What is Pureing a Golf Shaft

The term ‘pureing’ refers to the process of optimizing a golf shaft’s performance by aligning its most stable orientation with the clubhead. This process is also known as ‘spine alignment’ or ‘finding the spine.’ Pureing a golf shaft can significantly improve a golfer’s consistency, accuracy, and overall performance. In this article, we will delve into the process of pureing a golf shaft, its benefits, and how it can ultimately improve your game.

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The science behind pureing a golf shaft:

Golf shafts are made from a variety of materials, such as graphite or steel. During the manufacturing process, imperfections or inconsistencies in the materials can lead to an inherent bending or flexing pattern. This inconsistency is often referred to as the shaft’s ‘spine.’ Pureing a golf shaft involves identifying this spine and aligning it in the most advantageous position for the golfer.

The benefits of pureing a golf shaft:

Improved consistency: By aligning the spine of the shaft, the clubhead is more likely to return to the impact position with greater consistency. This leads to more predictable ball flights and improved shot accuracy.

Enhanced feel: Golfers often report that a pured shaft provides a smoother, more solid feel at impact. This can increase confidence and help golfers achieve better contact with the ball.

Increased distance: As a result of improved impact efficiency, some golfers may experience increased distance when using a pured shaft.

Minimized dispersion: With a pured shaft, there is a reduction in the side-to-side dispersion of shots, leading to tighter shot patterns and increased accuracy.

The process of pureing a golf shaft:

There are various methods and tools available for pureing a golf shaft, but most of them follow a similar process:

Step 1: Measure the shaft’s initial orientation: Before making any adjustments, the golf shaft’s original orientation is measured using specialized equipment.

Step 2: Identify the spine: Using a spine finder or frequency analyzer, the spine of the shaft is identified. This step is crucial in determining the optimal orientation for the shaft.

Step 3: Align the spine: Once the spine is located, the shaft is rotated until the spine is in the desired position. This position typically involves aligning the spine with the clubhead’s intended path during the swing.

Step 4: Assemble the club: After the spine is aligned, the club is assembled with the new orientation. This may involve re-gripping the club or making other adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

Golf Shaft Materials

MaterialFlexibilityWeightPrice RangeTargeted Skill Level
SteelLowHeavyLowBeginner to Intermediate
GraphiteHighLightMediumIntermediate to Advanced
Multi-materialMediumMediumHighAdvanced to Expert
TitaniumMediumLightHighAdvanced to Expert
NanofuseHighLightPremiumExpert to Professional

Golf Shaft Flex Types

Flex TypeSwing Speed (mph)Carry Distance (Yards)Skill Level
Extra Stiff (X)106+240+Advanced to Expert
Stiff (S)97-105210-239Intermediate to Advanced
Regular (R)84-96180-209Beginner to Intermediate
Senior (A)72-83150-179Senior Golfers
Ladies (L)Below 72Under 150Women Golfers

Golf Shaft Pureing Steps

Step #Step DescriptionPurpose
1Measure Golf ShaftDetermine the exact length of the shaft for accurate pureing
2Identify Shaft SpineLocate the stiffest plane of the shaft
3Analyze Shaft FlexAssess the flex profile of the shaft to determine optimal alignment
4Mark Shaft for OrientationMark the shaft to ensure correct orientation during installation
5Install Shaft in ClubheadAlign the shaft with the clubhead according to the pureing process

Benefits of Pureing a Golf Shaft

BenefitDescriptionImpact on Performance
Consistent Shaft FlexMinimizes shaft inconsistencies during the swingIncreased Accuracy
Improved Energy TransferMaximizes energy transfer from golfer to clubheadIncreased Distance
Enhanced FeelImproves overall feel due to consistent shaft performanceBetter Control
CustomizationAllows for shaft customization based on individual needsPersonalized Performance
PredictabilityIncreases predictability of ball flightImproved Consistency

Popular Golf Shaft Manufacturers

ManufacturerKnown ForPrice RangePopular Shaft Models
FujikuraGraphite ShaftsMediumSpeeder, Pro, ATMOS
True TemperSteel ShaftsLowDynamic Gold, Project X
Mitsubishi ChemicalGraphite ShaftsMediumTensei, Kuro Kage, Diamana
AldilaGraphite ShaftsMediumRogue, NV, RIP
UST MamiyaGraphite ShaftsMediumRecoil, VTS, Helium



Pureing a golf shaft is an essential step for golfers looking to optimize their clubs and enhance their overall performance. By aligning the spine of the shaft, golfers can achieve improved consistency, accuracy, and feel. While it may not be a solution for every golfer, those who invest in the process of pureing their golf shafts often find it to be a worthwhile investment in their game.


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