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Titleist is a renowned brand in the golf industry, and their T100 and T100s irons are highly popular among golfers. These irons are designed to provide golfers with excellent control, accuracy, and feel on the course. While both T100 and T100s irons share some similarities, they also have some significant differences. In this article, we will compare T100 and T100s irons, highlighting their similarities and differences.

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Similarities between T100 and T100s

Both T100 and T100s irons are designed for low handicap golfers who demand precision, control, and feel from their irons.

They both have a compact blade shape that provides a clean look at address and inspires confidence in the golfer.

T100 and T100s irons are made using the same high-quality materials, including a forged 1025 carbon steel body and a tungsten weighting system.

Differences between T100 and T100s

The T100s irons have a slightly smaller profile than T100 irons, making them more compact and easier to maneuver through the ball.

T100s irons have a thinner face than T100 irons, which allows them to flex more at impact and produce higher ball speeds and more distance.

T100s irons have a lower center of gravity (CG) than T100 irons, thanks to their use of a high-density tungsten weight in the toe. This lowers the spin rate and increases the launch angle, resulting in longer shots.

T100s irons have a slightly stronger loft than T100 irons, resulting in additional distance, but they also have less forgiveness and require more precision to hit consistently.

Which iron is best for you?

If you’re a low handicap golfer who demands maximum control, precision, and feel from your irons, the T100 irons may be a better fit for you.

If you’re looking for a more compact and forgiving iron that can deliver additional distance, the T100s irons may be a better option for you.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which iron is right for you is to try them both out and see which one feels and performs better for your swing.

Performance Comparison of T100 and T100s

Both T100 and T100s irons provide exceptional performance on the course.

The T100s irons produce slightly more distance than T100 irons, thanks to their thinner face and lower CG, which promotes higher launch and lower spin.

The T100 irons, on the other hand, offer more precision and control, thanks to their slightly larger profile and higher CG.

Both irons have excellent feel and feedback, allowing golfers to easily distinguish mishits and make the necessary adjustments.

 Customization Options for T100 and T100s

Both T100 and T100s irons are highly customizable, allowing golfers to optimize their performance to their individual needs.

Golfers can choose from a variety of shafts and grips to tailor the feel and performance of their irons.

The loft and lie angles can also be adjusted to suit a golfer’s individual swing characteristics.

Titleist also offers custom stamping and color fill options, allowing golfers to add a personal touch to their irons.

Pricing and Availability

T100 and T100s irons are available for purchase through authorized Titleist dealers and retailers.

The T100 irons retail for around $1,400 for a set of eight irons, while the T100s irons are slightly more expensive, with a retail price of around $1,500 for a set of eight irons.

Both irons are available in both right and left-handed options.

Pros and Cons of T100 and T100s

  • T100 Pros:

    • Excellent control and precision
    • Great feel and feedback
    • More forgiving than traditional blades
    • Classic blade shape
    • Adjustable loft and lie angles
  • T100 Cons:

    • Slightly less distance than T100s
    • May not be as forgiving as game-improvement irons
    • Higher price point
  • T100s Pros:

    • More distance than T100
    • Lower CG for higher launch and lower spin
    • Thin face for increased ball speed
    • Slightly more forgiving than T100
    • Adjustable loft and lie angles
  • T100s Cons:

    • Less control and precision than T100
    • Less feedback on mishits
    • Smaller profile may not suit all golfers
    • Higher price point

Expert Opinions on T100 and T100s

Golf experts and reviewers have generally praised both T100 and T100s irons for their exceptional performance and feel.

Golf Digest awarded both irons Gold Medals on their 2021 Hot List.

Golf.com rated T100 irons as the “Best Players Iron” of 2021, citing their “classic looks and modern performance”.

Golf Monthly rated T100s irons as the “Best for Distance” of 2021, citing their “longer carry and higher peak height”.

PGA Tour player Jordan Spieth is a notable user of T100 irons, citing their exceptional control and precision on the course.


T100 and T100s irons are two of the best irons on the market, and they both have their unique strengths and weaknesses. While T100 irons are better suited for golfers who demand precision and control, T100s irons are ideal for those looking for additional distance and forgiveness. Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your swing and your individual needs as a golfer.


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