Nick Bradley Capitate Joint

So you saw one of those ads by Nick Bradley about the hidden power in your wrist specifically in your capitate joint and made you wonder what is it with Nick Bradley’s capitate joint thing over the internet. Anyone into golf must have seen his ad popping out of somewhere.

He certainly is doing a lot of aggressive advertising specifically in the year 2018 where he was the most popular according to the below data.

nick bradley capitate joint

He was a lot popular because of his technique some years back but now it seems like he is back to his average self.

Anyways let’s get to his capitate joint mysterious power.

So what is the capitate joint and where it is located? here is the picture of the joint in our wrists.


nick bradley capitate joint

The red bone you see above is the capitate bone and the joint it is forming near the wrist and to which Nick is referring to is called the capitate joint hidden power.

He is trying to sell with this pitch the hidden power located within this pitch that can help you get 30-50 yards extra in terms of distance.

The reality is the golf swing is very complicated and the contribution of each factor gives the optimum distance.

If we talk about all the joints involved in the swing then ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and finger joints all contribute to the effectiveness of the swing.

It is the perfect harmony among all of these joints which defines how perfect your golf swing is.

Coming back to Nick, he talks about having a stronger grip with the left-hand fingers and leaving the wrist loose to get the maximum distance out of your shot.

But what about the other factors that have an impact on the golf swing. I have only included the joints above but there are other factors included as well that also contribute to a perfect swing.

In order to assume the effectiveness of the shot taught by Nick by unleashing the capitate joint power, he has to present a golf player who remains constant in terms of his playing technique and then plays two shots.

On one shot, he plays it without capitate joint technique while in the other the joint is involved.

It would be great if he could present that in slow motion and with evidence. Otherwise, if you look at the above picture where the red bone is located. There are other bones as well which are forming the joint with the wrist as well.

How come the contribution of those joints is lesser than the one given by the capitate joint. It seems more like a sales pitch about an ambiguous technique that would be hard to be validated under controlled conditions even with a certain player.

Even if Nick can show the player playing two shots with and without the secret power of the capitate joint how can we justify that other joints were not involved in the shot. It would be near impossible.

Therefore, the point is to focus on improving the other parts of our swing rather than investing in a joint that cannot be seen even with slow-motion swing speed.

So if you are planning to invest in the capitate joint technique then it would be better if you would rather invest the time at a club with a coach who can fix the mechanics of your golf swing.



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