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True Spec Golf and Club Champion are two leading companies in the golf industry, specializing in custom club fitting services. Both cater to golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, seeking the perfect set of clubs to improve their game. This article will provide a comprehensive comparison between True Spec Golf and Club Champion, highlighting their unique offerings, fitting process, technology, and pricing.

Company Overview:

A. True Spec Golf: Established in 2014, True Spec Golf has rapidly gained a reputation for its premium club fitting services. With over 20 locations worldwide, including the United States, Canada, and Europe, True Spec Golf offers an unparalleled level of service and technology for golfers seeking custom-fit clubs.

B. Club Champion: Club Champion, founded in 2010, is the largest custom club fitter in the United States, boasting more than 85 locations. Their focus on providing an unmatched level of service and equipment customization has led to a loyal following among golf enthusiasts across the nation.

Fitting Process:

A. True Spec Golf: True Spec Golf follows a brand-agnostic approach, meaning that they do not prioritize any specific brands during the fitting process. Their comprehensive process involves assessing golfers’ swings, analyzing club performance, and making data-driven recommendations for optimal club configurations. The fitting process is generally divided into several stages: interview, evaluation, clubhead and shaft fitting, and final recommendations.

B. Club Champion: Club Champion’s fitting process is similar to True Spec Golf, with a brand-agnostic approach and a strong emphasis on data-driven decisions. The process begins with an interview, followed by swing analysis, clubhead and shaft fitting, and final recommendations. Club Champion also offers a “Perfect Fit Guarantee,” which ensures that golfers can return for a follow-up fitting if they are not satisfied with their initial results.


A. True Spec Golf: True Spec Golf employs state-of-the-art technology, including TrackMan and Foresight GCQuad launch monitors, to analyze golfers’ swings and club performance. The data captured by these devices helps their certified fitters identify the ideal clubhead, shaft, and configuration for each golfer’s unique needs.

B. Club Champion: Club Champion also uses advanced technology in their fitting process, incorporating TrackMan launch monitors and SAM PuttLab for putting analysis. These tools, combined with their extensive selection of clubheads and shafts, enable Club Champion’s fitters to make precise recommendations based on each golfer’s individual swing characteristics.


A. True Spec Golf: True Spec Golf’s fitting fees vary depending on the type of fitting, with prices ranging from $125 for a single club fitting to $450 for a full bag fitting. These fees do not include the cost of the clubs, which are sold separately.

B. Club Champion: Club Champion’s fitting fees are similar to True Spec Golf, with prices ranging from $150 for a single club fitting to $350 for a full bag fitting. Club prices are also separate from the fitting fees, and the overall cost depends on the specific brands and configurations chosen.


Driver Fittings

TitleistTS3Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 7410.52200
CallawayEpic FlashProject X Evenflow Green 659.02400
PingG410 PlusPing Tour 173-659.52300
TaylorMadeM5Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 6010.52300
CobraKing F9 SpeedbackProject X HZRDUS Smoke 6010.52400
TitleistTS4Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 508.52500
CallawayRogueAldila Quaranta 409.02600
PingG400 MaxAlta CB 5510.52400
TaylorMadeM6Fujikura Atmos Orange 69.02300
CobraKing F9 SpeedbackFujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 79.02500

Iron Fittings

TitleistAP3True Temper AMT Tour White S30062.537.5
CallawayApex CF19True Temper Elevate Tour 120 S61.537.5
Pingi210Dynamic Gold 120 S30062.037.75
TaylorMadeP7MCKBS Tour 120 S62.537.75
CobraKing Forged TECKBS C-Taper Lite 11062.537.5
TitleistT100Project X LZ 6.062.537.5
CallawayRogue ProTrue Temper XP 105 S30062.037.5
PingG410Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 10562.537.75
TaylorMadeP7MBTrue Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X10062.537.75
CobraKing MB/CBTrue Temper Dynamic Gold S20062.537.5

Wedge Fittings

TitleistVokey SM7True Temper Dynamic Gold S20012F grind
CallawayMD4True Temper Dynamic Gold S20010S grind
PingGlide 2.0 StealthTrue Temper Dynamic Gold S40012SS grind
TaylorMadeHi-ToeKBS Hi-Rev 2.0 11510C grind
ClevelandRTX-4True Temper Dynamic Gold S40010Mid
TitleistVokey SM8True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S40010M grind

Putter Fittings

Scotty CameronNewport 234″70°
OdysseyO-Works #733″70°
PingSigma 2 Anser34″71°
TaylorMadeSpider X35″70°
Scotty CameronSelect Fastback 233″70°
OdysseyStroke Lab Marxman35″70°
PingVault 2.0 Dale Anser33″70°
TaylorMadeTruss TB134″70°
BettinardiStudio Stock 28 Slotback34″70°

Hybrid Fittings

TitleistTS3Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 9019°57°
CallawayApexProject X Evenflow Blue 8520°58°
PingG410Ping Tour 8522°58.5°
TaylorMadeM6Fujikura Atmos Orange 719°60°
CobraKing F9 SpeedbackProject X Catalyst 8021°59°
TitleistTS2Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Red 6021°58.5°
CallawayRogueAldila Synergy 6018°58.5°
PingG400Alta CB 7022°58.5°
TaylorMadeSIM MaxMitsubishi Tensei Blue 7019°59°
CobraKing SpeedzoneUST Mamiya Recoil ESX 48020°59°


True Spec Golf and Club Champion both offer high-quality custom club fitting services for golfers looking to enhance their game. While the overall experience is similar, the choice between the two may come down to factors such as location, pricing, and personal preference. It is important to research and visit both providers to determine the best fit for your golfing needs.


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