Custom Lie Angle Fairway Woods

Golf is a game of precision, and even small adjustments can make a big difference in your performance. One of the most important adjustments you can make is to the lie angle of your fairway woods. In this article, we will discuss what lie angle is, why it matters, and how you can customize your fairway woods to improve your game.

What is Lie Angle?

The lie angle of a golf club refers to the angle formed between the clubhead and the shaft when the sole of the club is placed on the ground. A club with the correct lie angle will sit flat on the ground when you address the ball. If the lie angle is too upright or too flat, the clubface will not align correctly, leading to poor shots.

Why Does Lie Angle Matter?

Having the correct lie angle is essential to making consistent shots. If your lie angle is off, it can affect the direction, trajectory, and distance of your shots. For example, if your lie angle is too upright, the clubface will point to the left, causing your shots to go left. Similarly, if your lie angle is too flat, the clubface will point to the right, causing your shots to go right.

Customizing Your Fairway Woods:

Customizing your fairway woods to the correct lie angle can make a significant difference in your game. Most golfers use standard lie angle clubs, which may not fit their individual swing. To get the most out of your fairway woods, it’s essential to get them fitted to your specific swing.

When getting custom lie angle fairway woods, you can either adjust the current lie angle of your clubs or have new clubs built to your specifications. A professional club fitter can help you determine the correct lie angle for your swing and make any necessary adjustments.

Benefits of Custom Lie Angle Fairway Woods:

Getting custom lie angle fairway woods can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Improved Accuracy: With the correct lie angle, you will be able to hit straighter shots more consistently.
  2. Increased Distance: When you hit the ball correctly, you will get more distance from your shots.
  3. Better Ball Flight: A properly fitted lie angle can help you achieve the ideal ball flight for your swing.

How to Determine the Correct Lie Angle:

To determine the correct lie angle for your fairway woods, you will need to get a club fitting. During a club fitting, a professional fitter will take measurements of your swing and analyze the data to determine the optimal lie angle for your clubs.

There are several factors that can influence your lie angle, including your height, arm length, swing speed, and swing path. A professional fitter will take all of these factors into account to determine the best lie angle for your fairway woods.

It’s important to note that your lie angle may change over time as your swing changes. That’s why it’s recommended to get a club fitting every few years to ensure that your clubs are still fitted to your swing.

Adjusting the Lie Angle of Your Clubs:

If you already have fairway woods and want to adjust the lie angle, it’s possible to do so. However, it’s important to note that adjusting the lie angle of a club can affect its loft, so it’s best to have a professional fitter make the adjustments.

There are two ways to adjust the lie angle of a club: bending and adding shims. Bending involves heating the clubhead and bending it to the desired angle. This method is best for small adjustments, as excessive bending can weaken the clubhead. Adding shims involves placing a small piece of material between the clubhead and the shaft to adjust the angle. This method is best for larger adjustments.

Popular Brands and Models

BrandModelLoftLie AngleShaft Material
CallawayEpic Max15°56°Graphite
TaylorMadeSIM2 Max16.5°57°Graphite
WilsonStaff Model15°57°Graphite
BridgestoneTour B16°57.5°Graphite

Available Lie Angle Options

BrandModelAvailable Lie Angles
CallawayEpic Max55°-59°
TaylorMadeSIM2 Max56°-60°
WilsonStaff Model56°-60°
BridgestoneTour B57°-61°

Shaft Options

BrandModelShaft Options
CallawayEpic MaxMitsubishi MMT, Tensei AV Raw Blue
TaylorMadeSIM2 MaxFujikura Ventus Blue, Project X HZRDUS Smoke
TitleistTSi2Mitsubishi Diamana, Fujikura Atmos
PingG425Ping Alta CB, Tour, EvenFlow
CobraRADSPEEDProject X HZRDUS Smoke, Fujikura Motore X
MizunoST-ZFujikura Ventus Blue, Atmos Red
SrixonZX5Project X HZRDUS Red, EvenFlow
WilsonStaff ModelMitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue, Project X HZRDUS

Available Flex Options

BrandModelFlex Options
CallawayEpic MaxRegular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
TaylorMadeSIM2 MaxSenior, Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
TitleistTSi2Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
PingG425Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
CobraRADSPEEDRegular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
MizunoST-ZRegular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
SrixonZX5Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
HonmaTR20Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
WilsonStaff ModelRegular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
BridgestoneTour BRegular, Stiff, Extra Stiff

Note: The information in these tables is for illustration purposes only and may not be comprehensive or up-to-date. Prices, availability, and specifications may vary depending on location and other factors. It is recommended to consult with a professional club fitter for accurate information and customizations.


Custom lie angle fairway woods can make a significant difference in your game. By getting your clubs fitted to your swing, you can improve your accuracy, distance, and ball flight. If you’re serious about improving your golf game, consider getting custom lie angle fairway woods.

Custom Lie Angle Fairway Woods


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