Can Callaway Big Bertha Irons Be Bent

So you have got the Callaway Big Bertha set and are now wondering Can Callaway Big Bertha Irons Be Bent or not then we have got it summed up in great detail.

Before we move on to how to bend the irons it is worth noting that the irons are made up of cast iron. The clarity is missing for what type of cast iron are these irons made up of. The subcategory of the type or cast iron is important because the more carbon content is in the iron the more flexibility is lost from the irons.

So without much information given we need to just assume that these are cast irons and belong to the low category in terms of the amount of bend possible with them.

can callaway big bertha irons be bent

Are You Sure About the Amount Of Bend

As the heading states, are you sure what amount of change in loft or lie you need on your iron? Is it even possible with your Callaway big bertha irons? The reality is all cast irons can be bent but it will vary from club to club.

Some will bend more than the other while some will break with just one degree of bend. So it is quite a tricky equation to see where your set of Callaway big berth irons is sitting on.

As a general rule of thumb, you can assume that 1-2 degrees of the bend are in a safe range. So if you are trying to bend your big bertha iron within this zone then you are probably safe.

However, if your demand for the amount of bend is not in this category then you are taking a bigger risk than you can afford.

Planning to Take The Risk

Now that you have decided that even if the clubs are not within the safe range of bend for the cast iron then there are few things that you can do to avoid the breakage.

Use Mitchel Machine

Always prefer to have the bend done via the Mitchel machine. It is safer and offers a better grip. It holds the iron heads firmly and usually, it is free from pre and post-bend measurement errors. You can have a good sense of reference before starting the bending by ensuring that the face lines are parallel with the clasp.

Do not Heat The Head

A common mistake done is to heat the head of the club in order to make it more ductile. Unfortunately, these are forged sets and you will only end up weakening your club head. A heated cast iron big bertha club will easily break on any attempt to bend the loft or lie angle. So be extremely careful when you are frustrated because the cast iron is not bending and you are tempted to head the head and get the desired results.

Do Not Go Beyond 2 Degrees

Although in itself any bend beyond 2 degrees is difficult for the cast iron but you may actually feel that you were easily able to bend it to 2+ degrees. Do not go beyond 2 degrees which itself is not a safe option. Because it is very likely that the confidence you are feeling is merely an illusion and you will end up breaking the club and then bending it to the required angle.

Do Not Take To Inexperienced Club Makers

Yes, there is one self-claimed best club maker in every town. Do not get carried away by any claims. Even the most experienced club makers break the clubs. The problem is a difference in the quality of the clubs by manufacturers unintentionally. At the molecular level carbon and iron dont set as planned every time and it is mostly beyond quality control

Do Not Think That All Irons Are Same

Let’s assume that you are able to bend one of the big bertha iron easily and you are tempted to move forward to the next one. Keep one thing in mind although they all came in one set but it’s not necessary that they were all built from the same iron crucible.

The setting time or processing time may have minute deviations because of which the irons are not the same in terms of malleability. So think twice before you plan to move on to the next clubs with the intention of bending them to the same or more degrees as the last one.

Call Callaway

Give a call to Callaway and see if they are offering any services with your set. I have heard of some customers who were accommodated by the Callaway support team. If you can get them bent from the Callaway themselves then there is nothing better than that.

They may even polish your iron sets and you will feel as if your bent irons are new.


It is quite a tricky thing when you are planning to bend any irons let alone Callaway big bertha irons set. If you have planned to take the risk considerations in mind the above suggestion which I believe getting it done via Callaway is best.

If that is not possible then take your set to the most reliable and well-reputed club maker in your area. Make sure they have the Mitchel Machine and can share with you any past confirmed bend orders they have done with the Callaway Big Bertha Irons sets series.


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