Justin Thomas Whats In The Bag

As a passionate golfer, I’ve always admired the precision and skill that goes into building a professional golfer’s bag. Today, I want to take you through the gear of one of my personal favorites, Justin Thomas. I’ve closely followed his journey, studied his equipment choices, and I’m excited to share my insights on what’s in Justin Thomas’ bag.

Driver: Titleist TSi3

I’ve been using the Titleist TSi3 driver , just like Justin Thomas, for its remarkable accuracy and distance. This driver offers exceptional control, enabling me to confidently tee off with precision. Its adjustable features allow me to fine-tune my shots to suit different courses and conditions.

3-Wood: Titleist TSi2

In line with Thomas, I also rely on the Titleist TSi2 3-wood. The TSi2’s design provides a high launch and maximum forgiveness, making it my go-to club for longer fairway shots. This club delivers consistent performance and allows me to tackle long par-5s with ease.

Hybrid: Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

When it comes to versatility in my bag, I follow Justin Thomas’ lead by carrying the Titleist TSi2 hybrid. This club offers the perfect balance between distance and precision, which is crucial for those challenging approach shots and long par-3s.

Irons: Titleist T100

Justin Thomas opts for the Titleist T100 irons, and I completely agree with his choice. The T100 irons provide a superb blend of control and distance, ensuring I can tackle any iron shot with confidence. These clubs have a sleek design that appeals to my aesthetic sense as well.

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8

Like Thomas, I rely on the Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges to conquer various short game scenarios. The precise spin control and versatile grind options of these wedges allow me to confidently navigate bunkers, rough, and tricky chip shots around the green.

Putter: Scotty Cameron X5

The putter is a golfer’s most intimate connection to the game. Justin Thomas chooses the Scotty Cameron X5, and so do I. The Scotty Cameron X5 provides exceptional balance and feel, which is critical for holing those crucial putts. Its classic design inspires confidence on the greens.

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

In line with Justin Thomas, I trust the Titleist Pro V1x golf balls to deliver consistent performance. These balls provide excellent distance, control, and a soft feel off the putter, giving me the confidence to excel on the course.

Golf Glove: FootJoy StaSof

As a golfer who understands the significance of a comfortable and reliable glove, I appreciate Justin Thomas’ choice of the FootJoy StaSof glove. This glove offers exceptional feel, grip, and durability, which are essential for maintaining a secure hold on the club through various weather conditions.

Apparel: Ralph Lauren

Justin Thomas is known for his impeccable style on the golf course, and I’ve taken a page out of his book by opting for Ralph Lauren apparel. The comfort and quality of Ralph Lauren’s golf attire not only enhance my performance but also make me feel confident and sharp when I’m on the course.

Golf Bag: Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry

Carrying a golf bag that is both functional and stylish is crucial, and Justin Thomas’ choice of the Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry bag reflects this. The bag offers ample storage and is designed to withstand the elements, making it an excellent addition to my golfing gear.

Accessories: Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Laser Rangefinder

To enhance my course management skills, I rely on the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Laser Rangefinder, much like Justin Thomas. This high-quality rangefinder provides accurate yardages, allowing me to make well-informed decisions on the course, just as Thomas does.

Personal Touch: Customized Ball Marker

Like many professional golfers, including Justin Thomas, I have a personalized ball marker. It may be a small detail, but it adds a touch of individuality to my game and serves as a source of motivation during those crucial putts.

Training Aids: Swing Trainer and Alignment Sticks

In the pursuit of excellence on the golf course, it’s essential to incorporate training aids into my routine, just as Justin Thomas does. One of my personal favorites is a swing trainer, which helps me work on my swing path and tempo. Alignment sticks are another indispensable tool that assists me in ensuring my shots are on target. These training aids, while not directly present in Justin Thomas’ bag, are crucial to his training regimen and mine.

Rain Gear: FootJoy DryJoys

As someone who enjoys playing golf in various weather conditions, I’ve taken a page from Justin Thomas’ book and rely on FootJoy DryJoys for my rain gear. These waterproof and breathable garments keep me dry and comfortable during wet rounds, allowing me to focus on my game regardless of the weather.

Golf Towel: Personalized Towel

Similar to Justin Thomas, I’ve personalized my golf towel. It’s not just a functional accessory for cleaning clubs and hands; it’s also a source of motivation and identity on the course. Having my initials or a meaningful symbol on my towel adds a personal touch to my golf experience.

Fitness and Recovery Equipment: Foam Roller and Stretching Bands

Maintaining physical fitness and flexibility is crucial for peak golf performance. In line with Justin Thomas, I make sure to include a foam roller and stretching bands in my golf bag. These tools help me stay limber and prevent injury by warming up and cooling down effectively before and after rounds.

Mental Game Resources: Yardage Book and Notes

Justin Thomas carries a yardage book to help him strategize during rounds, and I’ve adopted this practice as well. Having a yardage book filled with notes and insights on the course’s nuances is invaluable for making smart decisions. It’s a testament to how mental preparation is just as vital as having the right equipment.

Justin Thomas’s Driver

TitleistTS39.5°Mitsubishi TenseiGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi39.0°Fujikura VentusGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi48.0°Aldila RogueGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist917D39.5°Mitsubishi DiamanaGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi210.0°Project X HZRDUSGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTS210.5°Accra TZ5Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist915D49.5°Graphite DesignGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTS48.5°TPT Red RangeGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist915D210.5°Aldila Tour GreenGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi111.0°Project X EvenFlowGolf Pride Tour Velvet

Fairway Woods

TitleistTS315°Mitsubishi TenseiGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi213.5°Fujikura VentusGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist917F315°Aldila RogueGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi316.5°Mitsubishi DiamanaGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist915Fd13.5°Project X HZRDUSGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist913F13.5°Accra TZ5Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTS216.5°TPT Red RangeGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi418°Aldila Tour GreenGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist915F15°Project X EvenFlowGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistTSi120°Graphite DesignGolf Pride Tour Velvet


Titleist718 MBTrue Temper Dynamic Gold Tour IssueGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist620 MBProject X RifleGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistT100KBS TourGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistT200Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist716 MBProject X LZGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist718 CBTrue Temper AMT Tour WhiteGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistT300True Temper AMT RedGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistT100SDynamic Gold AMT WhiteGolf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistU500True Temper AMT Tour WhiteGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Titleist716 T-MBKBS Tour VGolf Pride Tour Velvet


TitleistVokey SM846°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM852°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM856°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM860°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM862°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM758°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM654°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM658°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM550°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet
TitleistVokey SM460°True Temper Dynamic Gold S200Golf Pride Tour Velvet


Scotty CameronCircle T 00934″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronCircle T 00935″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronNewport 2 GSS33.5″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronNewport 2 GSS35″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronNewport 2.634″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronPhantom X 5.535″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronNewport M233.5″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronNewport M234″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronNewport M235″Scotty Cameron Pistolini
Scotty CameronNewport M234″Scotty Cameron Pistolini


In golf, as in life, the details matter, and it’s the personalized choices in our golf bags that can set us apart on the course. Justin Thomas’ bag serves as an inspiration for not only his exceptional skills but also his thoughtful selection of equipment and accessories. By emulating some of his gear choices and adopting a similar approach to my own bag, I’ve seen a marked improvement in my performance and a deeper connection to the game I love. Justin Thomas’ equipment choices are a testament to the idea that the right gear, paired with personal touches, can make a significant difference in a golfer’s success and enjoyment of the sport.

Justin Thomas Whats In The Bag



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