PXG 0211 Irons Vs TaylorMade P790

For golf enthusiasts, the irons used can make a significant difference in their game. Two popular options in the market are the PXG 0211 Irons and the TaylorMade P790. This article will provide a detailed comparison between these two sets of irons, looking at their construction, design, performance, and pricing.

Construction and Design

PXG 0211 Irons: The PXG 0211 irons feature a cast 431 stainless steel construction with a hollow body design. The irons have a thin HT1770 maraging steel face, which helps generate impressive ball speeds. The clubs also boast a large internal cavity filled with COR2, a proprietary material that enhances feel, sound, and forgiveness.

TaylorMade P790 : The TaylorMade P790 irons have a forged 8620 carbon steel construction, featuring the company’s patented SpeedFoam technology. This injectable urethane foam fills the hollow cavity of the irons, resulting in improved feel and sound. Additionally, the P790 irons come with a thin 4140 carbon steel face, supported by the company’s Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) to optimize ball speeds.


Distance and Ball Speed: Both the PXG 0211 and TaylorMade P790 irons are designed to provide impressive distance and ball speeds. The 0211 irons benefit from their thin maraging steel face and COR2 material, while the P790 irons rely on their ICT and SpeedFoam technology. While both sets of irons deliver excellent ball speeds, the P790 might have a slight edge due to its forged construction and ICT.

Forgiveness: The PXG 0211 irons boast a large internal cavity and perimeter weighting, making them quite forgiving on off-center hits. Similarly, the TaylorMade P790 irons utilize their hollow body design and SpeedFoam technology to enhance forgiveness. While both irons offer a good level of forgiveness, the PXG 0211 may have a slight advantage due to its larger internal cavity and COR2 material.

Feel and Sound: Both sets of irons prioritize feel and sound. The PXG 0211 irons use COR2 material to dampen vibrations and create a solid feel, while the TaylorMade P790 irons utilize SpeedFoam to improve feel and acoustics. Given their different constructions and materials, personal preference will play a significant role in determining which set of irons provides the better feel and sound.


PXG 0211 Irons are positioned as a more affordable option compared to other PXG models, making them more accessible to a wider range of golfers. The TaylorMade P790 irons are priced higher due to their forged construction and premium materials. Ultimately, the choice between the two sets will depend on your budget and personal preferences.


Key Specifications

SpecificationPXG 0211TaylorMade P790WinnerReason
Loft17°-48°19°-43°PXG 0211Offers a wider range of loft options
Lie60.5°-64°60°-63.5°PXG 0211Offers a wider range of lie options
Shaft Length38.5″-35″37.75″-34.5″PXG 0211Offers longer shaft length options
Club Length37.5″-34″37.25″-33.75″PXG 0211Offers longer club length options
Swing WeightD1-D4D2-D4TaylorMade P790Offers a narrower range of Swing Weight options

In this table, PXG 0211 wins in four out of the five categories due to offering a wider range of options in terms of loft, lie, shaft length, and club length. TaylorMade P790 wins in the swing weight category as it offers a narrower range of options, which some golfers may prefer.

Clubhead Design

Design AspectPXG 0211TaylorMade P790WinnerReason
Clubhead SizeMedium to largeMedium to largeTieBoth have a similar size
Clubhead ShapeSlightly larger than traditional bladeSlightly larger than traditional bladeTieBoth have a similar shape
Cavity DesignProgressive cavity design with multi-material constructionHollow-body construction with tungsten weighting in soleTaylorMade P790Offers tungsten weighting for added forgiveness
Face MaterialSoft forged 1025 carbon steel face insertForged 4140 carbon steel face insertPXG 0211Offers a softer feel on impact
Sound/FeelSoft feel with muted soundSoft feel with slight metallic soundPXG 0211Offers a softer feel and sound on impact

In this table, both clubs tie in terms of clubhead size and shape. TaylorMade P790 wins in the cavity design category as it offers tungsten weighting for added forgiveness. PXG 0211 wins in the face material and sound/feel categories as it offers a softer feel on impact and a muted sound.

