C-Taper Lite vs Modus 105

For golfers who seek to improve their game, choosing the right golf shaft is crucial. Two popular shaft options are the C-Taper Lite from KBS and the Modus 105 from Nippon. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive comparison between these two shafts to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Material and Construction

C-Taper Lite: The C-Taper Lite is made of a combination of carbon steel and high-strength steel alloy, which provides a unique feel and performance. The shaft features a constant taper design, which reduces the weight of the shaft while maintaining its stiffness, resulting in more control and distance.

Modus 105: The Modus 105, on the other hand, is made of premium steel alloy, offering a high level of durability and strength. The shaft uses Nippon’s proprietary Multi Heat Treatment (MHT) technology, which enhances the shaft’s performance through precise control of the steel’s microstructure.

  1. Weight and Flex

C-Taper Lite: The C-Taper Lite is available in three flex options – regular, stiff, and extra stiff. The weights range from 105 grams to 115 grams, depending on the flex.

Modus 105: The Modus 105 comes in four flex options – regular, stiff, extra stiff, and tour extra stiff. The weights for these shafts range from 103 grams to 112 grams.

  1. Trajectory and Spin

C-Taper Lite: The C-Taper Lite is designed to produce a mid to low trajectory with low spin. This makes it suitable for golfers who want more control over their shots and are looking for increased distance.

Modus 105: The Modus 105 delivers a mid trajectory with medium spin, offering golfers a balance between control and distance. This shaft is ideal for players who prefer a versatile performance.

  1. Feel and Stability

C-Taper Lite: The C-Taper Lite provides a smooth and stable feel throughout the swing, due to its constant taper design and the combination of materials used in its construction. It is ideal for golfers who prefer a more responsive feel during their swing.

Modus 105: The Modus 105 is known for its exceptional stability, thanks to Nippon’s MHT technology. The shaft offers a consistent and smooth feel, which appeals to a wide range of golfers.

  1. Price

C-Taper Lite: The C-Taper Lite is priced in the mid-range category, offering golfers a high-performance shaft at a reasonable cost.

Modus 105: The Modus 105 is slightly more expensive than the C-Taper Lite but still offers good value for money, considering its performance and technology.

  1. Adaptability to Swing Styles

C-Taper Lite: The C-Taper Lite is designed to cater to golfers with a range of swing styles. Due to its lower trajectory and spin, it is an excellent choice for players who have an aggressive swing and want to maximize distance while maintaining control.

Modus 105: The Modus 105 is highly adaptable and suits various swing styles, making it a popular choice among a wide range of golfers. The balanced trajectory and spin offer versatility in performance, allowing players to adapt their swing according to their preferences and course conditions.

  1. Popularity among Tour Professionals

C-Taper Lite: The C-Taper Lite has gained popularity among tour professionals and elite amateur players, as it offers a unique feel and performance that caters to their swing styles and needs. Its lower trajectory and spin have made it a favorite among those looking for added control and distance.

Modus 105: The Modus 105 is also popular among tour professionals, as it provides a consistent and versatile performance. The shaft’s adaptability to different swing styles and course conditions has made it a popular choice for players at the highest level of the game.

  1. Customization Options

C-Taper Lite: KBS offers various customization options for the C-Taper Lite, including custom shaft lengths, shaft tipping, and personalized graphics. This allows golfers to tailor the shaft to their specific needs and preferences.

Modus 105: Nippon also provides customization options for the Modus 105, including custom shaft lengths, tipping options, and a selection of custom finishes. Golfers can choose from an array of options to ensure their shafts are personalized to their requirements.

  1. Aesthetics and Brand Recognition

C-Taper Lite: KBS is a well-known brand in the golf industry and is renowned for its innovative designs and quality products. The C-Taper Lite features a sleek design with a brushed satin finish, giving it a modern and sophisticated appearance.

Modus 105: Nippon is a highly respected brand in the golf world, known for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship. The Modus 105 has a distinctive and elegant design with a chrome finish, which adds to its visual appeal.

  1. Shaft Fitting and Availability

C-Taper Lite: KBS recommends getting fitted for the C-Taper Lite shaft by a professional club fitter to ensure optimal performance. The shaft is widely available through various retailers and club fitting centers.

Modus 105: Nippon also advises golfers to get professionally fitted for the Modus 105 shaft to maximize its benefits. The shaft is readily available at numerous retailers, club fitting centers, and online stores.


Flex and Weight Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
C-Taper LiteRegular1092.5Low
Modus 105Regular1051.9Mid
Shaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
C-Taper LiteStiff1142.4Low
Modus 105Stiff1081.9Mid
Shaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
C-Taper LiteX-Stiff1192.3Low
Modus 105X-Stiff1121.8Low

Ball Flight Comparison

Shaft ModelBall FlightTrajectorySpin
C-Taper LiteLowPenetratingLow
Modus 105MidMidMid

Tip Section Comparison

Shaft ModelTip SectionDesignFeel
C-Taper LiteTaperedStraightFirm
Modus 105ParallelSteppedSoft

Butt Section Comparison

Shaft ModelButt SectionDesignFeel
C-Taper LiteTaperedStraightFirm
Modus 105ParallelSteppedSoft

Club Compatibility Comparison

Shaft ModelIron TypeClubhead Compatibility
C-Taper LiteMid- to Low-Handicap IronsCompatible with most iron clubheads
Modus 105Mid- to High-Handicap IronsCompatible with most iron clubheads

Shaft Material Comparison

Shaft ModelMaterialBenefits
C-Taper LiteCarbon FiberLightweight and strong for increased swing speed and distance
Modus 105SteelProvides consistent and stable feel for better accuracy

Kick Point Comparison

Shaft ModelKick PointDescription
C-Taper LiteHighProvides a lower ball flight and added stability for stronger players
Modus 105Mid-HighProvides a mid-launch with added control for a wider range of players

Swing Type Compatibility Comparison

Shaft ModelSwing TypeDescription
C-Taper LiteAggressive SwingIdeal for players with a faster, more aggressive swing
Modus 105Smooth SwingIdeal for players with a smoother, more consistent swing

Manufacturing Process Comparison

Shaft ModelManufacturing ProcessBenefits
C-Taper Lite5-Step forging processProvides consistent performance and feel
Modus 1052-Step forging processProvides a unique design and feel for enhanced performance


When comparing the C-Taper Lite and Modus 105, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and your specific needs as a golfer. If you are looking for a shaft with a lower trajectory and spin, the C-Taper Lite may be the better choice. However, if you prefer a more versatile shaft with a balanced trajectory and spin, the Modus 105 may be the better option. Regardless of your choice, both shafts offer excellent performance and feel to help elevate your golf game.


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