How to Remove Golf Spikes

Removing golf spikes from your shoes is a simple process that can be done quickly with the right tools. Here are the steps to follow:

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  1. Gather the necessary tools: You will need a golf spike wrench, which is a tool specifically designed to remove golf spikes. Most spike wrenches have two prongs that fit into the holes of the spikes.
  2. Position your shoe: Sit down and place the shoe on your lap, with the sole facing up. This will make it easier to access the spikes.
  3. Locate the spikes: Look for the spikes on the sole of your shoe. They are usually located at the front and back of the shoe, and sometimes on the sides.
  4. Insert the spike wrench: Place the prongs of the spike wrench into the holes of the spike you want to remove. Make sure the wrench is positioned firmly and securely.
  5. Twist the wrench: Use the wrench to turn the spike counterclockwise. It may take some effort, but the spike should start to loosen.
  6. Remove the spike: Once the spike is loose, you can remove it by pulling it out with your fingers. If the spike is still difficult to remove, you may need to use the spike wrench to turn it a few more times.
  7. Repeat: Repeat the process for all the spikes you want to remove.
  8. Clean the shoe: Once all the spikes have been removed, use a soft brush or cloth to clean any dirt or debris from the holes.
  9. Replace the spikes: If you want to replace the spikes with new ones, simply insert them into the holes and turn them clockwise until they are secure.

Additional Tips:

Here are some additional tips and information to keep in mind when removing golf spikes:

  1. Use the right tool: As mentioned earlier, it’s important to use a golf spike wrench to remove the spikes. Using other tools, such as pliers or a screwdriver, can damage the spikes or the sole of your shoe.
  2. Check the type of spikes: Different golf shoes have different types of spikes, so it’s important to check what type of spikes your shoes have before attempting to remove them. For example, some shoes have metal spikes, while others have plastic spikes. The removal process may vary slightly depending on the type of spikes.
  3. Replace worn-out spikes: If your spikes are worn-out or damaged, it’s important to replace them. Worn-out spikes can affect your traction and stability on the course, which can affect your swing and overall performance.
  4. Keep spare spikes on hand: It’s a good idea to keep a few spare spikes in your golf bag, in case you need to replace a spike on the course.
  5. Don’t force the spikes: If a spike is difficult to remove, don’t force it. Trying to force the spike out can damage the spike or the sole of your shoe. Instead, use the spike wrench to turn it a few more times, or try tapping the spike gently with a hammer to loosen it.
  6. Clean your shoes regularly: Regularly cleaning your golf shoes can help prevent dirt and debris from building up in the spike holes, which can make it difficult to remove the spikes later on.
  7. Be careful not to damage the shoe: When using the spike wrench, be careful not to scratch or damage the sole of your shoe. If you’re concerned about scratching your shoe, you can wrap the prongs of the wrench in tape or cloth to protect the shoe.
  8. Use a penetrating oil: If a spike is particularly stubborn and won’t loosen, you can try using a penetrating oil, such as WD-40. Spray a small amount of oil into the hole around the spike, and let it sit for a few minutes. The oil can help loosen the spike and make it easier to remove.
  9. Use a heat gun: If you’re dealing with metal spikes that won’t budge, you can try using a heat gun to heat up the area around the spike. Be careful not to overheat the shoe, and use a cloth to protect your hands from the heat. The heat can help expand the metal, making it easier to remove the spike.
  10. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Different golf shoes and spike manufacturers may have specific instructions for removing and replacing spikes. Be sure to read the instructions that came with your shoes or spikes, and follow them carefully.
  11. Replace all spikes at once: If you’re replacing your spikes, it’s a good idea to replace all of them at once, rather than just a few. This will ensure that your shoes have consistent traction and stability on the course.

 Removing golf spikes with a wrench

BrandModelTypeSizeTool Needed
NikeAir ZoomSpikesSmallWrench
AdidasAdipower 4orgedSpikesXLWrench
Under ArmourSpieth 3SpikesSmallWrench
TitleistTour PerformanceSpikesMediumWrench
CallawayTour AuthenticSpikesLargeWrench
MizunoNexlite BoaSpikesXLWrench
CobraF-Max SuperliteSpikesSmallWrench

Removing golf spikes with pliers

BrandModelTypeSizeTool Needed
NikeAir Max 1 GSpikesSmallPliers
FootJoyPro SLSpikesMediumPliers
PumaIgnite PwradaptSpikesLargePliers
AdidasTour360 XTSpikesXLPliers
Under ArmourTempo Sport 2SpikesSmallPliers
TitleistTour SoftSpikesMediumPliers
CallawayApex ProSpikesLargePliers
MizunoNexlite GS BoaSpikesXLPliers
CobraKing Forged TecSpikesSmallPliers

Removing golf spikes with a spike wrench

BrandModelTypeSizeTool Needed
NikeRoshe G TourSpikesSmallSpike Wrench
FootJoyFlexSpikesMediumSpike Wrench
PumaTitanTour IgniteSpikesLargeSpike Wrench
AdidasAdicross BounceSpikesXLSpike Wrench
Under ArmourHOVR DriveSpikesSmallSpike Wrench
TitleistPlayers 4SpikesMediumSpike Wrench
CallawayMavrik ProSpikesLargeSpike Wrench
MizunoTC-01SpikesXLSpike Wrench
CobraKing SpeedzoneSpikesSmallSpike Wrench
PingG710SpikesMediumSpike Wrench

Removing golf spikes with a spike tool

BrandModelTypeSizeTool Needed
NikeExplorer 2SpikesSmallSpike Tool
FootJoyPro/SL CarbonSpikesMediumSpike Tool
PumaIgnite Nxt SolelaceSpikesLargeSpike Tool
AdidasCodeChaosSpikesXLSpike Tool
Under ArmourCharged DrawSpikesSmallSpike Tool
TitleistVokey SM8SpikesMediumSpike Tool
CallawayRogue ProSpikesLargeSpike Tool


Overall, removing golf spikes is a simple process that can help extend the life of your golf shoes and improve your performance on the course. By using the right tools and following these tips, you can easily remove and replace your spikes as needed.


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