Club Car Carryall 2 Common Problems and Solutions

The Club Car Carryall 2 is a versatile and popular utility vehicle used in various applications like golf courses, parks, and industrial sites. However, as with any vehicle, some common problems may arise over time. This article will discuss some of these issues and provide solutions to help you keep your Carryall 2 running efficiently.

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Batteries not holding charge or dying quickly

Problem: One of the most common issues with the Club Car Carryall 2 is that the batteries may not hold a charge or die quickly, especially if they’re old or have been used extensively.

Solution: Regularly inspect and maintain the batteries by cleaning the terminals , checking for leaks, and ensuring proper electrolyte levels. Replace batteries that are more than five years old or show signs of wear and damage.

Poor acceleration and overall performance

Problem: You may experience sluggish acceleration or poor overall performance, which may be due to worn-out parts or lack of maintenance.

Solution: Replace any worn-out components, such as spark plugs and air filters. Perform regular maintenance, including oil changes, and use high-quality fuel to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Faulty or noisy brakes

Problem: If your brakes are making noise or not working properly, it could be due to wear and tear, or there might be an issue with the brake system.

Solution: Inspect the brake pads, shoes, and rotors for wear and replace them as needed. Also, check the brake fluid levels and make sure there are no leaks in the system. If necessary, bleed the brake system to remove any trapped air.

Electrical issues

Problem: Electrical issues, such as intermittent power loss, dead lights, or malfunctioning accessories, can cause problems with your Club Car Carryall 2.

Solution: Check all fuses, wiring, and connectors for any signs of wear or corrosion. Replace any damaged components and ensure all connections are tight and secure.

Steering and suspension problems

Problem: Loose or worn steering and suspension components can lead to poor handling, reduced tire life, and an uncomfortable ride.

Solution: Inspect the tie rod ends, ball joints, bushings, and shocks for signs of wear. Replace any damaged or worn components, and make sure to have your vehicle aligned if necessary.

Difficulty starting or idling

Problem: If your Club Car Carryall 2 has trouble starting or idling, it could be due to a variety of issues, such as a weak spark, dirty carburetor, or problems with the fuel system.

Solution: Replace the spark plug, clean the carburetor, and check the fuel lines and filter for any blockages. If the issue persists, consult a professional mechanic for further diagnosis.


Battery doesn’t hold chargeCart doesn’t start, dim headlights, slow accelerationDead battery, defective charger, corroded terminalsReplace battery or charger, clean terminals, check wiringRegularly charge battery, clean terminals, replace battery every 3-5 years
Motor doesn’t runCart doesn’t move, no noise from motorLoose or disconnected wiring, blown fuse, faulty solenoid or controllerCheck wiring, replace fuse, test solenoid and controller, replace faulty partsRegularly check wiring, replace faulty parts promptly
Brakes don’t workCart rolls when in park, brakes don’t stop cartWorn brake pads, air in brake lines, leaking master cylinder or calipersReplace brake pads, bleed brake lines, replace master cylinder or calipers if necessaryRegularly check brake pads, bleed brake lines annually, replace worn parts
Suspension problemsRough ride, bouncing cartWorn shocks, broken leaf springs, loose boltsReplace shocks or leaf springs, tighten boltsRegularly check shocks and leaf springs, tighten bolts regularly
Steering problemsDifficult to steer, wandering cartLoose or worn steering components, low tire pressure, misaligned front wheelsCheck and replace worn parts, inflate tires to proper pressure, align front wheelsRegularly check and replace worn parts, maintain proper tire pressure, align front wheels every 2 years
Cart won’t move in reverseOnly moves forward, grinding noiseFaulty reverse switch or solenoid, loose or corroded connectionsReplace switch or solenoid, tighten or clean connectionsRegularly check and maintain connections, replace faulty parts promptly
Cart shakes or vibratesBumpy ride, rattling noiseLoose or worn suspension components, out-of-balance wheels, misaligned wheelsTighten or replace suspension components, balance and align wheelsRegularly check and maintain suspension components, balance and align wheels annually
Cart stops suddenlyCart stops abruptly, throwing passengers forwardFaulty brakes, low brake fluid, worn tiresCheck and replace faulty brakes, refill brake fluid, replace worn tiresRegularly check and maintain brakes and tires
Cart won’t startNo noise or lights, battery seems fineLoose or corroded connections, faulty ignition switch, blown fuseTighten or clean connections, replace switch or fuseRegularly check and maintain connections, replace faulty parts promptly
Cart overheatsWarning light comes on, cart slows downLow coolant, clogged radiator or hoses, faulty thermostatRefill coolant, flush radiator and hoses, replace thermostat if necessaryRegularly check coolant level and condition, flush radiator every 2 years
Cart accelerates slowlyCart takes a long time to reach full speedLow battery voltage, dirty air filter, clogged fuel filter, worn drive beltReplace battery, clean or replace air and fuel filters, replace drive belt if necessaryRegularly check and maintain battery, air and fuel filters, drive belt
Cart jerks or lurchesCart moves abruptly, throwing passengersLoose or worn drive components, low battery voltage, faulty speed controllerTighten or replace drive components, replace battery or speed controller if necessaryRegularly check and maintain drive components, replace faulty parts promptly
Cart makes strange noisesGrinding, squeaking, or rattling noisesLoose or worn components, damaged bearings or gears, improperly lubricated partsTighten or replace loose or worn components, replace damaged bearings or gears, lubricate parts as recommendedRegularly inspect and maintain components, lubricate parts as recommended
Cart has poor performanceCart is slow or sluggish, struggles on inclinesClogged air or fuel filters, low battery voltage, worn drive componentsClean or replace air and fuel filters, replace battery if necessary, tighten or replace worn drive componentsRegularly check and maintain air and fuel filters, battery, and drive components
Cart has electrical issuesLights or accessories don’t work, cart doesn’t startLoose or corroded connections, blown fuses, faulty switches or relaysTighten or clean connections, replace blown fuses, replace faulty switches or relaysRegularly check and maintain electrical connections, replace faulty parts promptly
Cart has braking issuesBrakes don’t engage or don’t stop cart, brakes lock upLow brake fluid, worn brake pads or shoes, faulty master cylinder or calipersRefill brake fluid, replace worn brake pads or shoes, replace faulty master cylinder or calipersRegularly check and maintain brake fluid level, replace worn brake pads or shoes, and faulty components
Cart has transmission problemsCart doesn’t move or moves erratically, grinding or whining noisesLow transmission fluid, worn or damaged gears or clutches, faulty solenoids or sensorsRefill transmission fluid, replace worn or damaged gears or clutches, replace faulty solenoids or sensorsRegularly check and maintain transmission fluid level, replace worn or damaged components, and faulty solenoids or sensors


By addressing these common problems and performing regular maintenance on your Club Car Carryall 2, you can ensure that your utility vehicle remains reliable and efficient for years to come. If you are unsure about any repairs or maintenance tasks, consult your owner’s manual or seek assistance from a professional mechanic.


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