Ping Rapture V2 Driver VS G25

Ping is a renowned golf equipment manufacturer known for its high-quality clubs that cater to golfers of all skill levels. Among their popular driver series are the Rapture V2 and G25. In this article, we’ll compare the Ping Rapture V2 driver and the G25 driver, analyzing their design, features, and performance to help you determine which club is better suited for your game.

  1. Design and Appearance

Rapture V2: The Rapture V2 driver features a 460cc titanium head, giving it a modern and sleek appearance. It has a visually appealing half-moon alignment aid on the crown, which helps golfers set up properly at address. The Rapture V2’s distinctive yellow and black color scheme adds an extra touch of style to the club.

G25: The G25 driver also has a 460cc titanium head, but with a more traditional shape and appearance. The matte black finish and simple alignment aid on the crown make it less flashy than the Rapture V2, catering to golfers who prefer a classic look. The G25’s overall design is clean and understated.

  1. Technology and Features

Rapture V2: The Rapture V2 driver incorporates a multi-material construction with a tungsten sole weight to lower the center of gravity (CG) and increase the moment of inertia (MOI). This design provides golfers with high launch angles, low spin rates, and increased forgiveness. Additionally, the Rapture V2’s plasma-welded face allows for a larger and hotter hitting area, resulting in enhanced ball speeds and greater distance.

G25: The G25 driver, on the other hand, features a thin and lightweight titanium face, which increases ball speed and maximizes distance. It also utilizes an external weight pad to lower the CG and increase MOI, leading to higher launch angles, reduced spin, and enhanced forgiveness. The G25’s adjustable hosel allows golfers to fine-tune their loft and lie settings, providing greater customization to fit individual needs.

  1. Performance

Rapture V2: The Rapture V2 driver is known for its ability to deliver long and straight shots with minimal effort. The club’s high MOI and low CG provide golfers with a high degree of forgiveness, making it an excellent choice for players seeking to improve their consistency off the tee. While the Rapture V2 might not be the longest driver on the market, its combination of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness make it a solid performer.

G25: The G25 driver is built for golfers who prioritize distance and adjustability. With its thin face and adjustable hosel, the G25 offers impressive ball speeds and the ability to fine-tune performance to suit individual preferences. The G25’s low spin and high launch characteristics make it a popular choice among players looking to maximize their driving distance without sacrificing control.

Specifications Comparison

SpecificationsPing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
Loft Options8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°G25G25 offers an additional loft option of 12°.
Head Volume460cc460ccTieBoth drivers have the same head volume.
Shaft OptionsAldila Serrano 60Ping TFC 189DTieBoth drivers come with a stock shaft option.
Length45.75 inches45.75 inchesTieBoth drivers have the same length.
Adjustable HoselYesNoRapture V2The adjustable hosel in Rapture V2 allows for customization of loft and lie angle.

Design Comparison

Design FeaturesPing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
Head ShapePearTraditionalRapture V2The pear-shaped head of Rapture V2 appeals to players who prefer a modern design.
Crown DesignDragonfly TechnologyTraditionalRapture V2The innovative Dragonfly technology in Rapture V2 reduces weight and improves stability.
Face DesignVariable thicknessVariable thicknessTieBoth drivers have a variable thickness face design.
Sole DesignWide, shallow profileSlightly deeper profileRapture V2The wide, shallow sole design of Rapture V2 helps reduce turf interaction for better contact.

Performance Comparison

Performance FeaturesPing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
ForgivenessHighHighTieBoth drivers are highly forgiving.
DistanceLongLongTieBoth drivers are designed to deliver long distance.
AccuracyGoodVery goodG25The G25 driver is known for its exceptional accuracy.
Spin RateLowLowTieBoth drivers have a low spin rate.
TrajectoryMid-highMid-highTieBoth drivers have a mid-high trajectory.

Price Comparison

PricePing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
MSRP$399$349G25G25 is more affordable with an MSRP of $349.
Street Price$299$249G25G25 is also more affordable at the street price.

User Reviews

User ReviewsPing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
Overall Rating (out of 5)4.54.8G25G25 has a higher overall rating based on user reviews.
DistanceGoodExcellentG25G25 is praised for its exceptional distance.
ForgivenessVery forgivingExtremely forgivingG25G25 is known for its high level of forgiveness.

Technology Comparison

Technology FeaturesPing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
Dragonfly TechnologyYesNoRapture V2The innovative Dragonfly technology in Rapture V2 reduces weight and improves stability.
Trajectory Tuning TechnologyNoYesG25The Trajectory Tuning Technology in G25 allows players to adjust the loft and lie angle for a more customized trajectory.
Speed Frame Face TechnologyNoYesG25The Speed Frame Face Technology in G25 increases ball speed across the entire face for more distance.
Variable Face ThicknessYesYesTieBoth drivers have a variable face thickness design.
CG (Center of Gravity) PositioningLow and backLow and backTieBoth drivers have a low and back CG positioning for high launch and low spin.

Pros and Cons Comparison

Pros and ConsPing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
ProsInnovative Dragonfly technology, adjustable hosel, good distanceExceptional accuracy, very forgiving, adjustable Trajectory Tuning TechnologyG25The exceptional accuracy and very high forgiveness of G25 are highly desirable features for most golfers.
ConsLoud sound/feel, no Trajectory Tuning Technology, expensiveNo adjustable hosel, traditional design may not appeal to all players, slightly more expensiveTieBoth drivers have their pros and cons depending on the golfer’s preferences and needs

Shaft Comparison

Shaft FeaturesPing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, Extra StiffRegular, Stiff, X-StiffTieBoth drivers come with multiple flex options.
Shaft MaterialGraphiteGraphiteTieBoth drivers come with a graphite shaft.
Shaft Weight60g45.75 inchesG25The lighter shaft in G25 can increase swing speed and distance.
Shaft Torque3.0°3.5°Rapture V2The lower torque in Rapture V2 can reduce twisting at impact for better control.
Shaft Kick PointMidMid to HighG25The mid to high kick point in G25 can help produce a higher trajectory.

Player Type Comparison

Player TypePing Rapture V2 DriverG25WinnerReason
HandicapLow to midMid to highTieBoth drivers can be suitable for a range of handicaps.
Swing SpeedFastModerate to fastRapture V2The heavier shaft and lower torque in Rapture V2 can benefit players with faster swing speeds.
Ball FlightMid-highMid-highTieBoth drivers are designed to produce a mid-high trajectory.
Shot ShapeStraight to slight draw biasStraight to slight draw biasTieBoth drivers have a slight draw bias to help correct for a slice.
DistanceLongLongTieBoth drivers are designed to deliver long distance.


Both the Ping Rapture V2 and G25 drivers offer distinct advantages. If you value a classic appearance and adjustability, the G25 is an excellent choice. Its combination of distance, forgiveness, and customization make it a versatile option for a wide range of golfers. On the other hand, if you prioritize a more modern design with a high degree of forgiveness, the Rapture V2 is the way to go. Its multi-material construction and hot face make it a reliable driver that can help improve your consistency off the tee.

Ultimately, the choice between the Ping Rapture V2 and G25 drivers comes down to personal preference and individual golfing needs. It’s always a good idea to try both clubs in person to determine which one feels and performs best for your unique swing and game.


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