How to Remove a Putter Grip

A putter grip is an essential part of your golf club, providing comfort, control, and stability during your game. Over time, however, your grip may wear out, become slick or lose its tackiness, prompting the need for a replacement. In this article, we will guide you through the process of removing a putter grip safely and efficiently.

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Materials and Tools:

  1. Utility knife or hook blade
  2. Bench vise (optional)
  3. Towel or protective cover
  4. Solvent or grip tape remover
  5. Clean cloth
  6. Safety goggles
  7. Gloves (optional)

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Safety first: Before you begin, put on safety goggles and gloves (if desired) to protect your eyes and hands. Be cautious when using a utility knife or hook blade, as they can be extremely sharp.
  2. Secure the putter: If you have a bench vise, use it to clamp the putter shaft securely, ensuring that it’s horizontal and at a comfortable working height. If you don’t have a vise, place the putter on a sturdy work surface with the grip hanging over the edge.
  3. Protect the putter shaft: Wrap a towel or protective cover around the shaft where it meets the grip. This will help prevent any accidental scratches or damage to the shaft while removing the grip.
  4. Slice the grip: Using the utility knife or hook blade, carefully make a straight, vertical cut along the length of the grip, from top to bottom. Be sure to cut through the grip material and underlying grip tape, but avoid cutting too deep to prevent damaging the shaft. A hook blade is often recommended, as it is less likely to slip and scratch the shaft.
  5. Peel the grip off: Once you have made the cut, begin peeling the grip away from the shaft. Start at the top and work your way down, using a gentle pulling motion. The grip should come off in one piece, but if it doesn’t, use the utility knife to remove any remaining grip material.
  6. Remove the grip tape: After the grip has been removed, you will see the grip tape still attached to the shaft. Use solvent or grip tape remover to soften the adhesive, then use a clean cloth to rub off the tape. Be patient and thorough, ensuring all tape residue is removed from the shaft. Allow the shaft to dry completely before installing the new grip.
  7. Inspect the shaft: Check the shaft for any signs of damage, such as scratches or dents. If you notice any issues, it’s essential to address them before installing a new grip.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Alternative removal method: Using a grip removal tool

If you prefer not to use a utility knife or hook blade, you can use a specialized grip removal tool designed for this purpose. These tools typically have a slim, elongated design that slides between the grip and the shaft, separating the two without causing any damage.

To use a grip removal tool:

a. Insert the tool between the grip and the shaft at the top of the grip, working it gently back and forth to create an opening. b. Once the tool has been inserted, carefully slide it down the length of the grip, separating the grip from the shaft. c. When the grip has been separated, peel it off the shaft as described in step 5.

  1. Additional cleaning and maintenance:

After removing the grip and grip tape, take this opportunity to inspect the entire putter for signs of wear or damage. Clean the clubhead, shaft, and hosel to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during use. This step will help ensure your putter is in the best possible condition when you install the new grip.

  1. Choosing the right grip:

Selecting the right grip for your putter is crucial for comfort and performance. Consider factors such as grip size, material, and texture when making your decision. A properly fitted grip can help improve your feel on the greens and reduce the likelihood of developing grip-related issues, such as hand fatigue or blisters.

  1. Installing the new grip:

Once your putter shaft is clean and dry, you’re ready to install the new grip. Follow these steps to ensure a secure and proper installation:

a. Apply new grip tape to the shaft, ensuring it is evenly wrapped and covers the entire area where the grip will be installed.

b. Apply grip solvent to the inside of the new grip and the tape on the shaft. This will help the grip slide onto the shaft more easily and provide a secure bond.

c. Slide the grip onto the shaft, making sure it is properly aligned and straight. Press the grip firmly onto the shaft, ensuring it is fully seated.

d. Allow the grip to dry for several hours or overnight before using your putter. This will ensure the adhesive has fully set, and the grip is securely in place.

Tools and Materials Required

Tool/MaterialDescriptionQuantityPrice RangeWhere to Buy
Utility knifeA sharp knife to cut and remove the old grip1$5-$15Hardware store
Double-sided tapeAdhesive tape to secure the new grip1 roll$5-$10Hardware store
Grip solventLiquid to activate the adhesive and lubricate the grip1 bottle$5-$20Golf supply store
New putter gripThe replacement grip for the putter1$10-$50Golf supply store
Rubber vise clampUsed to hold the putter in place during the process1$10-$25Hardware store

Steps to Remove the Putter Grip

StepDescriptionDurationTool/Material RequiredDifficulty
1Secure the putter in a vise with a rubber vise clamp5 minRubber vise clampEasy
2Cut the old grip using a utility knife10 minUtility knifeModerate
3Peel off the old grip carefully10 minNoneModerate
4Remove any residual tape and adhesive10 minNoneEasy
5Clean the putter shaft thoroughly5 minNoneEasy

Tips for Removing the Putter Grip

Tip #DescriptionBenefitTime Saved
1Heat the grip slightly before cuttingSoftens the material, making it easier to cut5 min
2Use a hooked blade to minimize damage to the shaftPrevents scratching the shaft during removalN/A
3Wear gloves to protect your handsPrevents cuts and injuriesN/A
4Apply solvent to the adhesive to help loosen the gripEases the grip removal process10 min
5Work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the shaftMaintains the integrity of the putterN/A

Steps to Install a New Putter Grip

StepDescriptionDurationTool/Material RequiredDifficulty
1Apply double-sided tape to the shaft5 minDouble-sided tapeEasy
2Apply grip solvent to the tape and inside the new grip5 minGrip solventEasy
3Slide the new grip onto the shaft5 minNew putter gripModerate
4Adjust the grip to the desired position and alignment5 minNoneEasy
5Allow the solvent to evaporate and the grip to set24 hoursNoneEasy



Removing a putter grip is a straightforward process that can be done at home with just a few tools. By following these steps, you can safely and effectively remove an old, worn-out grip and prepare your putter for a fresh new grip, improving your comfort and performance on the golf course.

How to Remove a Putter Grip


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