Why Are Ping Clubs so Expensive

If you have observed and have become annoyed by the recent increase in the price of the golf clubs and especially Ping then you are not alone. So why are ping clubs so expensive and what is the cause.

It is actually not just one reason but a series of factors that have contributed to the big price tags on the Ping clubs. Here are some of the reasons explained in simple terms so everyone can understand the gist behind the ping clubs’ higher prices.

Rise of Commodity

Since the start of the pandemic, the price of raw materials has gone up by quite some folds. At the time of writing from 2020 steel price is up by 30%-35%, same is the case with tungsten, titanium price has doubled, packaging material cost has risen by almost 50%, and last but not the least the shipping containers or freight charges have risen by almost 200%.

Also, the shipping costs from overseas and then within the country have also increased since the pandemic. Therefore, this is one of the rationale reasons why we see an increase in prices of ping clubs causing us to think why are ping clubs so expensive?

Initial Instrinsic Production

Another reason why pings clubs are expensive is that initially they were made completely in the US. It was due to later mass production requirements that the club orders were placed outside the USA.

So the initial idea that Ping clubs are intrinsic was the reason why they were expensive. A common consumer was sure that the ping clubs are made in the USA therefore they found it justified to pay a higher price.

High Durability

Another reason why Ping clubs are expensive is their durability. You can compare a 10-year-old ping iron and with any other brand, it would be easy to see that the ping iron is the least worn out of the other.

Ping takes a lot of care in the quality assurance process and hence we see higher price tags on the Ping clubs.

Second-hand Clubs Sell at Good Price

Because of the brand perception for producing highly durable clubs the aftersale of pings clubs is quite high in comparison with other brands. Ping clubs are able to retain their prices in the second hard market. Therefore, second-hand club markets also have higher price tags on the Ping clubs.

Higher Demand

One more reason is the demand for Ping clubs. It is a simple economical role, the more demand and lesser the supply means higher the price tags. Ping may actually be keeping their production intentionally low in order to survive among the other giants of golf equipment.

Act Big Sell Big

No doubt pings clubs play really well but in order to keep themselves in a group of elite clubs manufacturers, they may have decided to keep the prices high to match other brands. A common consumer or a new customer may actually not be aware of the materials or the research and development process involved in making the club. But because the prices are similar to bigger brands a novice consumer may think that the clubs are equally good as Taylormade golf club.

So we can assume that a psychological gimmick may be behind the higher prices. As a common customer may think that because the price tag is high as bigger brands the Ping clubs may be equally good and competitive in the market.

Almost all the golf brands have increased their equipment prices. Ping may actually be trying to copy other brands and because it is their policy to be expensive therefore, they may actually be also raising their clubs’ price tags to be still among the gang of elite golf equipment manufacturers.

Brand Has Not Shrunk

In the last decade 2012-2022, the brand has not shrunk with a sign that it would perish. So if the higher price tags were not working then the company would have certainly reduced the price tags.

So it seems quite clear that whatever they are doing is actually working and there is no need to reduce the profit. As more people are getting into golf, the buying power of old customers may have reduced but because of the entry of new customers, the loss is actually balanced. Therefore, we will keep seeing the trend of higher club prices.

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  1. A year and half ago I brought ping30 irons at first they seemed ok now I can’t seemed to get any distance. I thought about going back to my Mizuno lrons. Truth be told I would tell anybody don’t waste your money on pings.


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