Performance Features

FeaturePXG 0211TaylorMade P790WinnerReason
Ball Flight ControlMid to high ball flight with good stopping powerMid to high ball flight with excellent distance and accuracyTaylorMade P790Offers excellent distance and accuracy
ForgivenessGood forgiveness on off-center hitsExcellent forgiveness on off-center hitsTaylorMade P790Offers excellent forgiveness on off-center hits
DistanceGood distance with decent dispersionExcellent distance with tight dispersion and high launchTaylorMade P790Offers excellent distance and tight dispersion
WorkabilityModerate workabilityModerate workabilityTieBoth have a similar level of workability
Spin ControlGood spin control with decent stopping powerExcellent spin control with good stopping power and low spinTaylorMade P790Offers excellent spin control and low spin

In this table, TaylorMade P790 wins in the ball flight control, forgiveness, distance, and spin control categories as it offers excellent distance and accuracy, forgiveness, tight dispersion, and spin control. PXG 0211 wins in the workability category as it offers a similar level of workability as the TaylorMade P790.

 Customization Options

OptionPXG 0211TaylorMade P790WinnerReason
Shaft OptionsSteel or graphite options from a variety of manufacturersSteel or graphite options from a variety of manufacturersTieBoth offer a variety of options
Grip OptionsMultiple grip options availableMultiple grip options availableTieBoth offer a variety of options
Length OptionsCustom length options availableCustom length options availableTieBoth offer custom length options
Lie Angle OptionsCustom Lie Angle Options availableCustom Lie Angle Options availableTieBoth offer custom Lie Angle Options
Finish OptionsChrome or black finish options availableChrome or black finish options availableTieBoth offer finish options

In this table, both clubs tie in all categories as they offer a similar level of customization options.

Price and Value

AspectPXG 0211TaylorMade P790WinnerReason
Set Price$139 per club$175 per club (steel), $200 per club (graphite)PXG 0211Lower price point
ValueHigh value for premium clubsHigh value for premium clubsTieBoth offer good value for their price
AvailabilityWidely availableWidely availableTieBoth are widely available
Purchase OptionsAvailable for purchase online or through authorized dealersAvailable for purchase online or through authorized dealersTieBoth have similar purchase options

Player Type Suitability

Player TypePXG 0211TaylorMade P790WinnerReason
BeginnerSuitable for beginners who want a forgiving and easy-to-hit clubSuitable for beginners who want a forgiving and easy-to-hit clubTieBoth are forgiving and easy-to-hit clubs
IntermediateSuitable for intermediate players who want a balance of distance and forgivenessSuitable for intermediate players who want a balance of distance and forgivenessTieBoth offer a similar balance of distance and forgiveness
AdvancedSuitable for advanced players who want precision and workabilitySuitable for advanced players who want precision and workabilityTieBoth offer a similar level of precision and workability

In this table, both clubs tie in all categories as they are suitable for all player types and offer a similar level of performance.

Brand Reputation

Brand ImageKnown for their high-end and premium clubsKnown for their innovative and popular golf equipmentTieBoth have a strong brand image
Tour PresenceLimited tour presence with few professionals using their clubsStrong tour presence with many professionals using their clubsTaylorMade P790Has a stronger tour presence
Product RangeOffers a limited range of golf clubs and accessoriesOffers a wide range of golf clubs and accessoriesTaylorMade P790Offers a wider range of products


The PXG 0211 Irons and TaylorMade P790 both offer impressive performance and forgiveness, but they differ in terms of construction, materials, and pricing. The PXG 0211 irons are more budget-friendly and may offer slightly better forgiveness, while the TaylorMade P790 irons have a premium forged construction and a possible edge in distance and ball speed. Ultimately, it’s essential to try both sets of irons and choose the one that best fits your game and preferences.


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