockwave SoleImproves turf interaction and stability
Harmonic Impact TechnologyEnhances feel and sound at impact
Quick Switch HoselAllows for easy loft and lie adjustments
Ultra Thin FaceIncreases ball speed and distance

 Putter Specifications

ModelHead TypeLoftLieLengthHead Weight

Putter Features

Precision Milled FaceEnhances roll and consistency on putts
Diamond CNC MillingCreates a unique look and feel on the putter face
Balanced Putter DesignImproves stability and control through the putting stroke
Soft Polymer InsertOffers a soft feel and enhanced feedback on putts
Putter Head WeightsProvide options for players to find the right balance and feel

Ball Specifications

RB 566V380IonomerLowSoft
RB 566Z4105UrethaneHighSoft
RB 566S490IonomerMidSoft
RB Tour490UrethaneHighSoft
RB Soft268IonomerLowSoft

Overall, the Mizuno JPX 923 golf clubs are a great choice for golfers who are looking for a high-performance set of irons that offer exceptional forgiveness, playability, and feel. With their advanced technology and customizable options, these clubs are sure to help golfers improve their game and enjoy the sport even more.


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