Taylormade M4 vs M6

When it comes to selecting the perfect golf club, TaylorMade has consistently been a popular choice among golfers at all levels. In this article, we will compare two of their renowned driver models: the TaylorMade M4 and the M6. Both drivers have been praised for their performance and innovative design, but which one is the better fit for your game? Let’s dive in and explore the key differences between these two clubs, focusing on their construction, features, and performance.

  1. Construction and Design

M4 Driver: The TaylorMade M4 driver is designed with a two-tone crown that features a silver front section and a matte black carbon fiber back section. This combination not only looks appealing but also helps improve alignment at address. The M4’s unique design incorporates the company’s Twist Face technology, which corrects off-center hits by adjusting the face angle for better accuracy.

M6 Driver: The M6 driver also features Twist Face technology but is constructed with a more aerodynamic shape to promote faster clubhead speeds. The M6’s carbon crown is lighter and thinner, which allows for more weight to be distributed to the clubhead’s perimeter, improving the club’s forgiveness and stability on mis-hits.

  1. Features

Hammerhead Slot: Both the M4 and M6 drivers have a Hammerhead slot behind the clubface, designed to increase ball speed and forgiveness on low-face strikes. This slot helps create a larger sweet spot and improves overall performance.

Adjustable Loft Sleeve: Both drivers come with an adjustable loft sleeve that allows players to customize their loft, lie, and face angle preferences. This feature can help golfers optimize their trajectory and shot shape for maximum distance and control.

Inertia Generator: The M6 driver boasts an additional feature called the Inertia Generator, which is designed to increase clubhead speed through advanced aerodynamics. By repositioning weight in the clubhead, the M6 generates more forgiveness and a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) compared to the M4 driver.

  1. Performance

Distance: While both drivers offer impressive distance, the M6 has a slight advantage due to its improved aerodynamics and Inertia Generator. The M6 driver is designed to create faster clubhead speeds, which translates into increased distance off the tee.

Accuracy: The Twist Face technology in both the M4 and M6 drivers helps improve accuracy on off-center hits. However, the M6’s higher MOI and more forgiving design give it a slight edge in terms of overall accuracy and consistency.

Forgiveness: The M6 driver is more forgiving than the M4 due to its lighter and thinner carbon crown, which allows for better weight distribution and higher MOI. Golfers who struggle with mishits will likely find the M6 to be a more suitable option.


Key Specs Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
Loft8.5° – 12°9° – 12°M6Slightly more options for loft adjustments
Lie Angle56.5° – 60.5°56° – 60°M4Slightly more options for lie angle adjustments
Head Volume460cc460ccTieBoth have the same head volume
Shaft Length45.75″45.75″TieBoth have the same shaft length
Swing WeightD4D4TieBoth have the same Swing Weight
Adjustable WeightNoYesM6Ability to adjust weight can help fine-tune ball flight
Price$429.99$499.99M4Slightly more affordable

Face and Construction Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
Face MaterialTitaniumTitaniumTieBoth have the same face material
Face TechnologyTwist FaceSpeed BridgeM6Speed Bridge offers better stability and feel
Head ConstructionGeocousticSpeed InjectedM6Speed Injected offers better performance
Crown MaterialCarbon CompositeCarbon CompositeTieBoth have the same crown material
Sole MaterialTitaniumTitaniumTieBoth have the same sole material

Performance Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
ForgivenessModerateHighM6More forgiving design
Ball SpeedModerate-FastFastM6Speed Bridge technology increases ball speed
DistanceGoodVery GoodM6Speed Bridge and improved aerodynamics increase distance
Launch AngleMid-HighMid-HighTieBoth have similar launch angles
Spin RateLow-MidLowM6Speed Injected helps reduce Spin Rate

Shaft Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
Shaft MaterialFujikura Atmos Red 6Fujikura Atmos Orange 5M6Atmos Orange is specifically designed for M6
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, Extra StiffRegular, Stiff, Extra StiffTieBoth have the same flex options

Head Design Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
Head ShapeTraditional RoundModern, AsymmetricM6Asymmetric shape increases stability and speed
Alignment AidWhite Crown GraphicsNoneM4Graphics can help with alignment and aim
CG PlacementCenter of Gravity (CG) is low and backCG is low and forwardM6Low and forward CG promotes higher launch and lower spin
Speed PocketYesNoM4Speed Pocket promotes faster ball speeds
Face AngleSlightly OpenSquareM6Square face angle promotes straighter ball flights

Aerodynamics Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
Aerodynamic DesignGeocoustic with Shallow CurvatureAerodynamic, StreamlinedM6Streamlined design reduces drag and promotes speed
Airflow ManagementReduces drag for faster swing speedsReduces drag for faster swing speedsTieBoth drivers have similar airflow management features
Inertia GeneratorExternal weights that improve MOISpeed Bridge that improves MOIM6Speed Bridge provides more stability and improved MOI

Sound and Feel Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
SoundRelatively loud and sharpDampened and mutedM6M6 provides a quieter and more muted sound at impact
FeelFirm and responsiveSofter and more forgivingM6M6 provides a softer feel and greater forgiveness
Vibration DampeningMinimal to noneHighM6Vibration dampening reduces unwanted feedback

Adjustability Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
Loft AdjustabilityYes, with a 4-degree rangeYes, with a 4-degree rangeTieBoth drivers have similar loft adjustability features
Lie AdjustabilityYes, with a 4-degree rangeYes, with a 2-degree rangeM4M4 offers greater lie adjustability range
Weight AdjustabilityNoYes, with a 15-gram sliding weightM6Weight adjustability can help fine-tune ball flight
Shaft AdjustabilityYes, with adjustable hosel systemYes, with adjustable hosel systemTieBoth drivers have similar shaft adjustability features

Professional Golfer Usage Comparison

SpecificationTaylormade M4Taylormade M6WinnerReasoning
PGA Tour UsageUsed by a few Tour ProsWidely used by Tour ProsM6M6 is more popular among Tour Pros
LPGA Tour UsageUsed by a few Tour ProsWidely used by Tour ProsM6M6 is more popular among Tour Pros
Major Championship WinsNone2M6M6 has been used by professional golfers to win more Major Championships
Overall Professional Golfer FeedbackMixed reviewsMostly positive reviewsM6Professional golfers have given more positive feedback for M6
Spin RateLow-MidLowM6M6 features Speed Injected technology which can help reduce spin rate for more distance
Ball SpeedModerate-FastFastM6M6 features Speed Bridge technology which can help increase ball speed
ForgivenessModerateHighM6M6 features a more forgiving design than M4
DistanceGoodVery GoodM6M6 features improved aerodynamics and Speed Bridge technology which can help increase distance
Price$429.99$499.99M4M4 is generally less expensive than M6


When comparing the TaylorMade M4 and M6 drivers, it’s clear that both clubs offer exceptional performance and innovative features. The M4 driver is an excellent choice for golfers who value a combination of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. However, the M6 driver, with its enhanced aerodynamics, Inertia Generator, and more forgiving design, is better suited for players looking to maximize distance and forgiveness off the tee.

Ultimately, the decision between the TaylorMade M4 and M6 drivers will come down to personal preference and individual needs. By considering your skill level, swing tendencies, and specific performance goals, you can make an informed decision on which driver will help you elevate your game to new heights.


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