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Golf is a sport that requires precision and accuracy in every shot. Putting, in particular, is an essential part of the game. It is a stroke played on the green to get the ball into the hole. Over the years, many innovations have been made to putters, including the upright putter. In this article, we will discuss what an upright putter is, how it works, and its benefits and drawbacks.

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What is an Upright Putter?

An upright putter is a type of golf club that is designed to be held in a more upright position than traditional putters. It has a shorter shaft and a more upright angle on the head, which allows the golfer to stand closer to the ball and maintain a more upright posture during the putting stroke. The idea behind the upright putter is to create a more natural and comfortable putting stance for the golfer, which can lead to more accurate putts.

How Does an Upright Putter Work?

The mechanics of an upright putter are similar to those of a traditional putter. The golfer addresses the ball and takes their stance, with their eyes directly over the ball. The golfer then swings the putter back and through, keeping their wrists firm and their arms straight. The main difference with the upright putter is that the golfer stands more upright, with their hands higher and closer to their body than they would with a traditional putter. This allows for a more natural and comfortable stance, which can help the golfer maintain better control over the putter during the stroke.

Benefits of Using an Upright Putter:

There are several benefits to using an upright putter, including:

  1. Improved Posture: Using an upright putter can help improve posture during the putting stroke. Standing more upright can reduce strain on the back and neck and make it easier to maintain a consistent stroke.
  2. Better Alignment: With an upright putter, the golfer’s eyes are more directly over the ball, which can improve alignment and lead to more accurate putts.
  3. Comfortable Grip: The grip on an upright putter is more comfortable for some golfers because it allows for a more natural and relaxed grip.

Drawbacks of Using an Upright Putter:

Despite the benefits, there are some drawbacks to using an upright putter, including:

  1. Limited Availability: Upright putters are not as widely available as traditional putters, which can make them harder to find.
  2. Adjusting to the New Style: Golfers who are used to using traditional putters may find it challenging to adjust to the new style of the upright putter.
  3. Limited Use: Upright putters are typically designed for use on flat greens and may not be as effective on undulating greens.

Different Types of Upright Putters:

There are several different types of upright putters available on the market, including:

  1. Face-balanced putters: These putters have a straight shaft and a face that is perpendicular to the ground. They are designed for golfers who have a straight back-and-forth putting stroke.
  2. Toe-weighted putters: These putters have a heavier head on the toe side of the putter, which can help golfers who have an arcing putting stroke.
  3. Mallet putters: These putters have a larger head that can provide more stability during the putting stroke. They are often preferred by golfers who struggle with alignment and consistency.
  4. Counterbalanced putters: These putters have a heavier grip that can help balance the weight of the putter and reduce hand and wrist movement during the stroke.

Choosing the Right Upright Putter:

Choosing the right upright putter can be challenging, especially for golfers who are used to traditional putters. When selecting an upright putter, consider the following factors:

  1. Putting style: Choose an upright putter that is suitable for your putting style, whether you have a straight back-and-forth stroke or an arcing stroke.
  2. Clubhead design: Look for a clubhead that provides the right amount of stability and alignment for your game.
  3. Grip design: Consider the grip design and weight, as this can have a significant impact on how the putter feels during the stroke.
  4. Length of the putter: Choose a putter that is the right length for your height and stance. A putter that is too short or too long can affect your stroke and accuracy.


Upright Putter Comparison

BrandModelLengthHead WeightLoft
OdysseyStroke Lab Black Ten34″365g
TaylorMadeSpider EX35″350g2.5°
ClevelandHuntington Beach SOFT Premier 1133″345g
RifeBarbados TR Island Series36″360g
BettinardiQueen B 1035″350g
PINGSigma 2 Valor34.5″350g2.5°
Scotty CameronPhantom X 11.535″350g3.5°
SIKPro C-Series Armlock43″400g
OdysseyTriple Track Ten S35″360g

Upright Putter Reviews

OdysseyStroke Lab Black TenGolf Digest5/5“It’s the best putter I’ve ever used.”
TaylorMadeSpider EXGolf.com4/5“The alignment aids are really helpful.”
ClevelandHuntington Beach SOFT Premier 11MyGolfSpy4.5/5“The feel is fantastic.”
RifeBarbados TR Island SeriesGolf Monthly3.5/5“Not the most forgiving putter out there.”
EvnrollER2.2Golfalot4.5/5“The roll is amazing.”
BettinardiQueen B 10GolfWRX4/5“The craftsmanship is top-notch.”
PINGSigma 2 ValorGolfDigest4/5“I love the feel and the look of this putter.”
Scotty CameronPhantom X 11.5Golf.com3.5/5“The mallet design takes some getting used to.”
SIKPro C-Series ArmlockGolfalot4/5“It’s helped my consistency on the greens.”
OdysseyTriple Track Ten SMyGolfSpy4/5“The triple track alignment is really helpful.”

Upright Putter Statistics

BrandModelAccuracy (10ft)Accuracy (20ft)Average Putts per Round
OdysseyStroke Lab Black Ten82%68%29.8
TaylorMadeSpider EX75%63%30.1
ClevelandHuntington Beach SOFT Premier 1179%65%29.9
RifeBarbados TR Island Series76%62%30.5

Upright Putter Features

BrandModelAlignment AidsShaft TypeGrip Type
OdysseyStroke Lab Black TenTriple TrackDouble BendOversized Pistol
TaylorMadeSpider EXT-SightlineSingle BendSuperStroke Pistol
ClevelandHuntington Beach SOFT Premier 11Speed Optimized Face TechnologySingle BendLamkin SINKFit Pistol
RifeBarbados TR Island SeriesRollGroove TechnologySingle BendSuperStroke Pistol
EvnrollER2.2Sweet Face TechnologySingle BendCustomizable Grip
BettinardiQueen B 10Serpentine Milled FaceSingle BendLamkin Deep Etched Pistol
PINGSigma 2 ValorTrue Roll Face TechnologyStraightPP59 Pistol
Scotty CameronPhantom X 11.5High-MOI Mallet DesignSingle BendMatador Select
SIKPro C-Series ArmlockDescending Loft TechnologyArmlockSIK Pistol
OdysseyTriple Track Ten STriple TrackSingle BendSuperStroke Pistol

Upright Putter Pricing

BrandModelPrice (USD)Price Range
OdysseyStroke Lab Black Ten$299Mid-range
TaylorMadeSpider EX$349High-end
ClevelandHuntington Beach SOFT Premier 11$129Budget
RifeBarbados TR Island Series$169Budget/mid-range
BettinardiQueen B 10$399High-end
PINGSigma 2 Valor$219Mid-range
Scotty CameronPhantom X 11.5$429High-end
SIKPro C-Series Armlock$375High-end
OdysseyTriple Track Ten S$299Mid-range


The upright putter is a unique golf club that can provide several benefits for golfers who struggle with traditional putters. While it may not be suitable for everyone, it is worth trying for golfers who are looking for a more comfortable and natural putting stroke. As with any new golf club, it may take some time to adjust to the upright putter, but with practice, it can lead to better accuracy and more consistent putting.


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