Newport Vs Newport 2 Putter

Golfers often search for the perfect putter to complement their game and improve their overall performance on the green. Among the various options available, the Scotty Cameron Newport and Newport 2 putters have gained significant popularity in the golfing community. Both of these models come from the Scotty Cameron Studio Select line, known for its high-quality design and exceptional performance. In this article, we will compare the Newport and Newport 2 putters to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best putter for your game.

Design and Aesthetics

Newport: The Scotty Cameron Newport putter features a classic blade design with a plumber’s neck hosel. This iconic design provides a clean look at address, allowing golfers to focus solely on their stroke. The putter has a full-shaft offset, and the sole is slightly cambered to improve ground contact during the stroke.

Newport 2: The Newport 2 putter maintains the classic blade design of the Newport but incorporates a slightly more squared-off look with a flare neck hosel. The flare neck hosel provides a medium toe flow, making it ideal for players with a slight arc in their putting stroke. Like the Newport, the Newport 2 also has a full-shaft offset and a cambered sole.

Feel and Balance

Both the Newport and Newport 2 putters are constructed with a 303 stainless steel body and feature a deep milling process on the face, ensuring a soft feel at impact. The primary difference in feel and balance between these two putters lies in the hosel design. The Newport’s plumber’s neck hosel provides a more traditional balance, while the Newport 2’s flare neck hosel offers increased toe flow for golfers with a slight arc in their stroke.

Customization and Adjustability

The Scotty Cameron Studio Select line allows golfers to personalize their putters with a range of customization options. Both the Newport and Newport 2 putters offer adjustable weights in the heel and toe areas, enabling players to fine-tune the putter’s balance and feel to match their preferences. Additionally, golfers can choose from various grip options, finishes, and custom headcovers to create a putter that fits their style.

Performance and Price

In terms of performance, both the Newport and Newport 2 putters deliver exceptional feel, stability, and forgiveness on the green. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to individual stroke preference and the desired aesthetic. As for the price, both putters fall within a similar range, with minor differences depending on customization and specific options chosen.


Key Differences

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Blade style putter with a slightly curved backBlade style putter with a straight back
2Has a plumber’s neck hosel designHas a short slant neck hosel design
3Has a smaller sweet spotHas a larger sweet spot
4Weighs around 350 gramsWeighs around 340 grams
5Ideal for golfers who have a straight back and through putting strokeIdeal for golfers who have an arced putting stroke


Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Loft angle: 4 degreesLoft angle: 3.5 degrees
2Lie angle: 71 degreesLie angle: 70 degrees
3Length: 33″, 34″, 35″Length: 33″, 34″, 35″
4Grip size: Standard, Midsize, JumboGrip size: Standard, Midsize, Jumbo
5Head material: 303 stainless steelHead material: 303 stainless steel

Player Profiles

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Best suited for golfers with a straight putting stroke and prefer a traditional lookIdeal for golfers with an arced putting stroke who prefer a modern look
2Suitable for golfers who require more control over distance and directionSuitable for golfers who want more forgiveness on off-center hits
3Great for golfers who prioritize feel and feedbackExcellent for golfers who prioritize alignment and stability
4Ideal for golfers who prefer a slightly lighter putterIdeal for golfers who prefer a slightly heavier putter
5Best for golfers with a shallow angle of attackBest for golfers with a steeper angle of attack

Price Comparison

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Price range: $399-$449Price range: $449-$499
2Can be found at a lower price point due to being an older modelGenerally sold at a higher price point due to being a newer model
3May have limited availability in certain stores or online retailersWidely available at most golf stores and online retailers
4May be a more affordable option for golfers on a budgetMay be a better option for golfers willing to invest in a premium putter
5Offers good value for its price pointConsidered a premium-priced putter

Popular Tour Players

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Tiger WoodsJustin Thomas
2Phil MickelsonJordan Spieth
3Rory McIlroyWebb Simpson
4Dustin JohnsonTony Finau
5Adam ScottJon Rahm

User Ratings and Reviews for Newport and Newport 2 Putters

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Average rating: 4.7/5Average rating: 4.8/5
2Highly rated for its traditional blade design and precise feelPraised for its modern look and forgiveness on off-center hits
3Users report improved accuracy and distance controlUsers appreciate the larger sweet spot and easy alignment
4Some users found the smaller sweet spot challengingSome users prefer a heavier putter and found the Newport 2 too light
5Overall, a popular choice among golfers of all skill levelsA popular choice among golfers who prefer a modern putter design

Performance Comparison

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Offers more control and precision for golfers with a straight putting strokeOffers more forgiveness and stability for golfers with an arced putting stroke
2Can be less forgiving on off-center hitsProvides more consistent ball speed and distance on off-center hits
3Great for golfers who prefer a traditional blade-style putterIdeal for golfers who prefer a more modern-looking putter
4Better for golfers who prioritize feel and feedbackBetter for golfers who prioritize alignment and stability
5May require more practice and skill to masterMay be more intuitive and easier to use for some golfers

Technology and Design Features

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
1Precision milling ensures consistent performance and feelMulti-material construction for better stability and balance
2Slightly curved back creates a classic blade look and feelShort slant neck hosel for improved alignment and stability
3Milled face insert enhances sound and feelRedesigned back weighting system for improved forgiveness and control
4Heel-toe weighting provides a balanced feel and increased MOIImproved perimeter weighting for a larger sweet spot
5Plumber’s neck hosel design improves accuracy and feelAvailable in a range of customization options, including length and grip size

Alignment and Visual Aids

Newport: The Newport putter features a simple yet effective alignment aid, consisting of a single sightline on the flange. This sightline helps golfers maintain their focus and easily square up the putter face to the target line. The minimalistic design allows players to concentrate on their stroke without any distractions.

Newport 2: The Newport 2 putter, on the other hand, offers a slightly different visual aid configuration. It incorporates a more pronounced sightline on the flange, providing players with a bolder reference point to align their putts. The contrasting sightline can help some golfers feel more confident when lining up their putts, especially on longer or more challenging greens.

Forgiveness and MOI (Moment of Inertia)

Though both the Newport and Newport 2 putters are blade-style putters, they offer different levels of forgiveness due to their unique designs.

Newport: The Newport putter, with its traditional plumber’s neck hosel, tends to have a lower MOI, making it less forgiving on off-center hits. However, this lower MOI can be advantageous for players with a more consistent stroke, as it allows for greater control and precision.

Newport 2: In contrast, the Newport 2 putter features a slightly higher MOI due to its flare neck hosel and more squared-off design. This increased MOI provides additional forgiveness on off-center hits, making it an ideal choice for golfers who may struggle with consistency in their putting stroke.

Popularity and Tour Usage

Both the Newport and Newport 2 putters have been popular choices among professional golfers, showcasing their quality and performance at the highest level of competition. The Newport 2, in particular, has gained significant recognition due to its use by multiple major champions, including Tiger Woods. This endorsement from top professionals further attests to the exceptional performance of these Scotty Cameron putters.


The Scotty Cameron Newport and Newport 2 putters are exceptional options for golfers seeking a high-quality, customizable putter to improve their game. The primary differences between the two lie in their hosel design and overall shape, with the Newport offering a more classic look and the Newport 2 catering to players with a slight arc in their stroke. Ultimately, the choice between these two putters comes down to personal preference and stroke style.

Newport Vs Newport 2 Putter


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