Who Should Use a Stiff Shaft Golf Club

When it comes to golf clubs, the stiffness of the shaft can have a significant impact on your swing and overall performance on the course. In general, a stiff shaft is recommended for golfers who have a fast swing speed and a high level of strength and consistency in their swing. Here’s a guide to help you determine if a stiff shaft golf club is right for you:

  1. Determine your swing speed : The first step in deciding if a stiff shaft is right for you is to determine your swing speed. Swing speed is measured in miles per hour (mph) and is typically calculated using a launch monitor or swing speed radar. Golfers with swing speeds of 100mph or more are generally considered to be good candidates for stiff shafts.
  2. Consider your strength and consistency: While swing speed is an important factor, it’s not the only one to consider. Golfers who are strong and consistent in their swing are often better suited for stiff shafts, as they provide more stability and control. If you tend to have inconsistent swings or struggle with accuracy, a more flexible shaft may be a better option.
  3. Think about your ball flight: The stiffness of a golf club’s shaft can also affect your ball flight. Golfers with a fast swing speed who tend to have a lower ball flight may benefit from a stiffer shaft, as it can help to launch the ball higher and provide more spin. However, if you already have a high ball flight or tend to struggle with distance, a more flexible shaft may be a better fit.
  4. Get fitted by a professional: Ultimately, the best way to determine if a stiff shaft is right for you is to get fitted by a professional. A golf club fitter can assess your swing speed, strength, consistency, and ball flight to help you find the right shaft flex for your game. They can also make adjustments to the length, weight, and grip of your clubs to ensure that they’re a perfect fit for your swing.
  5. Assess your swing tempo: Swing tempo refers to the speed at which you swing the club from the start of the backswing to the end of the follow-through. Golfers with a faster swing tempo often prefer stiffer shafts because they provide more control and stability throughout the swing. Conversely, golfers with a slower tempo may benefit from a more flexible shaft to help them generate more clubhead speed.
  6. Consider your physical attributes: Your physical attributes, such as your height, weight, and strength, can also play a role in determining if a stiff shaft is right for you. Taller, heavier golfers with more upper body strength may benefit from stiffer shafts, while smaller, lighter golfers with less strength may prefer more flexible shafts.
  7. Think about your preferred shot shape: The stiffness of a shaft can also affect the shape of your shots. Golfers who prefer a draw or hook shot may benefit from a more flexible shaft, while those who prefer a fade or slice may prefer a stiffer shaft. It’s important to note that this is a generalization, and every golfer is unique, so it’s important to get fitted by a professional to determine what works best for you.
  8. Consider the type of club: The stiffness of a shaft can vary depending on the type of club. For example, a driver may have a different shaft stiffness than a wedge. It’s important to consider the specific club you’re looking to purchase and how it fits into your overall set makeup.
  9. Think about your goals: Finally, it’s important to consider your goals when deciding if a stiff shaft is right for you. Are you looking to improve your accuracy, distance, or consistency? A stiffer shaft may help with accuracy and consistency, while a more flexible shaft may help with distance.
  10. Factor in your experience level: Golfers with more experience and a consistent swing may benefit from stiffer shafts, as they offer more control and precision. However, if you’re a beginner or still working on developing your swing, a more flexible shaft may be easier to handle and help you generate more clubhead speed.
  11. Think about your playing style: The stiffness of a shaft can also depend on your playing style. If you’re an aggressive player who swings hard and takes risks, a stiffer shaft may be a better fit. If you prefer a more controlled, strategic approach to your game, a more flexible shaft may be a better option.
  12. Consider the course conditions: The stiffness of a shaft can also be affected by the conditions of the course you’re playing on. For example, if you’re playing on a windy course or one with thick rough, a stiffer shaft may help you maintain control of your shots. If you’re playing on a course with soft, forgiving fairways, a more flexible shaft may help you generate more distance.
  13. Take your personal preferences into account: Ultimately, the best shaft stiffness for you is one that feels comfortable and natural in your hands. If you’ve tried both stiff and flexible shafts and prefer the feel of one over the other, that’s a good indication of what will work best for you.
  14. Experiment with different shafts: It’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to golf clubs. It may take some trial and error to find the right shaft stiffness for your game. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shafts and seek the advice of a professional fitter to help guide your decision.

 Golfers Who Should Use a Stiff Shaft Golf Club Based on Swing Speed

GolferSwing Speed (mph)FlexShaft Weight (grams)Shaft Length (inches)

  Golfers Who Should Use a Stiff Shaft Golf Club Based on Ball Flight

GolferBall FlightFlexShaft Weight (grams)Shaft Length (inches)

Golfers Who Should Use a Stiff Shaft Golf Club Based on Swing Type

GolferSwing TypeFlexShaft Weight (grams)Shaft Length (inches)
JohnStrong, aggressiveStiff70-8044-45
MarySmooth, consistentStiff80-9044-45
TomQuick, powerfulStiff60-7044-45
AlexSteep, forcefulStiff70-8044-45
EmmaFluid, rhythmicStiff80-9044-45
JackExplosive, fastStiff60-7044-45
SarahSmooth, effortlessStiff80-9044-45
MikeAggressive, forcefulStiff70-8044-45
LisaControlled, preciseStiff90-10044-45
DavidQuick, compactStiff80-9044-45

 Golfers Who Should Use a Stiff Shaft Golf Club Based on Physical Characteristics

GolferHeight (ft)HandicapFlexShaft Weight (grams)Shaft Length (inches)


In conclusion, the stiffness of a golf club’s shaft can have a significant impact on your performance on the course. While golfers with a fast swing speed, strength, and consistency may benefit from a stiff shaft, it’s important to consider all factors, get fitted by a professional, and keep your goals in mind before making any decisions about your clubs.


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