What Kind of Mower is Used for Golf Greens

Golf greens are an essential part of any golf course, requiring meticulous care and maintenance to provide players with a smooth and consistent surface for their putts. The quality of the greens can significantly impact the overall golfing experience. To maintain golf greens at a professional standard, specialized mowers are employed to ensure precision and consistency in grass height. In this article, we will discuss the type of mower used for golf greens, its features, and its importance in maintaining a pristine putting surface.

Type of Mower for Golf Greens

The most commonly used mower for maintaining golf greens is the greens mower, a specialized walk-behind or riding reel mower. This type of mower is specifically designed to handle the delicate turf and precise cutting height requirements of golf greens.

Features of Greens Mowers

  1. Reel Cutting System: Unlike rotary mowers, which use a spinning blade, greens mowers use a reel cutting system. This consists of multiple helical blades mounted on a cylindrical reel, which works in conjunction with a stationary bed knife to provide a scissor-like cutting action. This ensures a clean and precise cut, minimizing damage to the turf and promoting healthier grass growth.
  2. Precision Cutting Height: Greens mowers are designed to cut grass at very low heights, typically between 1/8 and 3/16 of an inch (3.2-4.8 mm). The cutting height can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired level of green speed and firmness, with the ability to make minute adjustments for optimal playing conditions.
  3. Smooth Rolling: Greens mowers are equipped with smooth-rolling, wide tires or rollers that distribute the mower’s weight evenly, reducing the risk of turf damage or soil compaction. Some models even feature a front roller, which helps to flatten any irregularities in the green’s surface before the grass is cut.
  4. Clipping Collection: To prevent clippings from affecting the smoothness and uniformity of the green’s surface, greens mowers are equipped with clipping collection systems, such as grass catchers or brushes, that gather and remove the clippings as the mower moves.
  5. Maneuverability: Due to the delicate nature of golf greens, it is essential that greens mowers are easy to maneuver and operate. Walk-behind models are lightweight and nimble, while riding models offer improved visibility, comfort, and control for the operator.
  6. Electric and Hybrid Models: With growing environmental concerns and the need for sustainable practices, electric and hybrid greens mowers have gained popularity in recent years. These models offer the same precision and performance as their gas-powered counterparts but with significantly reduced noise and emissions. They also help reduce the golf course’s carbon footprint and operational costs associated with fuel and maintenance.
  7. Triplex Mowers: For larger golf courses or those with a higher volume of greens to maintain, triplex greens mowers are an excellent option. These riding mowers have three independent cutting units that can cover a larger area in less time. They also offer enhanced maneuverability and ease of use, as each cutting unit can follow the contours of the green independently, ensuring a uniform cut.
  8. Integrated Grooming and Verticutting Options: Some greens mowers come with optional grooming and verticutting attachments that can help improve the health and appearance of the greens. Grooming involves removing excess lateral growth and thatch, while verticutting involves cutting into the turf’s surface to promote growth and density. These options can be especially beneficial when used in conjunction with regular mowing.
  9. Backlapping Capability: Regular maintenance of the reel and bed knife is crucial for optimal performance and a consistently clean cut. Some greens mowers come with a backlapping feature that allows for easy, on-the-spot sharpening of the cutting edges, ensuring the mower is always ready for use and reducing downtime.
  10. Manufacturer Support and Training: As greens mowers are specialized equipment, it is essential to choose a reliable manufacturer that offers comprehensive support and training. This includes guidance on proper use, maintenance, and troubleshooting, as well as access to a network of knowledgeable technicians and readily available replacement parts.

Types of Golf Green Mowers

Mower TypeCutting MechanismPower SourceWeightRecommended Green Size
Walk-Behind ReelReelGasLightSmall to Medium
Riding ReelReelGasHeavyMedium to Large
Electric Walk-Behind ReelReelElectricLightSmall to Medium
Remote-ControlledReelElectricMediumSmall to Large
RoboticReelElectricLightSmall to Medium

 Key Features of Golf Green Mowers

Cutting HeightHighAdjustable height for cutting grassOptimal turf health and playability
Precision CutHighEnsures a clean, even cut of grassConsistent ball roll and aesthetics
Clipping CollectionMediumAbility to collect grass clippingsCleaner and more appealing greens
Mower WidthMediumWidth of mower cutting pathAffects efficiency and maneuverability
MaintenanceHighEase of maintaining and servicing the mowerReduces downtime and ensures optimal performance

Top Golf Green Mower Brands

BrandCountry of OriginYears in BusinessReputationTop Model
ToroUSA100+ExcellentGreensmaster 1021
JacobsenUSA95+ExcellentEclipse 2 122
John DeereUSA180+Excellent220 E-Cut Hybrid
BaronessJapan60+Very GoodLM56GC
Allett MowersUK50+Very GoodLiberty 43 Greens Mower

Environmental Considerations for Golf Green Mowers

ConsiderationGas-Powered MowersElectric MowersRobotic Mowers
Fuel ConsumptionHighNoneNone
Operating CostMedium to HighLowLow

Pros and Cons of Different Golf Green Mowers

Mower TypeProsCons
Walk-Behind ReelPrecise cut, lightweight, lower costCan be labor-intensive, slower
Riding ReelFaster, less labor-intensive, precise cutHigher cost, heavier, less maneuverable
Electric Walk-Behind ReelQuieter, no emissions, low operating costLimited range, less powerful, battery life
Remote-ControlledQuieter, no emissions, less labor-intensiveLimited range, higher cost, battery life
RoboticQuieter, no emissions, low operating cost, self-operatingLimited range, potential navigation issues



Maintaining golf greens requires a precise and consistent cut to provide a high-quality putting surface. Greens mowers, with their reel cutting systems, precision cutting height, and smooth rolling, are specifically designed to achieve this. These specialized mowers are an essential tool for golf course maintenance professionals, ensuring that players can enjoy the best possible playing conditions on the greens.

What Kind of Mower is Used for Golf Greens


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