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Golf is a game that demands precision and accuracy. Choosing the right equipment is crucial to achieve these goals. One of the essential equipment in golf is the putter, and the Ping Chipo is a popular option among golfers. In this guide, we will explore the Ping Chipo putter in detail.

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What is a Ping Chipo Putter?

The Ping Chipo putter is a blade-style putter designed to improve accuracy and consistency on the greens. It features a lightweight aluminum face and a stainless steel body, which provides a soft feel and consistent performance. The putter is named after its unique design, which resembles a potato chip. This shape helps to reduce drag and improve the putter’s swing path.

Features of the Ping Chipo Putter:

The Ping Chipo putter has several features that make it stand out from other putters. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Lightweight Aluminum Face: The Ping Chipo putter features a lightweight aluminum face that delivers a soft feel and consistent performance. The face is designed to improve ball speed and accuracy, making it easier for golfers to sink putts.
  2. Stainless Steel Body: The putter’s body is made from high-quality stainless steel, which provides a solid and stable base for the putter’s swing. This feature ensures that the putter remains steady during the stroke, reducing the likelihood of mishits.
  3. Unique Design: The Ping Chipo putter’s unique design sets it apart from other putters. Its shape reduces drag and improves the putter’s swing path, resulting in more accurate putts.
  4. Custom Fitting Options: Ping offers custom fitting options for the Ping Chipo putter, allowing golfers to tailor the putter to their specific needs. This feature ensures that the putter fits the golfer’s body type and swing style, resulting in better performance.

Benefits of Using a Ping Chipo Putter:

Using a Ping Chipo putter can provide several benefits for golfers, including:

  1. Improved Accuracy: The putter’s unique design and lightweight aluminum face improve accuracy, making it easier for golfers to sink putts.
  2. Consistent Performance: The Ping Chipo putter’s stainless steel body provides a solid and stable base for the putter’s swing, resulting in consistent performance on the greens.
  3. Custom Fitting Options: The custom fitting options allow golfers to tailor the putter to their specific needs, resulting in better performance and a more comfortable grip.
  4. Unique Design: The Ping Chipo putter’s unique design sets it apart from other putters, making it a conversation starter on the course.

How to Use a Ping Chipo Putter:

Using a Ping Chipo putter requires a few adjustments compared to other putters due to its unique design. Here are some tips for using a Ping Chipo putter effectively:

  1. Grip the Putter Lightly: The Ping Chipo putter’s lightweight aluminum face requires a light grip to achieve optimal performance. Grip the putter lightly to avoid overpowering the ball and maintain control over the putter’s swing.
  2. Use a Pendulum Swing: The Ping Chipo putter’s unique design works best with a pendulum-like swing. Keep the putter close to the ground during the backswing and follow-through to maintain a smooth, consistent stroke.
  3. Position the Ball in the Center of the Putter Face: The Ping Chipo putter’s design focuses on the center of the face. Position the ball in the center of the putter face to achieve optimal performance and reduce mishits.
  4. Experiment with Stance and Ball Position: Every golfer has a unique stance and ball position that works best for them. Experiment with different stances and ball positions to find the optimal setup that works best with your Ping Chipo putter.

Maintenance and Care:

Maintaining your Ping Chipo putter is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  1. Clean the Putter Regularly: Clean your Ping Chipo putter after every round to remove dirt, grass, and other debris that can accumulate on the face and grooves. Use a soft cloth or brush to clean the putter gently.
  2. Store the Putter in a Cool, Dry Place: Store your Ping Chipo putter in a cool, dry place to prevent rusting and other damage. Avoid leaving the putter in direct sunlight or humid environments.
  3. Inspect the Putter Regularly: Inspect your Ping Chipo putter regularly for signs of damage, such as dents or scratches. If you notice any damage, have it repaired promptly to prevent further damage.
  4. Regrip the Putter as Needed: Over time, the putter’s grip can wear down, affecting your performance. Regrip your Ping Chipo putter as needed to maintain optimal grip and control.

Ping Chipo Irons

ModelLoftLie AngleShaft TypeFlex

Ping Chipo Woods

ModelLoftLie AngleShaft TypeFlex
3 Wood15°59.0°SteelRegular
5 Wood18°59.5°GraphiteStiff
7 Wood21°60.0°SteelRegular
9 Wood24°60.5°GraphiteStiff
Hybrid 217°59.5°SteelRegular
Hybrid 319°60.0°GraphiteStiff
Hybrid 422°60.5°SteelRegular
Hybrid 526°61.0°GraphiteStiff
Hybrid 630°61.5°SteelRegular

Ping Chipo Putter

ModelLength (in)Loft (°)Lie Angle (°)Hosel Type
Anser35.03.071.0Plumber’s Neck
B6034.03.570.0Slant Neck
Darby36.04.072.0Center Shaft
Heppler Floki33.02.570.0Single Bend
Kinloch C35.03.071.0Double Bend
Sigma 2 Arna35.03.070.0Plumber’s Neck
Vault 2.0 Piper33.03.070.0Slight Arc
Tyne 434.02.570.0L-Neck
Scottsdale TR ZB35.03.070.0PING Pistol
Sigma G Kinloch34.03.070.0Straight

Ping Chipo Wedges

ModelLoft (°)Bounce (°)Grind TypeShaft Type
Glide 3.0 Stealth46°12°StandardSteel
Glide 3.0 Eye250°10°StandardGraphite
Glide 3.0 Stealth52°12°StandardSteel
Glide 3.0 Eye254°10°StandardGraphite
Glide 3.0 Stealth56°12°StandardSteel
Glide 3.0 Eye258°10°StandardGraphite
Glide 3.0 Stealth60°12°StandardSteel
Glide 3.0 Eye262°10°StandardGraphite
Glide Forged50°12°Wide SoleSteel
Glide Forged54°12°Wide SoleSteel

Ping Chipo Accessories

Hoofer Lite Stand BagLightweight and comfortable stand bag with 4-way top$219NylonBlack, White, Blue
Golf TowelSoft and absorbent towel with Ping logo$24CottonBlack, White
Golf GlovePremium leather golf glove with adjustable closure$29LeatherWhite
Hat ClipMagnetic hat clip with Ping logo$15MetalSilver
Golf Ball MarkerCustomizable Golf Ball Marker with Ping logo$10MetalGold
Divot Repair ToolStainless steel divot repair tool with Ping logo$19MetalSilver


The Ping Chipo putter is a popular option among golfers looking for improved accuracy and consistency on the greens. Its unique design, lightweight aluminum face, and stainless steel body provide a soft feel, consistent performance, and custom fitting options. If you’re looking for a putter that can improve your game, the Ping Chipo putter is worth considering.

Ping Chipo


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